Jayco Alante 2023 Power Entrance Step User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 Power Entrance Step User Manual

Power Entrance Step

The electric door step opens automatically when the screen door is opened. Constant 12-volt power to the electric step is supplied through a circuit breaker.



  • When opening the door from the outside, make sure you are not obstructing the path of the entrance step. Step deployment takes approximately two seconds. Keep hands and fingers clear while extending or retracting.
  • Look before you exit. Make sure the steps are fully deployed before exiting the motor home. Stepping on a partially extended step can cause damage to the step frame.
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Entrance Door

Always hold onto the entrance door when opening or closing it. Damage caused because you failed to do so is not covered by the Limited Warranty.

Make sure the entrance door is completely closed and locked when traveling. Locking the door helps prevent it from opening unintentionally and keeps intruders from your recreation vehicle.

The entrance screen door may be equipped with a sliding panel that allows access to the entrance door handle and locks. The entrance door may also be equipped with both a regular door lock and a deadbolt lock.


Several keys are provided when you purchase your vehicle. Most keys have an individual key number stamped on the plate. Record these key numbers and keep the information in a safe place. You can order a key blank from your dealer to have duplicate keys made. If you lose the keys, contact your dealer or a locksmith for assistance.


Locks on entrance and baggage doors need biannual lubrication using a light coat of silicone spray. Conditions such as rain, salt, dust and pollution may increase maintenance needs.

Driver and Passenger Seat


  • Do not adjust the seat while driving. After adjusting the seat, make sure that it is locked in position. To ensure that the seat is locked securely, try to move the seat forward or backward without using the adjusting lever or button. Do not put packages, pets, or other objects between the driver’s and front passenger cocaptain’s seats.
  • If equipped with reclining seats: to minimize the risk of personal injury in the event of a collision or sudden stop, always keep both the driver’s captain and passenger co-captain seat backs in a nearly upright position while the motor home is moving. The protection provided by the seat belts may be reduced significantly when the seat back is reclined. Reclining the seats while the motor home is moving may result in serious injury.
  • If equipped with power seats: keep hands and feet clear of the power seat while in operating the power feature.

The driver’s and front passenger seats must be locked in the forward-facing position while the motor home is in motion.

Power Seat (if so equipped)

Use the controls to slide the power seat to the desired position. Depending on your model, seat controls may be located on the seat or on the door. Release the control, and the seat will lock at that position. Features may include a 3-point adjustable seat belt, lumbar support, swivel, slide and reclining capabilities. (Not all of these features will be available in all motor home models).

To rotate the driver/passenger seat

Depending on your model, you may have the ability to rotate the driver/passenger seats towards the rear of the motor home. To face the driver or front passenger seat toward the rear of the vehicle, pull the seat swivel release lever up and rotate the seat. To return the seat to the original position, rotate seat back to the driving position until you hear a click and the seat locks into position.

Seat Belts

Seat belts should always be worn by anyone who drives or rides in this vehicle.

  • Never use one seat belt for more than one occupant. Never carry more people in the motor home than there are seat belts.
  • Only seats equipped with seat belts are to be occupied while the vehicle is in motion. While traveling, do not occupy beds or any seats that do not have seat belts.
  • Be sure to lock all doors before driving. Locking the doors and using the provided seat belts will minimize the risk of injury or ejection in an accident.
  • If you are pregnant, consult your health care professional for advice on seat belt use.
  • Always use seat belts. In an accident, injury to the driver and passengers may be reduced if seat belts are properly used. If your motor home is equipped with a booth dinette, hide-a-bed sofa, or easy bed sofa they will have two-point lap-seat belts installed. Seat belts should be used in all seating positions.

Maintenance and inspection of seat belts
The webbing used in seat belts may be cleaned with a mild soap or detergent solution. Allow the belts to dry in the shade and do not allow them to retract until fully dry. Regularly check the seat belt buckles and release mechanisms for positive action and check automatic locking retractors for positive engagement.
If the seat belt webbing shows obvious cuts, protruding broken fibers or severe fading which indicates weakening by exposure to sunlight, the entire seat belt assembly should be replaced. Do not try to bleach or re-dye the belts. The resulting color may rub off and the webbing strength could be affected.

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