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Jayco Alante 2023 Rear Vision Camera User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 Rear Vision Camera User Manual

Rear Vision Camera

The rear vision monitor gives a limited televised view of what is behind your motor home. The rear vision camera will aid you in backing up the motor home and can be used for a greater field of vision when driving in heavy traffic. The monitor is operational whenever the engine is running. To use the monitor, flip the switch from standby to ON (the monitor will also work when the motor home is in “reverse” and the monitor is in standby). Make sure you turn the monitor to standby while driving to avoid being distracted.

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Never operate the rear vision monitor in the ON position for extended periods of time as this may result in an “image burn” on the monitor.

Your RV may also be equipped with side view cameras mounted in the mirrors or on the body of the motor home (facing rearward) to give you views down each side of the motor home. Check the outside rearview mirrors when driving and backing for a more complete field of vision. For detailed operating and safety information, refer to the manufacturer’s user guide.


  • Camera/monitor system aids in the use of but does not replace vehicle side/rear-view mirrors.
  • Objects in the camera/monitor view are closer than they appear. When backing up, proceed cautiously and be prepared to stop.

Campsite Hook-Up

  • Refer to the Electrical Systems section before connecting the shoreline power cord (when using full hook-up) OR before starting the generator or operating the vehicle on 12-volt power when dry camping.
  • Refer to the Fuel & Propane System section before using the LP system. Open the LP gas tank valve (if so equipped) slowly. There may be air in the lines and five to thirty seconds of time is needed to bleed air before LP vapor fills the lines.
  • Refer to the Plumbing Systems section before connecting the fresh water supply or turning ON the water pump or water heater.
  • When using full hook-up, connect the sewer hose to the campsite sewer hook-up.
  • If applicable, start the refrigerator and the cooling or heating system.

For extended dry camping, management of all your resources is essential. Check your battery levels and conserve battery power, use it sparingly.

Leveling System


  • The leveling system is designed only for leveling the unit and should never be used to provide service for any reason under the motor home such as changing tires or servicing the system. It is not recommended that you change a tire yourself.
  • Check that potential jack contact locations are clear of obstructions or depressions.
  • Keep people clear of the motor home prior to turning the leveling system on and while the leveling system is in operation.
  • Never expose hands or other parts of the body near hydraulic leaks. High-pressure oil leaks may cut and penetrate the skin causing serious injury.
  • After starting the leveling cycle, it is important that occupants do not move around in the motor home until the vehicle is level. Failure to re-main still during the leveling cycle can affect the leveling jack system sensors.
  • Never lift the wheels off of the ground when leveling the motor home.
  • Do not move the motor home while the jacks are still in contact with the ground or extended. Damage to the vehicle could occur.
  • Do not rely solely upon warning lights to determine the position of the leveling jacks. It is the operator’s responsibility to check that all the leveling jacks are fully raised in the travel mode before moving the motor home.

For detailed operating and safety information, refer to the manufacturer’s user guide. Leveling your motor home is important for the following reasons

  • The water drainage systems are designed with proper slopes and must be level for proper operation.
    The appliances perform best when level.

Before operating the leveling system, the motor home:

  • Must be parked on a reasonably level surface.
  • Must have the parking brake engaged.
  • Must have the transmission gear selector in NEUTRAL.
  • The engine should not be running

NOTE: The slideout room should be extended (with the air suspension fully aired up) before leveling jacks are deployed. Wheels MUST be straight. When the coach is leveled, airbags are dumped of air which lowers the fenders below the tops of the wheels. If the wheels are not straight, fenders and/or tires WILL be damaged. DO NOT DUMP AIR FROM AIRBAGS UNLESS THE WHEELS ARE STRAIGHT!

Operating the Leveling System Auto Leveling Operation

  • Baseline Zero Point Calibration: “Baseline zero point” is the term used to define the point at which the motor home interior floor is level in the “X” and “Y” plains.

The baseline zero point has been preset from the factory. If the coach is not level following an attempt to auto-level, you will need to reset the baseline zero point.

Setting the baseline zero point

You do not need to have jacks deployed to set the baseline zero point.

  1. Push and release the POWER keypad button to engage power. The LED next to the POWER button should be RED when the power is on.
  2. Level the coach by deploying jacks manually (using the DOWN keypad button, extending each jack until the coach is level) or by parking the coach on a level site.
  3. Use a bubble level on a flat surface in the center of the coach as a reference.
  4. Level the coach in both the “X” and “Y” plains (fore-aft and side to side).
  5. Once level, turn the POWER off at the panel.
  6. Depress and hold the AUTO-LEVEL keypad button.
  7. Continue to hold the AUTO-LEVEL button and press and release the POWER button and listen for a series of beeps.
  8. After the panel has beeped 5 to 6 times, release the AUTO-LEVEL button (the keypad will continue to beep as long as the AUTO-LEVEL button is held). The new baseline zero point has been set and the panel will maintain this setting.
  9. Press and release the ALL RETRACT button to retract the jacks to the stowed position.

Power On:
Push and release the POWER button to engage power. The LED next to the POWER button should be RED when the power is on. You will need to have the ignition key in the “off” position to extend the jacks. If you attempt to extend individual jacks by pressing the ON button or all jacks with the AUTO-LEVEL button, you will hear a “deny” tone from the keypad.

Auto Level:
Press the AUTO-LEVEL button and release. The system will send out a continuous series of beeps, the “OPERATING” LED will flash RED to let you know auto level is operating and will automatically level the coach. When completed, the keypad will signal a successful level with a dual-level tone. The keypad may be left on once the level has been achieved. The keypad will enter “sleep mode” after five minutes of inactivity.

Retracting the Jacks:
The Equalizer System provides the ability to retract the jacks using the ALL RETRACT button or the UP button for each individual jack. All jacks will automatically retract and return to the stowed position when the ALL RETRACT button is pressed and released. The pump will run in retract mode for 60 seconds (or 90 seconds, depending on your specific system) to ensure the jacks are fully stowed. You may allow the system to run for the entire programmed time and stop automatically, or you may stop the ALL RETRACT by pressing any button on the keypad.

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