Jayco Alante 2023 Testing Campsite Power Connection User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 Testing The Campsite Power Connection User Manual

Testing The Campsite Power Connection

The campsite 120-volt power receptacle(s) should always be tested for proper functionality prior to plugging the recreation vehicle shore power cord into it.
Campsite 120-volt power receptacles can be tested using a digital multimeter or a dedicated circuit analyzer. Dedicated circuit analyzers plug directly into the campsite power receptacle and minimally test for open neutral, open ground, and correct polarity.

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Do not hook the power cord to any receptacle until you have verified proper polarity and grounding.

DO NOT plug the shore power cord into a campsite receptacle(s):

  • That has reverse polarity
  • That has non-functioning ground circuits
  • That shows outward signs of heat damage.
    Doing so may result in property damage or serious injury. Plugging the shore power cord into an incorrectly wired power source could damage the recreation vehicle’s electrical system and result in severe or fatal injury. Damage or injury resulting from connection to malfunctioning or improperly wired power sources is not covered by your recreation vehicle warranty.


  • Do not use any cheater plug, adapter or extension cord to reconfigure incoming AC power or break the continuity of the circuit connected to the grounding pin.
  • Do not connect the power cord into an outlet that is not grounded, or adapt the power cord plug to connect it to a receptacle for which it is not designed.
  • Do not remove the grounding pin to connect to a non-grounded receptacle. Removal of the ground pin disables an important safety feature designed to prevent shock and electrocution hazards.
  • Do not connect the power cord to an extension cord. Use of an improper extension cord will cause overheating of the cord as well as potentially causing premature failure of the AC equipment.
  • The power cord must be fully extended when in use and not left coiled in the electrical compartment or on the ground. A power cord left coiled may potentially create enough heat to melt its protective casing.

It is the responsibility of the owner of the electrical receptacle to ensure that the receptacle is properly wired and grounded. Reverse polarity and/or improper grounding of your RV can cause property damage or serious personal injury.

Connecting the Power Cord
Always test the external power source (i.e., the campsite power receptacle or electrical box) with a ground monitor before connecting your power cord to it. If the ground monitor indicates ‘reverse polarity’ or an ‘open ground’ DO NOT connect the power cord. To help prevent power surges from damaging the connected loads, please follow these instructions when hooking up to the external power source:

  1. Turn off the load center main 120-volt circuit breaker.
  2. Carefully extend the entire length of the power cord (approximately 25’-35’) from the electric cable hatch to the external power source.
  3. Plug the power cord into the receptacle. Be sure all the power cord prongs are properly plugged into the receptacle.
  4. Return to your RV and turn on the load center main circuit breaker.
    The shore power cord should be unplugged when the recreation vehicle is left unattended.

When you are ready to leave, reverse the power cord connection process. Use care to prevent damaging the power cord electrical connection pins when connecting or disconnecting the shore power cord. Grasp the plug to remove the power cord from the outlet; do not unplug it by pulling on the cord.

Inspect the power cord for cuts, cracks and worn insulation. Have the power cord replaced immediately if these symptoms are noticed.


A factory-installed inverter converts 12-volt DC to useable 120-volt AC and supplies AC power to the appliance plugged into it. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the inverter’s function and operation. The inverter should be “off” when not in use.

The inverter is not intended for use, nor should be used, with any medical device(s). The inverter may, however, be used with some CPAP machines, depending on the CPAP model. Consult your CPAP machine’s instruction manual before use to ensure proper operation.Jayco Alante 2023 Testing The Campsite Power Connection User Manual 02

The inverter has a remote display panel that provide many features:

Status LED IndicatorsJayco Alante 2023 Testing The Campsite Power Connection User Manual 03

The remote display operates exactly the same as the display mounted to the inverter.

There are no customer-serviceable parts inside the inverter case and the manufacturer’s warranty will be void if the case has been removed. The inverter cooling fins and the cooling fan should be kept clear of any obstructions. Refer to the Inverter manufacturer’s manual in your warranty packet for further operating instructions, error codes, changing inverter settings, and safety information.

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