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Jayco Alante 2023 Travel Checklist User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 Travel Checklist User Manual

Travel Checklist

Following is a preliminary list of items that need to be checked before leaving your home or campsite. This is a general list, which you may want to customize as you determine your own needs. Refer to your Chassis Guide for information on chassis pre-trip inspections and maintenance.

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  • Make sure you follow all safety precautions noted in this owner’s manual and in any manufacturer’s operators manual when preparing to travel.

Before leaving home:

  • Make sure all fluids are at proper levels (engine oil, transmission fluid, engine coolant, power steering fluid and windshield washer fluid).
  • Check the fuel gauge and lights on the motor home. Have someone observe the operation of all exterior lights while you activate the controls. Check the turn signal and high beam indicators on the instrument panel.
  • Examine the tires for excessive tread wear or uneven wear patterns. Check for stones, nails, glass or other objects lodged in the tread. Inspect for tread cuts or sidewall cracks.
  • Check tire pressure and correct according to manufacturer specifications.
  • Check wheel nuts for tightness.
  • Inspect and work all interior and exterior latches and locks and lube if necessary.
  • Make sure the batteries are fully charged and installed correctly.
  • Turn ON the motor home 12-volt battery disconnect switch.
  • Inspect the power cord and carefully clean the contacts if necessary. Plug in the power cord to an appropriate power source.
  • Turn on the interior lights and check outlets for polarity. If needed, replace any blown fuses. Check the circuit breakers and test the GFCI circuits.
  • Inspect and turn on the propane gas system (if so equipped). If you have any questions, contact your independent dealer or a qualified propane gas service representative for assistance. If the propane system is functioning properly, test any pilot lights or direct spark ignition features.
  • Inspect and test all safety detectors. If needed, replace any drained or dis-charged batteries. If you have a defective or damaged safety detector, replace it immediately.
  • Inspect the leveling jacks for operation. If needed, perform maintenance as per the manufacturer’s information.
  • Test all exterior and interior lights. Replace any bulbs that are burnt out.
  • Prepare the chassis portion of the motor home for the camping season in accordance with the Chassis Guide.
  • Wash the exterior of the motor home. Do a sealant inspection and repair as necessary.
  • De-winterize and sanitize system.
  • If you are towing a vehicle, connect it to the motor home and test all connections and lights (if applicable).
  • Test brakes for proper operation.
  • Fill the fresh water tank. Disconnect, drain and store the garden hose on the bracket.
  • Check the seat belt buckles and release mechanisms for positive action and secure connections.

Before leaving the campsite:

  • Check the area under the motor home after overnight parking and look for fuel, water, oil or other fluid leaks. If leaks are detected, find the cause and correct it immediately.
  • Turn off propane tanks (if so equipped).
  • Empty black and gray holding tank, rinse as needed.
  • Retract any awnings and secure them for transport.
  • Close all the roof vents.
  • Close windows and latch blinds.
  • Disconnect the cable TV and phone hookups and lower the TV antenna.
  • Turn off the interior lights, water heater, furnace and water pump.
  • Secure any loose, heavy or sharp objects in the motor home or exterior compartments.
  • Disconnect the power cord and ensure it is stored correctly.
  • Disconnect any water connections.
  • Water pump and water heater (if applicable) turned off.
  • Fasten all interior and exterior doors securely; lock them (if applicable). Latch drawers, cabinets and doors.
  • Move slideout(s) in and lock it in place (if applicable).
  • Walk around your motor home one last time to make sure everything is stored away and the baggage compartments are closed and locked.
  • Refrigerator door locked.
  • Furnace turned off.
  • Make sure the leveling jacks are retracted to the travel position.
  • Retract step.
  • Secure and lock the entrance door.

Motor Home Storage

Properly preparing your motor home for storage during periods of non-usage will prevent problems from arising. It will also make it easier to get started again for the following camping trip or season. To prevent costly freeze-ups, winterize the plumbing system when it will not be in use for an extended period of time, especially if it is stored in colder climates.

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