Jayco Alante 2023 Winterize Macerator System User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 Winterize the Macerator System User Manual

Winterize the Macerator System

Water can accumulate in the flexible hose and dump connector of the macerator system. When winterizing the RV, antifreeze must be added to the macerator system.

Ensure all tanks are empty

  1. Pour RV antifreeze into the toilet and down into the black water tank.
    • NOTE: Use a container for capturing system fluid.
  2. Turn the macerator pump ON.
  3. Run the pump until antifreeze begins to discharge from the dump connector attached to the flex hose.
  4. Turn the macerator pump OFF.
  5. Drain the flex hose by holding it at a sloped angle to drain excess water and return the hose to the storage location.
  6. As an added safety measure, open the Macerator Bypass valve and let it drain. The bypass valve may be either at the utility center or under the RV.

De-winterize the macerator system: Emptying the black tanks in the spring will flush antifreeze out of the macerator system.Jayco Alante 2023 Winterize the Macerator System User Manual 01

NOTE: The black tank flush should be winterized using the air method. See Winterize the Black Tank Flush.

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Winterize with Air Pressure

This method uses compressed air to blow out any remaining water in the system after initially draining water using drain valves. Tools required would be an air compressor and a blowout plug.

Before applying air pressure to the utility center, 4 colored valves (WHITE, RED, GREEN, BLUE) MUST be set to 45° or damage may occur to the utility center.

Never apply air pressure to the water system with any valves in the closed position. Air pressure applied to a closed valve, faucet or low-point drain could potentially damage the seals and cause water leaks. If you have questions, consult your RV dealer. Using RV antifreeze is the preferred method of winterization. Recommended air pressure is 30 PSI MAX. Exceeding this pressure may rupture water line couplings and void your warranty.

  1. Turn off the water heater gas valve typically located outside the RV. The water heater power should be OFF (both electric and LP Gas switches). Single switch is inside the RV for the tankless water heater (if so equipped). The utility center has no dedicated water heater bypass valves. This function is built into the utility center.
  2. Level the RV and drain the fresh water tank, the tank (storage) water heater, and the hot and cold water lines. Open all low-point drains and the fresh water tank drain. Faucets inside the RV should be opened to relieve pressure to allow water lines to drain. Refer to Draining the Fresh Water System section.
  3. Remove the drain plug from the tank (storage) water heater located outside the RV (Fig 1). DO NOT REMOVE THE DRAIN PLUG IF THE WATER HEATER IS HOT OR UNDER PRESSURE. RELEASE PRESSURE AND LET IT COOL.
    Jayco Alante 2023 Winterize the Macerator System User Manual 02
  4. To drain a tankless water heater (if so equipped), open water faucets and use compressed air at the City Water Connection on the utility center. There is no drain plug.
  5. Water Filter preparation:
    • Full System Canister water filter (if so equipped): Remove the canister, take the filter out of the canister, then reattach the empty canister.
    • Bypass the cartridge water filter (if so equipped): Use the clear plastic tube (supplied with RV) to bypass the water filter.
    • NOTE: Filters should be replaced at the beginning of the camping season or
      if they have been exposed to contaminated water or antifreeze.
  6. Turn the (color) valve handles to the POWERFUL position.
  7. Low-point drains should be open to removing water from the lines.
  8. Open all faucets in the RV. If there is an outside shower, attach the shower hose to the shower, and open the shower faucets.
  9. The drain plug should be removed from the tank (storage) water heater.
  10. Run the water pump until the pump is dry (approximately 15 to 20 seconds). Do not operate the pump longer than that without water as it can damage the pump.
    Jayco Alante 2023 Winterize the Macerator System User Manual 03
  11. After water is drained from the lines, turn the Red, Blue, Green and White valves so they are at 45° (Fig 2).
  12. Attach a blowout plug to the City Water Inlet on the utility center panel (Fig 2).
  13. Attach the air hose to the blowout plug. Set the compressor to 30 PSI. Set the four-col- or valves to 45° angle (Fig 2). Red, Blue,
    Green & White valves must be set at 45° before applying air pressure 30 PSI Max.
  14. Blow air into the utility center (30 PSI Max).
    Water lines should be clear in 5 to 10 minutes.
  15. Turn off air supply; remove air hose and blowout plug.
  16. Close low-point drains; replace the water heater drain plug. A tankless water heater should now be purged of water.
  17. Set the colored valves to the WINTERIZE positions.
  18. Pour one cup of RV antifreeze in all drain P-traps (sinks and bathtub).

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