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Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Command Center User Manual

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Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Command Center User Manual

Command Center

The command center is typically located inside the entrance door or in the living area of the RV, and contains switches and controls. Command center applications, configurations, and components may vary by model. Command Center Panel or Command Center Panel with Switch Modules

Items found on these panels may include:

  • Fuel gauge and hour meter with switches for fuel pump and fuel levels; fuel station (if so equipped) on/off switch
  • Lighted red pump and water heater switches (electric and LP gas)
  • Generator start/stop switch; may include an hour meter
  • Tank heater switches Light switches for porch lights, exterior security lights, interior lights, awning LED lights, front cap LED accent lights, power entry step
  • Cargo bed red lighted control switch
  • Slideout control switches (press and hold to extend / retract)Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Command Center User Manual 01
  • Awning control switches (press and hold to extend / retract)
  • Systems Monitor with LED indicators for tank levels and battery charge status
  • Auto leveling control panel (for leveling the RV)
  • Inverter panel (power switch with display)
  • Power bunk bed lift control switch
  • Speaker selector switch.

Touch Dimmer Switch

Some models may include a touch dimmer switch next to the Command Center panel.

  • Turn the ceiling lights ON or OFF: Tap the LED light on the dimmer.
  • Dimmer: If lights are off, press on the LED light and lights will begin turning on gradually until fully lit. If lights are on, press on the LED light and lights gradually begin to turn off.

Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Command Center User Manual 02

The dimmer has a memory and remembers what light setting was last used. When turned ON again, the lights return to that setting.,

If your RV model includes the 5-way/8-way remote control, the LIGHT button on the remote only controls the awning LED lights.

GFCI Receptacle

There is a ground fault current interrupter (GFCI) engineered into the electrical system. It is designed to reduce the possible injury caused by electric shock. The GFCI will not protect against short circuits or circuit overloads.

Test all GFCI receptacles monthly

  • Push in the GFCI “TEST” button. The GFCI “RESET” button should pop out indicating the GFCI receptacle has been “tripped” and interrupted 120-volt power.
  • Push in the GFCI “RESET” button to restore 120-volt power.

Contact your independent dealer for assistance if the GFCI “RESET” button does not restore 120-volt power and pops back out.

  • A “tripped” GFCI breaker indicates that an abnormally high 120-volt current flow (a ground fault) was detected. All ground faults must be repaired before the use of the recreation vehicle.

Command Control System (if so equipped)

The Command Control System encompasses several types of Bluetooth-controlled systems in your Recreation Vehicle.
The Command Control System is capable of controlling some or all of the following features depending on the Bluetooth system and your model:

RV Auto Leveling System Power Jacks and Stabilizers
Interior and Exterior Lighting RV Slideout Rooms
Power Awnings Generator
TV and Bed Lifts HVAC Thermostat
Gas and Electric Water Heaters Water Tank Levels (black, gray, fresh)
Battery Levels Back Up Camera Systems
Water Pump Kitchen and Bath Vents and Covers
Door Locks TV, Radio and DVD Systems
Automatic Fireplace Control Automatic Ramp Door (Toy Hauler)
Propane Sensor Temperature Sensor

On some systems, the switches are turned on with a Control App or the touchscreen override switches at the command center panel. If a device is turned on with the app or the touchscreen and then the touchscreen or the app were to fail, that device would not be able to be turned off using the command center panel switches. To regain command center panel control, battery power would need to be disconnected from the RV to reset the system. This can be done by turning off the Battery Disconnect switch or removing the power cable from your battery, then turning the Battery Disconnect switch back on or re-attaching the battery cable.

For detailed user information, refer to the manufacturer’s user guide.
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