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Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Power Gear Ram Slideout User Manual

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Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Power Gear Ram Slideout System User Manual

Power Gear Ram Slideout System

Manual Override Procedure

The system has been equipped with 3/4” hex override couplers located on the drive component of the system. Due to the size and weight of some rooms, assistance may be needed to push the room in.

Use the following steps to mechanically operate the room.

  1. Locate the ABS motor access cover for the slideout.
    This cover will be located inside one of the storage compartments under the slide room up at the top of the compartment.
  2. Remove (4) screws holding the panel to the top of the compartment. Remove the cover.
  3. Unplug the motor leads at the connector. Gray connector with red and black wires.
  4. To release the motor brake you must depress the spring lock lever, which then allows you to pivot the brake lever, which in turn releases the brake. These parts are located inside the rubber boot wire tied over the motor. You must manipulate these parts without removing the rubber boot. As noted on the side-by-side photo, removing this boot will void your motor warranty. These photos will help you figure out how this works. The side-by-side photo (below) shows the spring lock lever and the brake lever.
  5. The spring lock lever is a thin metal arm with a slight bend at the end, which will hold the brake lever in the released position.
  6. The brake lever is the heavier thicker metal arm with the hole in the end.
    Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Power Gear Ram Slideout System User Manual 01
  7. The normal position for these two levers is to be parallel to each other as shown in the first side-by-side photo.
    The motor brake is engaged with levers side by side.
  8. The brake lever is moveable; the spring lock lever is not moveable. To release the brake lever, you must push the bent end of the spring lock lever away from the brake lever; this will allow you to pivot the brake lever so it moves over on top of the spring lock lever. The bent end will hold the brake lever in the released position. (photo shows this “bend”).
    Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Power Gear Ram Slideout System User Manual 02
  9. Once the brake motor is released, you will need to re- move the skirting on the side of the slideout floor where the hex override is located.
  10. Use a ratchet with a 3/4” socket (or wrench) to turn the hex override and manually move the slideout.
  11. When the slideout is retracted, check to make sure you have a good seal, and re- place the skirting on the slideout.
    Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Power Gear Ram Slideout System User Manual 03
  12. Return the brake release lever back to the “engaged” position (parallel to the spring lock lever). Pressing the bent end of the spring lock lever will allow the brake lever to be moved.
  13. Plug the motor connector back in again.
  14. Replace the plastic motor cover with the (4) screws removed previously.
  15. Take the unit to an authorized dealer for service.

For further information, refer to the manufacturer’s owner’s manual.

The Electrical System

The RV electrical system is comprised of two independent electrical systems. One operates off of 12-volt DC power and the other off of 120-volt 60hz AC power. All installations have been made in compliance with industry standards applicable on the date of manufacture. Because the electrical equipment and associated circuitry are engineered into a dedicated system specific to your RV, do not make unauthorized changes or add fixed appliances to it. Changes or additions made after delivery may result in a hazardous condition. Service and/or modification of the electrical system should only be performed by qualified electrical technicians using approved materials, components, and methods meeting current safety and code requirements. Consult your dealer’s service department for assistance. To read more about the various components incorporated into the RV electrical system, please refer to the information contained in your Warranty Packet. For motorized vehicles, consult the Chassis Guide for information pertaining to the chassis drivetrain electrical system.

Electrical System Maintenance

Before working on the electrical system:

  • Make sure the inverter/charger (if so equipped) is turned “off” before disconnecting batteries. Disconnect the shore power cord.
  • If equipped with a generator, turn off the generator and disable the automatic generator start functionality.
  • Turn off the battery disconnect switch (if so equipped).
  • Turn off the 120V main circuit breaker.
  • Disconnect the negative 12VDC battery terminal from the battery.

Use caution when using metal tools. If a tool contacts a battery terminal or metal connected to it, a short circuit could occur which could cause personal injury, explosion or fire.

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