Jayco Embark 2023 Manual Level Selection User Manual

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Jayco Embark 2023 Manual Level Selection User Manual

Level Selection

Use the VDC controller to scroll to the SUSPENSION/LEVELING menu. The Suspension/Leveling menu displays PRESS FOR OPTIONS and the current mode the leveling system is in (in this case TRAVEL). Press the VDC knob to select OPTIONS.Jayco Embark 2023 Manual Level Selection User Manual 01

To access manual mode, rotate the VDC knob to highlight More from the main menu. Press the VDC knob to select it. This will open the More screen.

Manual Mode LevelingJayco Embark 2023 Manual Level Selection User Manual 03

The More screen display is a large screen which will fill a large portion of the digital dash. The first part of the menu displays (6) items which are: Travel, Auto Level, Manual, Standby, System, and Exit. Selecting Manual will open a secondary menu with (9) items relating to axle locations around the coach. Selecting one of those items opens a third menu with (3) selections: raise, lower and back. The current selected mode (Manual) is displayed in the lower left corner of this display. These menu choices will allow you to level the coach manually: all 4 corners individually, left side, right side, or all 4 corners at the same time. There is a graphic representation of the vehicle with (3) bubble levels. Two of the levels represent the front and rear axles, and the center level represents leveling the coach from front to rear. Optimum leveling occurs when all (3) have the bubbles centered in their re-spectate tubes.

  • In Manual Mode, the entire vehicle may be raised or lowered while parked or moving slowly (under 5 mph). Above 5 mph, the system reverts to Travel Mode.
  • Manual Mode can be used with the ignition either ON or OFF. Wheels must be pointing straight ahead.
  • If the system detects an excessive amount of twist in the vehicle frame during manual adjustments, a TWIST status indicator will light to the right of the graphic outline of the vehicle. The system will not allow any further actions that may cause more twisting. To recover from a TWIST condition, perform an Auto Level, or manually raise or lower the low or high corners to un-twist the frame.
  • If the system detects that the corner height is exceeding factory set height limits (either low or high), the corner will not raise or lower.

Travel Mode (Ride Height) Operation

Travel Mode is used when the vehicle is in motion above 5 mph. This mode controls the vehicle’s air suspension system. There are (3) factory defined lev-els: high ride, low ride, and travel height. When the system is in Travel Mode, the suspension will go to travel height.

Travel Mode

Turn the ignition ON.
The menu will now display PRESS FOR OPTIONS along with the current status. Press the VDC knob to select options. Rotate the VDC knob to highlight travel, and press the VDC knob to select it.Jayco Embark 2023 Manual Level Selection User Manual 04

Select either high ride or low ride from the menu that appears next. (Low Ride for clear-ance at top of coach, high ride for rough terrain)
These modes are used only under predefined speeds. At higher speeds, the vehicle goes to the normal ride height and high and low options are not available. The manufacturer sets the predefined speeds for using high and low ride heights. If the leveling system is turned OFF or in any other mode besides travel, the system will automatically turn on and switch to travel mode if the park brake is released or the vehicle exceeds the maximum set speed. If the park brake is released before travel ride height is achieved, the system sounds a tone every second until normal ride height is reached or until the park brake is set.

The time required to achieve ride height varies with vehicle design.
It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is at adequate height before driving. If the vehicle is too low, severe damage can result to the fenders when the wheels are turned.

When travel mode is entered from auto or manual mode, a tone sounds until ride height is achieved. The tone also sounds if high ride, low ride, or standard ride mode are set, and will continue until desired ride height is achieved. The vehicle should not be moved while the tone is sounding. It is unadvisable to negotiate uneven terrain in low ride mode. The automatic ride height system will not attempt to make changes while the vehicle is cornering or braking.

Low Ride Height Warning

The indicator “not at ride height” will display and a chime will sound for 3 seconds if the following conditions are present:

  • Vehicle ride height is below a predefined limit
    The system is in manual or travel mode The park brake is OFF.
    This indicates the suspension is below a safe height and fender damage could occur when turning the wheels.

Status Messages (on the more screen)

Twist: Twist limits have been reached during manual leveling. Refer to previous page for explanation of recovering from a twist condition or if the system will not raise or lower a corner. Park: The PARK indicator illuminates if the park brake is on. It flashes if an attempt to level the vehicle is made without engaging the park brake. It will flash if the park brake is set and the vehicle is in gear. It will stop flashing when the vehicle is placed in neutral with the park brake set. Slope: Leveling is not possible because the ground has excess slope. Move the vehicle to another location. Refer to the auto level section.Jayco Embark 2023 Manual Level Selection User Manual 05

Info ScreenJayco Embark 2023 Manual Level Selection User Manual 06

Accessed by pressing the more screen on the main menu.
The Info screen displays part numbers for the leveling system components. Used mainly by service personnel.

Diagnostics ScreenJayco Embark 2023 Manual Level Selection User Manual 07

Displays current diagnostic messages within the leveling system. The vehicle operator will be alerted to any di-agnostic messages by the presence of this icon on the main screen. Diagnostic messages are displayed in order of occurrence.

If the TROUBLE indicator is on, the suspension may be inoperative. DO NOT DRIVE THE VEHICLE, CALL FOR ASSISTANCE.

NOTE: When contacting the service department about a diagnostic message, write down any information displayed on the More screen for all diagnostic messages present. This will help diagnose the problem if the message list has been cleared in the meantime.

Clear Diagnostic MessagesJayco Embark 2023 Manual Level Selection User Manual 08

Press the VDC knob. Select clear to erase the messages. Select exit to leave the messages intact and leave the dialog screen. Level Zero, Travel Zero, and RH Setup (Ride Height) are used by service personnel. For complete instructions refer to the leveling system manufacturer’s manual included in your warranty packet.
Jayco Embark 2023 Manual Level Selection User Manual 09

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