Mercedes-Benz S-CLASS

Mercedes-Benz S-CLASS SEDAN 2023 Glance and Digital Operator’s User Manual


Mercedes-Benz S-CLASS SEDAN 2023 At a Glance And Digital Operator’s User Manual

CockpitMercedes-Benz S-CLASS SEDAN 2023 Glance and Digital Operator's

Left-Hand-Drive Vehicles

At a glance – Cockpit1

  1. Light switch
  2. Steering wheel paddle shifters
  3. Combination switch
  4. Driver’s display
  5. DIRECT SELECT lever
  6. Start/stop button
  7. ECO start/stop function
  8. Central display
  9. Glove box
  10. Stowage space
    • Switch panel for:
    • DYNAMIC SELECT button
    • Active Parking Assist
    • Quick vehicle access
    • Fingerprint sensor
    • Switches the MBUX multimedia system on/off
    • Switches sound on/off
    • Adjusts the volume
    • Hazard warning light system
    • Control panel for the MBUX multimedia system
    • Adjusts the steering wheel
    • Switches the steering wheel heater on/off
    • Control panel:
    • Driver’s display
    • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC
    • Diagnostics connection
    • M Opens the hood
    • Electric parking brake

At a Glance – Cockpit (Plug-in Hybrid)

At a glance – Cockpit2

  1. Increases recuperation
  2. Driver’s display:
    • Operational readiness
    • Power meter
    • Trip computer
    • ECO Assist
  3. Reduces recuperation
  4. Central display:
    • Plug-in hybrid settings
    • Energy flow display
  5. Sets charging times
  6. DYNAMIC SELECT button
  7. Haptic accelerator pedal
  8. Depressurizes the fuel tank

Glance Indicator and Warning Lamps (Standard)

At a glance – Cockpit3

Standard driver’s display

  1. Turn signal lights
  2. The suspension (red)
  3. The suspension (yellow)
  4. Electrical malfunction
  5. Power steering (red)
    • Power steering (yellow)
    • Rear axle steering (red)
    • Rear axle steering (yellow)
  6. Restraint system
  7. Seat belt
  8. Distance warning
  9. ABS
  10. Tire pressure monitor
    • Engine diagnosis
  11. ESP® OFF
    • ESP®
  12. Coolant temperature
  13. Coolant temperature display
  14. Electric parking brake (yellow)
  15. Electric parking brake (red)
    • USA only
    • Canada only
  16. Brakes (red)
    • USA only
    • Canada only
  17. Recuperative Brake System, USA only
    • Brakes (yellow), Canada only
    • Reserve fuel with fuel filler flap location indicator
  18. Fuel level
  19. High beam
    • Low beam
    • Standing lights
  20. Rear fog light
  21. Mercedes-Benz emergency call system

At a Glance – Indicator and Warning Lamps (With Driver Camera)

At a glance – Cockpit4

Driver’s Display with Driver Camera

  1. Turn signal lights → 165
  2. Seat belt → 564
  3. Distance warning → 575
  4. Restraint system → 564
  5. Tire pressure monitor → 580
  6. ESP® OFF
    • ESP®
  7. ABS
  8. Coolant temperature
  9. Coolant temperature display
    • Electric parking brake (yellow)
    • Electric parking brake (red)
    • USA only
    • Canada only
  10. Brakes (red)
    • USA only
    • Canada only
    • Recuperative Brake System, USA only
    • Brakes (yellow), Canada only
    • Reserve fuel with fuel filler flap location indicator
  11. Fuel level
  12. Rear fog light
  13. High beam
    • Low beam
    • Standing lights
  14. Mercedes-Benz emergency call system
  15. Electrical malfunction
  16. Engine diagnosis
  17. Power steering (red)
  18. Power steering (yellow)
  19. Rear axle steering (red)
  20. Rear axle steering (yellow)
  21. The suspension (red)
    • The suspension (yellow)

At a Glance – Overhead Control PanelAt a glance – Cockpit5

  1. Sun visors
  2. Switches the front interior lighting on/off
  3. Switches the rear interior lighting on/off
  4. me button
  5. Opens/closes the panorama roof with power tilt/sliding panel rear roller sunblind
  6. Switches automatic interior lighting control on/off
  7. SOS button
  8. Switches the right-hand reading lamp on/off
  9. Opens/closes the panorama roof with power tilt/sliding panel
  10. Opens/closes the panorama roof with power tilt/sliding panel front roller sunblind
  11. Indicator lamps:
  12. Inside rear-view mirror
  13. Switches the left-hand reading lamp on/off

At a Glance – Door Operating Unit and Seat Adjustment

At a glance – Cockpit6

  1. Locks/unlocks the vehicle
  2. Adjusts the seats electrically
  3. Switches the seat heating on/off
  4. Switches the seat ventilation on/off
  5. Adjusts the front passenger seat from the driver’s seat
  6. Operates the memory function
  7. Operates the outside mirrors
  8. Opens/closes the right side window
  9. Opens/closes the rear right side window
  10. Opens/closes the trunk lid
  11. Rear window roller sunblind
  12. Child safety lock for the rear side windows
  13. Opens the door
  14. Opens/closes the rear left side window
  15. Opens/closes the left side window
  16. Adjusts the head restraints
  17. Seat adjustment using the multimedia system

At a Glance – Control Settings in the Rear Passenger Compartment

At a glance – Cockpit7

Vehicles with a Reclining Rear Seat

  1. Climate control rear operating unit
  2. Electronics compartment in the center console 115 V socket
  3. Sets the fully reclined position
  4. Selects the front passenger seat
  5. Switches the rear seat ventilation on/off
  6. Switches the rear seat heating on/off
  7. Adjusts reclining rear seats electrically
  8. Resets the standard seat adjustment settings
  9. Memory function in the rear passenger compartment
  10. Stowage box in the seat backrest
  11. Refrigerator box
  12. Stowage compartment in the rear armrest
  13. MBUX rear tablet bracket
  14. Cup holder

At a Glance – Emergencies and BreakdownsAt a glance – Cockpit8

  1. B-pillar with:
    • QR code for accessing the rescue card
  2. Safety vests
  3. me button
    • G SOS button
  4. To check and top up operating fluids
    • Jump-starting
  5. Tow-starting or towing away
  6. Flat tire
  7. Hazard warning light system
  8. Fuel filler flap with:
    • Information label on fuel type
    • Information label on tire pressure
    • QR code for accessing the rescue card
  9. Tow-starting or towing away
  10. First-aid kit (soft-sided)
  11. TIRE FIT kit
  12. Warning triangle

Digital Operator’s Manual

Calling up the Digital Operator’s Manual

Multimedia System:
4 © 5 Settings 5 Info

Operator’s Manual
5 Open Digital Operator’s Manual
The Digital Operator’s Manual describes the functions and operation of the vehicle and the multimedia system.

  • Select one of the following menu items in the Digital Operator’s Manual:
    • Quick start: find the first steps towards adjusting your seat (driver’s side).
    • Tips: find information that prepares you for certain everyday situations with your vehicle.
    • Animations: watch animations about the vehicle’s functions.
    • Messages: find additional information about the messages on the driver’s display.
    • Language: select the language for the Digital Operator’s Manual.

You can search for keywords using the Search field in order to quickly find answers to questions about the operation of the vehicle.At a glance – Cockpit9

  1. Menu
  2. Search
  3. Back
  4. Contents section

Some sections in the Digital Operator’s Manual, such as warning notes, can be expanded and collapsed.

Additional options for calling up the Digital Operator’s Manual:

  • Driver’s Display: call up brief information about display messages on the driver’s display.
  • MBUX Voice Assistant: call up via the voice control system.
  • Global Search: call up search results for contents of the Digital Operator’s Manual on the home screen.

For safety reasons, the Digital Operator’s Manual is deactivated while the vehicle is in motion.

Protecting the Environment

Environmental damage due to operating conditions and personal driving style.

The pollutant emission of the vehicle is directly related to the way you operate the vehicle.
Operate your vehicle in an environmentally responsible manner to help protect the environment. Please observe the following recommendations on operating conditions and personal driving style.

Operating conditions:

  • Make sure that the tire pressure is correct.
  • Do not carry any unnecessary weight (e.g. roof luggage racks once you no longer need them).
  • Adhere to the service intervals.
  • A regularly serviced vehicle will contribute to environmental protection.
  • Always have maintenance work carried out at a qualified specialist workshop.

Personal driving style:

  • Do not depress the accelerator pedal when starting the engine.
  • Do not warm up the vehicle while stationary
  • Drive carefully and maintain a suitable distance from the vehicle in front.
  • Avoid frequent, sudden acceleration and braking.
  • Change gear in good time and use each gear only up to Ô of its maximum engine speed.
  • Switch off the vehicle in stationary traffic, e.g. by using the ECO start/stop function.
  • Drive in a fuel-efficient manner. Observe the ECO display for an economical driving style.

Plug-in Hybrid

Environmental pollution caused by irresponsible disposal of the high-voltage battery
A high-voltage battery contains materials that are harmful to the environment.

  • Dispose of defective high-voltage batteries at a qualified specialist workshop.

Environmental Issues and Recommendations:
It is recommended that you reuse or recycle materials instead of just disposing of them.
The relevant environmental guidelines and regulations serve to protect the environment and must be strictly observed.

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