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Mercedes-Benz S-CLASS SEDAN 2023 Me Connect User Manual


Mercedes-Benz S-CLASS SEDAN 2023 Mercedes Me Connect User Manual

Mercedes Me Connect

Information on Mercedes I connect consists of multiple services.

You can use the following services via the multi-media system and the overhead control panel, for example:

  • Accident and Breakdown Management (me button or situation-dependent display in the multimedia system)
  • Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call System (automatic emergency call and SOS button)

The Mercedes me connect Accident and Break-down Management and the Mercedes-Benz emergency call center are available to you around the clock.

Me button and the SOS button can be found on the vehicle’s overhead control panel (/ page 384).
You can also call the Mercedes-Benz Customer Center using the multimedia system (/ page 385).
Please note that Mercedes me connect is a Mercedes-Benz service. In emergencies, first call the national emergency services using the standard national emergency service telephone numbers. In emergencies, you can also use the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system (/ page 392).
Please note the Mercedes me connect terms of use and the data protection information for Mercedes me connect. You can find these in your Mercedes me user account. Further information about Mercedes me connect services can be obtained in the Mercedes me Portal:

Information on Mercedes I connect Accident and Breakdown Management

Accident and Breakdown Management is not available in every country. Contact an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center to find out whether this function is available in your country.

Accident and Breakdown Management can include the following functions:

  • Supplement to the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system (/ page 392)
  • If necessary, the contact person at the Mercedes-Benz emergency call center forwards the call to Mercedes me connect Accident and Breakdown Management. Forwarding the call is however not possible in all countries.
  • Breakdown assistance by a technician on location and/or the towing away of the vehicle to the nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz Center
    You may be charged for these services.
  • Addition to the emergency guide after an automatic accident or breakdown detection (/ page 385)

In the event of a breakdown or accident, further vehicle data is sent which enables optimal support by the Mercedes-Benz Customer Center and the authorized service partner or breakdown assistance.

  • In addition to the Mercedes I connect service

With the Telediagnostics function, specific wear and failure reports are recorded by the service provider, in so far as these can be clearly interpreted and are available through the monitoring of components that are subject to diagnostics.
If your vehicle detects a breakdown or threat of a breakdown, you may be prompted via the multimedia system to contact the Mercedes-Benz Customer Center for further help. This prompt in the multimedia system only appears when the vehicle is stationary.

These services are subject to technical restrictions such as mobile phone coverage, mobile network quality, and the ability of the processing systems to interpret the transferred data. In some circumstances, this can result in delays or the failure of the information to appear in the multimedia system. Please note that the service and breakdown call is a Mercedes-Benz service. In emergencies, be sure to contact the usual national emergency number first or use the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system (/ page 391). More information about Mercedes I connect services can be obtained in the Mercedes me Portal:

Data transferred during Mercedes I connect call services

The data transferred during a Mercedes I connect call depends on:

  • The reason for initiation of the call
  • The service that is selected in the voice control system
  • The activated Mercedes I connect services

You can find out which data is transferred when using the services in the currently valid Mercedes connect terms of use and the data protection information for Mercedes connect. You can find these in your Mercedes me user account.

Overview of the Mercedes me & Apps menu

When you log in with a user account to the Mercedes me Portal, then services and offers from Mercedes-Benz will be available to you.
For more information consult an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center or visit the Mercedes me Portal:

Make sure you always keep the Mercedes me Apps updated. You can call up the menu using Apps in the multi-media system.

In the Apps menu, the following options can be available:

  • Connecting the vehicle with the Mercedes me user account
  • Deleting a connection between a user account

Mercedes me and the vehicle

  • Calling up the Mercedes me services
  • Calling up apps such as In-Car Office or the web browser depending on availability

Web browser overviewMercedes-Benz S-CLASS SEDAN 2023 Mercedes Me Connect User Manual1

  1. Previous website
  2. Next website
  3. Update
  4. URL
  5. Adds/removes bookmarks 6 Options
  6. Settings

Under Ä you have the following options:

  • Tabs
  • Bookmarks & History R Reading Mode
  • Share Link
  • Share Content
  • Request Mobile Website

Websites cannot be shown while the vehicle is in motion.

Overview of Smartphone Integration

With Smartphone Integration, you can use certain functions on your mobile phone via the multimedia system display.
Only one mobile phone at a time can be connected via Smartphone Integration to the multimedia system. Also for use with two phone mode with Smartphone Integration, only one additional mobile phone can be connected using Bluetooth® with the multimedia system.
The full range of functions for Smartphone Integration is only possible with an Internet connection. The appropriate application must be down-loaded on the mobile phone to use Smartphone Integration. The mobile phone must be switched on and connected to the multimedia system via the USB port using a suitable cable.

Apps for Smartphone Integration:

  • Apple CarPlay® (wireless connection via Bluetooth® also possible)
  • Android Auto (wireless connection via Bluetooth® also possible)

For safety reasons, the first activation of Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto on the multi-media system must be carried out when the vehicle is stationary with the parking brake.

You can start Smartphone Integration using the Devices menu. You can end Smartphone Integration via the Devices or by disconnecting the connecting cable between the mobile phone and multimedia system. Mercedes-Benz recommends disconnecting the connection via the device manager or the connecting cable only when the vehicle is stationary.

Overview of transferred vehicle data
When using Smartphone Integration, certain vehicle data is transferred to the mobile phone. This enables you to get the best out of selected mobile phone services. Vehicle data is not directly accessible.

The following system information is transmitted:

  • The software release of the multimedia system
  • System ID (anonymized)

The transfer of this data is used to optimize communication between the vehicle and the mobile phone. To do this, and to assign several vehicles to the mobile phone, a vehicle identifier is randomly generated. This has no connection to the vehicle identification number (VIN) and is deleted when the multi-media system is reset (/ page 363).

The following driving status data is transmitted:

  • Transmission position engaged
  • The distinction between parked, standstill, rolling, and driving
  • Day/night mode of the driver’s display
  • Drive type

The transfer of this data is used to alter how content is displayed to correspond to the driving situation.

The following position data is transmitted:

  • Coordinates
  • Speed
  • Compass direction
  • Acceleration direction

The mobile phone uses this data to improve the accuracy of navigation, for example, when driving through a tunnel.

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