Mercedes-Benz S-CLASS SEDAN 2023 Telediagnosis User Manual


Mercedes-Benz S-CLASS SEDAN 2023 Tele diagnosis User Manual

Tele diagnosis

Notes about Tele diagnosis

This service is not available in all countries.
The vehicle can detect if certain worn parts need to be replaced or if malfunctions have occurred in-vehicle systems. If the Tele diagnosis service is activated, relevant data is automatically transmitted to the manufacturer. If fault conditions are detected by the vehicle system self-diagnosis, the system transmits recommendations for action to the Mercedes-Benz customer center depending on the fault detected. The customer center transmits the data to the service partner that you have entered on the Mercedes me website at:

For selected faults, the notification that a malfunction has been detected may appear in the multimedia system with a request to contact the Mercedes-Benz customer center. From this message, a call can be made directly to the customer center for assistance. The transmission of a notification to the multimedia system depends on the country, vehicle model, and equipment and requires a fast data connection, over which the service provider has no influence.

Reliable fault detection is subject to technical

limitations. Therefore, only a limited selection of faults can be detected and recommendations for action transmitted to the customer center and the service partners. Mercedes-Benz AG is continuously working on the expansion of this service. The fault detection depends on the country, vehicle model, and equipment.

Data transferred when using Telediagnostics

When the service is activated, relevant data is automatically transferred to determine the required scope of maintenance as well as malfunction detection and malfunction rectification. Details on data transfer can be found in the data protection information for the Mercedes connect services. These can be found at: under “My Mercedes me account”, and “Terms of use”. The scope of the data transmitted depends on the vehicle model and equipment. For technical reasons, not all data is available at all times.

Engine compartment

Opening and closing the hood

Risk of fatal injuries when carrying out maintenance work during the charging process, the high-voltage on-board electrical system is under high voltage.

  • Do not perform any maintenance work during the charging process.

Risk of accident due to driving with the hood unlocked

The hood may open and block your view.

  • Never release the hood when driving.
  • Before every trip, ensure that the hood is locked.

Risk of accident and injury when opening and closing the hood

The hood may suddenly drop into the end position. There is a risk of injury for anyone in the hood’s range of movement.

  • Do not open or close the hood if there is a person in the hood’s range of movement.

Risk of burns when opening the hood

If you open the hood in the event of an over-heated engine or fire in the engine compartment, the following situations may occur:

  • You may come into contact with hot gases.
  • You may come into contact with other escaping hot operating fluids.
  • Before opening the hood, allow the engine to cool down.
  • In the event of a fire in the engine compartment, keep the hood closed and call the fire service.

Risk of injury due to moving parts
Components in the engine compartment may continue to run or start unexpectedly even when the drive system is switched off.

Observe the following if you must open the hood:

  • Switch off the vehicle.
  • Never touch the danger zones surrounding moving components, e.g. the rotation area of the fan.
  • Remove jewelry and watches.
  • Keep items of clothing and hair away from moving parts.

Risk of injury from touching live components
The ignition system and the fuel injection system operate with a high voltage. You could receive an electric shock.

  • Never touch components of the ignition system or fuel injection system when the vehicle is switched on.

The live components include the following, for example:

  • R Ignition coils R Fuel injectors
  • R Electric lines to the ignition coils and the fuel injectors

Risk of burns from hot component parts in the engine compartment
Certain component parts in the engine compartment can be very hot, e.g. the engine, the cooler and parts of the exhaust system.

  • Allow the engine to cool down and only touch component parts described in the following.

Risk of injury from using the windshield wipers when the hood is open
If the windshield wipers start moving when the hood is open, you could be trapped by the wiper linkage.

  • Always switch off the windshield wipers and the vehicle first if you need to open the hood.

Opening the hoodMercedes-Benz S-CLASS SEDAN 2023 Tele diagnosis User Manual 01

  • Pull on handle 1 twice.

The hood will be released and open slightly.

  • Then lift the hood by hand.

Closing the hood

Damage to the hood
If the hood is closed manually, there is a risk of dents.

  • Do not close the hood manually.
  • Lower the hood to a height of around 8 in (20 cm) and then allow it to fall, applying a little force as you let it go.
  • If the hood can still be lifted slightly, open the hood again and close it with a little more force until it engages correctly.

Engine oil

Checking the engine oil level using the driver’s display


  • The engine has been warmed up.
  • The vehicle is parked on a level surface.
  • The engine is running at idle speed.
  • The hood is closed.

Determining the engine oil level can take up to 30 minutes with a normal driving style and even longer with an active driving style.

Driver’s display:
The engine oil level is shown.

One of the following messages will appear on the driver’s display:

  • Engine Oil Level Measuring Now…: the engine oil level cannot be determined yet.
  • Repeat the request after a maximum of 0 minutes of driving.
  • Engine Oil Level OK and the bar display for indicating the engine oil level on the driver’s display is green and is between “min” and “max”: the engine oil level is correct.
  • Engine Oil Level Refill 1,0 Liq. gal. and the bar display for indicating the engine oil level on the driver’s display is yellow and is below “min”:
  • Add 1.1 US qt (1 l) of engine oil.
  • Engine Oil Level Reduce and the bar display for indicating the engine oil level on the driver’s display is yellow and is above “max”:
  • Drain off any excess engine oil that has been added. To do so, consult a qualified specialist workshop.
  • For Engine Oil Level Switch on Vehicle
    • Switch on the vehicle to check the engine oil level.
  • Engine Oil Level System Inoperative: The oil level sensor is defective or not connected.
    • Consult a qualified specialist workshop.
  • Engine Oil Level System is Currently Unavailable
  • Close the hood.

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