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Mercedes-Benz S-CLASS SEDAN 2023 Telemetry Display User Manual


Mercedes-Benz S-CLASS SEDAN 2023 Calling up Telemetry Display User Manual

Calling up Telemetry Display

Multimedia system:
Home>Setting> TRACK PACE >Telemetry
The telemetry display shows current vehicle data as a digital value and as a diagram. Up to four parameters can be selected to be shown on the display.

For example:

  • Engine speed
  • Wheel angle
  • Speed
  • Steering angle
  • Set the desired parameters.
  • Set the time.

The set parameters are evaluated in the diagram for the selected time.

Configuring AMG TRACK PACE

To connect a mobile device to the TRACK PACE app:

  • The TRACK PACE app is installed on the mobile end device.
  • The mobile end device is connected to the multimedia system via Wi-Fi.

Multimedia system:
Home>Setting> TRACK PACE > Z
Connect the mobile devices via the TRACK PACE app The TRACK PACE app makes it possible to record videos and to synchronize them with stored tracks.

  • Select TRACK PACE App.
  • Select Authorize a New Device.
  • Start the TRACK PACE app on the device to be connected.
  • Select Next and confirm the authorization prompt.

A four-digit code is shown on the central display.

  • Enter the code on the smartphone.
    The device is authorized.
    Deauthorizing the mobile device
  • Select TRACK PACE App.
  • Select a device.
  • Confirm the message prompt with Yes.
    The device is de-authorized.
  • Setting the TRACK PACE display on the head-up display and driver’s display
  • Select IC and HUD Contents.
  • Activate or deactivate the desired contents.

The contents on the head-up display and the driver’s display are adapted.

For further information on the Head-up Display (/ page 323).
Further information about the driver’s display (/ page 321).

Setting acoustic feedback

  • Select Acoustic Feedback.

A scale with values from 0 to 10 is shown.

Select a setting.
Displaying statistics

  • Select TRACK PACE Statistics.

Statistics on the current user profile are displayed.

The following data are displayed:

  • Driving time
  • Track driven
  • Recorded tracks
  • Recorded Track Races
  • Laps recorded
  • Recorded Drag Races
  • Maximum design speed

Activating the ambient light
If this function is active, the vehicle interior is lit in red or green depending on delta time.

  • Select Ambient Light.
  • Activate or deactivate the function

Adjusting the dashcam
If the vehicle is equipped with a dashcam, it can be used in AMG TRACK PACE.

  • Select Dashcam.
  • Select Track Race or Drag Race and activate Activate Recording.
  • You can set which overlay is to be used in the recorded video under Video Overlay Content.

Plug-in hybrid settings.

Configuring the charging settings

Multimedia system:
Home>Â>Setting>Hybrid >Charging

Setting the charging program

  •  Select Home, Work, or Standard.

Opening the socket flap

  • Press the Open socket flap.

The socket flap will open and can be closed again by hand.
Releasing the charging cable (mode 3 or 4) When the function is active, the charging cable will be unlocked when the maximum state of charge is reached.

  • Select Home or Work.
  • Activate or deactivate Unlock Charging Cable.

Activating and deactivating location-based charging

  • Select Charging Program, Home or Charging Program, Work.
  • Activate or deactivate Select Based on Location.

When the function is activated, the vehicle’s current position will be saved as one of the selected options. When the address is reached again, a brief query will appear as to whether the respective charging program should be selected.

Activating and deactivating fast charging

  • Activate or deactivate the Fast Charging function.

The Fast Charging function increases the maximum possible charging capacity at charging stations up to 60 kW in order to charge the vehicle’s high-voltage battery more quickly. After the charging process is complete, the charging capacity in the “Standard” charging program will again be limited to 20 kW in order to protect the high-voltage battery.

Setting the departure time
The set departure times are used for the vehicle’s pre-entry climate control and for predictions regarding the approximate state of charge and range at the time selected. When fast charging is deactivated, the charging process start time will be optimized for the next departure time. When fast charging is activated, the charging process will start immediately, irrespective of the next departure time.

  •  Select Next Departure Time.

The following charging times can be selected:

  • Individual charging times
  • A Week Profile

Setting an individual departure time

  • Select Add New Time and set the time.


  • Select and adapt an existing departure time.

Setting repeat days

  • Select Add New Time and set the time.
  • Mark the relevant weekdays to which the departure time will apply and confirm with a.


  • Select ´ and edit existing repeat days.

Setting a break in the charging process
Up to four breaks in the charging process can be set during which the vehicle is not charged, even if it is connected to a charging station.

  • Select Charging Pauses.
  • Select Add New Time and then set and save the times for the beginning and end of the break.
  • Activate or deactivate the charging breaks that have been set.

Set charging breaks can be edited with the ´ button or deleted with the E button.

Setting the maximum state of charge

  • Select Maximum State of Charge
  • Set the desired percentage.
    The high-voltage battery will be charged up to no higher than the set percentage.

The percentage can be set in increments of 10%.
As soon as the maximum state of charge is reached, a notification will be shown on the central display stating that the charging process is complete and you may continue your journey.

Calling up the energy flow display

Multimedia system:
Home>Setting> > Info

  • Select Energy Flow.

The energy flow in the vehicle will be displayed.
Information on the status of the hybrid system and the current state of charge of the high-voltage battery will be displayed in addition to the energy flow.

Navigation and traffic

Notes on navigation

Route guidance with augmented reality

Risk of accident and injury as a result of distraction, incorrect depiction or wrong interpretation of the display
The camera image of the augmented reality display is not suitable as a guide for driving.

  • Always keep an eye on the actual traffic situation.
  • Avoid extended observation of the camera image.

Risk of accident and injury due to imprecise positioning of additional information
The additional information from the augmented reality display may be inaccurate and is not a substitute for observing and assessing the actual driving situation.
Always keep an eye on the actual traffic situation when carrying out all driving maneuvers.

Switching navigation on

Multimedia system:
Alternatively, press the © button on the steering wheel on the right (/ page 345). The zero layers with the digital map is displayed.

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