2021 Mitsubishi Mirage Engine Oil and Fluids Instructions


2021 Mitsubishi Mirage Engine Oil and Fluids Instructions

Welcome to the world of automotive excellence, where efficiency meets innovation! Mitsubishi debuted the Mirage in 2021, a little automobile that seamlessly integrates style, affordability, and exceptional fuel economy. Proper engine oil and fluid maintenance is an important part of guaranteeing the longevity and peak performance of your 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage. The engine is at the heart of the Mirage’s exceptional performance, and in order to keep it operating smoothly, you must pay particular attention to its important fluids. In this introduction, we’ll go through engine oil and fluids for the 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage, emphasizing the significance of these components in preserving your vehicle’s health and increasing its efficiency.

In this detailed tutorial, we will look at the many fluids that are recommended for your Mirage, their functions, and the significance of routine maintenance to keep your car running smoothly. Whether you’re a seasoned auto enthusiast or a first-time Mirage owner, knowing these vital features will help you make informed selections and have a pleasant driving experience. So, join us on this journey to learn how the proper engine oil and fluids may help your 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage function at its best year after year.

Engine Oil and Oil Filter

To check and refill engine oil It is normal for an engine to use oil. You may need to add oil between the recommended oil change intervals. Before starting the engine, check the engine oil level. Refill if necessary. To check the oil level, remove the dipstick, wipe it off, and gently reinsert it all the way. Slowly pull the dipstick straight out and check the oil level by checking the upper sur-face of the dipstick. The oil level must not go above the line on the dipstick. NOTE If it is difficult to verify the oil level, wipe off the dipstick and reinsert it. Wait a moment and then recheck the oil level by checking the upper surface of the dipstick. If the level does not reach the line which shows the minimum amount of oil required, remove the oil filler cap on the engine valve cover, and fill to within the “Good” range.

2021 Mitsubishi Mirage Engine Oil and Fluids (1) CAUTION

  • Overfilling will cause oil aeration and loss of oil pressure, which could damage the engine.


  • Used engine oil is poisonous, and can dam-age your skin. Prolonged and repeated contact may cause serious skin disorders, including dermatitis and cancer. Do not let used oil touch your skin and wash thoroughly after working with it.
  • Keep used oil out of the reach of children.


  • Engine oil consumption is greatly influenced by payload, engine speed, etc.
  • The engine oil will deteriorate rapidly if the vehicle is subjected to severe conditions (for example, repeated operation on rough roads, in mountainous regions, on roads with many uphill and downhill gradients, or over short distances). Consequently, the oil will require earlier replacement in accordance with the schedule in the “WARRANTY AND MAIN-TENANCE MANUAL”.

Engine Oil Identification Mark

Mitsubishi Motors recommends using only engine oils with the ILSAC certification symbol on the front of the container. ILSAC certification symbol

2021 Mitsubishi Mirage Engine Oil and Fluids (2) If you cannot find oils with the ILSAC certification symbol, use an API classification SP or higher oil with the following label. This mark appears on the top of the oil container and tells you two important things about the oil. 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage Engine Oil and Fluids (3)

  1. The upper part indicates the quality of the oil.
  2. The center part indicates the SAE grade of the oil viscosity.

Recommended Engine oil Viscosity

Use engine oil with the proper thickness for the outdoor temperatures where you will be driving.

2021 Mitsubishi Mirage Engine Oil and Fluids (4) Mitsubishi Motors Genuine 0W-20 Synthetic Engine Oil is recommended for optimum fuel economy and cold weather starting. If Mitsubishi Motors Genuine 0W-20 Synthetic Engine Oil is not available, 5W-20 grade oils displaying the ILSAC certification can be used. However, Mitsubishi Motors Genuine 0W-20 Synthetic Engine Oil should be used at the next oil change to maintain optimum fuel economy and cold weather starting.

To Replace the Oil Filter

The oil filter should be replaced at the time or mileage specified in the “WARRANTY AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL”. Only use high quality replacement filters on this vehicle. The manufacturer’s specifications for Mitsubishi Motors Genuine oil filers require that the filter can withstand a pressure of 256 psi (1.8 MP). A Genuine Mitsubishi oil filter is the best replacement filter. Follow the installation instructions printed on the filter.

Engine coolant

To check the Coolant level

The engine coolant reservoir (A) lets you quickly see when you need to add coolant. When the engine is cold, the level of the cool-ant in the reservoir should be between the “F” (FULL) and “L” (LOW) marks. The radiator usually stays full so there is no reason to remove the radiator cap (B) except when you check the coolant freeze point or replace the antifreeze coolant.

2021 Mitsubishi Mirage Engine Oil and Fluids (5)

To Add Coolant

Use “Mitsubishi Motors Genuine Super Long Life Coolant Premium” or equivalent*.

Engine coolant
Similar high quality ethylene glycol based non-silicate, non-amine, non-nitrate and non-borate coolant with long life hybrid organic acid technology. Mitsubishi Motors Genuine Coolant provides excellent protection against corrosion and rust formation on all metals, including aluminum, and prevents clogs in some parts of the engine. If you need to add coolant often, or if the level in the reservoir does not drop when the engine cools, the cooling system should be pressure-tested for leaks. Take your vehicle to an authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer or a repair facility of your choice for testing.


  • Do not use alcohol or methanol antifreeze or any engine coolants that contain them. Using the wrong antifreeze can corrode aluminum parts.
  • The required concentration of anti-freeze differs depending on the expected ambient temperature.
  • Above -31 °F (-35 °C) : 50 % concentration of anti-freeze
  • Below -31 °F (-35 °C) : 60 % concentration of anti-freeze
  • You can check the concentration level with a gauge from an automotive supply store, or your authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer or service station can check it for you.
  • Do not use water to adjust the concentration of coolant.
  • Do not top off the reservoir with plain water only. Water by itself boils at a lower temperature and does not stop rust or freezing. If the water freezes, it will damage your cooling system. Do not use tapware. It can cause corrosion and rust.

Radiator Cap

The radiator cap must be sealed tight to pre-vent losing coolant, which may result in engine damage. Only use a Mitsubishi Motors Genuine Parts radiator cap, or an approved equivalent.

Wait for the engine to cool down before opening the radiator cap. Otherwise hot steam or boiling coolant could spray up from the filler port and scald you.

2021 Mitsubishi Mirage Engine Oil and Fluids (6) Points to remember

  • Do not overfill the reservoir.
  • Your vehicle uses a special radiator cap that stays sealed and lets the coolant flow from the reservoir back to the radiator when the engine cools down. If you need to change the cap, use the exact same kind.
  • Check the coolant freeze point in the radiator with the proper gauge, and only when it is safe. If you add antifreeze, the contents of the reservoir must be protected against freezing.
  • Keep the front of the radiator and con-denser clean.
  • If the engine coolant temperature does not rise after the engine is warmed-up, take your vehicle to an authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer or a repair facility of your choice to have the thermostat checked, and replaced if necessary.

Air cleaner filter
The air cleaner filter will get dirty and dusty from use and not filter properly. Replace it with a new filter using the schedule in the “WARRANTY AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL”.

  1. Unclamp the cover. Open up the top of the cover and take out the air cleaner filter.

2021 Mitsubishi Mirage Engine Oil and Fluids (7) CAUTION

  • Take care not to scratch the engine air flow sensor when removing the air cleaner cover.
  • Replacing the air cleaner filter and put the cover back on in its original position.
  • NOTE
  • Genuine Mitsubishi Motors Parts are recommended when replacing the air cleaner filter.
  • After replacing the air cleaner filter, make sure that the hinges at the bottom of cover are firmly set.

Manual transaxle oil 
Whenever the manual transaxle oil level is checked, add oil to maintain the proper level, if necessary. Refill or change with the oil according to the table below.

Oil Type

Lubricant Mitsubishi Motors Genuine NEW MULTI GEAR OIL ECO API GL-4
Viscosity range SAE 75W-80

Continuously variable transmission (CVT) fluid (if  so equipped)
The continuously variable transmission (CVT) should be maintained and serviced by an authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer or a repair facility of your choice to obtain the best performance and longest life. 

Fluid Type

Use only “Mitsubishi Motors Genuine CVTF-J4 or CVTF-J4+” transmission fluid to ensure optimum transmission performance.


  • Using the improper transaxle fluid may dam-age the transaxle.

Special additives
Do not use any fluid additives to the trans-mission.

Washer Fluid

The windshield and rear window washer fluid reservoir is in the engine compartment. Check the washer fluid level at regular intervals and add washer fluid to reservoir if necessary. Open the reservoir cap and check the level of washer fluid. Full level is approximately 2 inches (5 cm) below from the upper surface of the reservoir.

2021 Mitsubishi Mirage Engine Oil and Fluids (8) When freezing weather is anticipated, flush out the water in the reservoir by operating the pump. Fill the reservoir with windshield anti-freeze (not radiator antifreeze), and operate the system for a few seconds to flush out the residual water.


What type of engine oil does the 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage require?

For best performance and fuel economy, the 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage generally recommends 0W-20 synthetic engine oil.

How often should I change the engine oil in my Mirage?

 Mitsubishi suggests replacing the engine oil every 7,500 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. However, it’s a good idea to consult your owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

Can I use conventional oil instead of synthetic in my Mirage?

While 0W-20 synthetic oil is preferred, conventional oil can be used if necessary. However, synthetic oil provides superior performance and protection, particularly in harsh situations.

What is the role of transmission fluid, and how often should it be changed?

Transmission fluid is used to lubricate and cool the transmission. Depending on the driving conditions and the type of fluid used, it should be replaced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

Is it important to regularly check the power steering fluid in my Mirage?

Yes, it is necessary to check the power steering fluid level. Low fluid levels might make steering difficult. Check it regularly as part of your standard maintenance.

How often should I flush and replace the coolant in my Mirage?

To prevent overheating and corrosion, Mitsubishi recommends changing the coolant every 60,000 miles or five years, whichever comes first.

What type of brake fluid does the Mirage use, and when should it be changed?

DOT 3 brake fluid is frequently used in the Mirage. It’s a good idea to replace it every two years to ensure optimal braking function.

How can I tell if my Mirage’s engine oil level is low?

 The dipstick can be used to monitor the engine oil level. If it is lower than the acceptable level, add the appropriate oil to bring it up to the recommended level.

Is it necessary to warm up my Mirage’s engine before checking the oil level?

There is no need to warm up the engine. For an accurate reading, check the oil level while the engine is cool or has been turned off for a few minutes.

Can I mix different brands of engine oil in my Mirage?*

 While it is normally preferable to use the same brand and type of oil, mixing brands is not detrimental as long as they fulfill the necessary standards.

What should I do if I accidentally overfill the engine oil in my Mirage?

If you overfill the engine oil, use a siphon to remove the extra oil or drain some of it. Overfilling might result in increased pressure and engine damage.

How can I check for coolant leaks in my Mirage?

Look under the car for pools or areas of coolant, and inspect hoses and connections for noticeable leaks. Also, look for any unexpected dips in coolant level in the coolant reservoir.

Is it normal for the transmission fluid to change color over time?

Transmission fluid can darken as it ages and is used. However, if it gets brown or emits a burnt odor, it is time to replace it.

Can I use a universal power steering fluid in my Mirage?

To maintain optimal performance and minimize any complications, use the recommended power steering fluid listed in your owner’s handbook.

How can I maintain optimal fuel efficiency in my Mirage through proper fluid maintenance?

Changing engine oil, transmission fluid, and other fluids on a regular basis and keeping them at the correct levels may help preserve the fuel efficiency and general performance of your Mirage.

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