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2023 Nissan FRONTIER Mirrors and Truck box Guidelines


Nissan FRONTIER 2023 Mirrors and Truck Box 

With its adaptable mirror system, the 2023 Nissan Frontier can have side mirrors that are manually or electrically adjustable, and some of them even have the ability to heat, defrost, and fold. For driving at night, the rearview mirror could have an automated dimming feature. Sun visors also have mirrors for the front passengers installed. Regarding functionality, the Frontier has a useful truck box in the bed that may be used for transport and storage. This truck box may come in different sizes, have locking methods for security, and give customization possibilities based on the model and trim. It enhances the utility of the Frontier, making it a dependable partner for a range of transport and storage requirements.

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MirrorsNissan FRONTIER 2023 Mirrors1

Use the night position 1O to reduce glare from the headlights of vehicles behind you at night. Use the day position 2O when driving in daylight hours.

Use the night position only when necessary, because it reduces rear-view clarity.Nissan FRONTIER 2023 Mirrors2

The inside mirror is designed so that it automatically dims during nighttime conditions and according to the intensity of the headlights of the vehicle following you. The automatic anti-glare feature is activated when the ignition switch is in the ON position.

Do not hang any objects over the sensors 1O or apply glass cleaner to the sensors. Doing so will reduce the sensitivity of the sensors, resulting in improper operation. 


  • Do not adjust the mirrors while driving. You could lose control of your vehicle and cause an accident.
  • Objects viewed in the outside mirror on the passenger side are closer than they appear. Be careful when moving to the right. Using only this mirror could cause an accident. Use the inside mirror or glance over your shoulder to properly judge distances to other objects.

Nissan FRONTIER 2023 Mirrors2

Manual control type (if so equipped)Ac
The outside mirrors can be moved in any direction for a better rear view.Nissan FRONTIER 2023 Mirrors4

Electric control type (if so equipped)
The outside mirror remote control will operate only when the ignition switch is placed in the ACC or ON position. Rotate the control dial to select the right or left mirror. Adjust the mirror to the desired position by moving the control dial. Return the control dial to the center (neutral) position to prevent accidentally moving the mirror.Nissan FRONTIER 2023 Mirrors5

Manual folding outside mirrors
Pull the outside mirror toward the door to fold it.

Heated mirrors (if so equipped)
Some outside mirrors can be heated to defog or de-ice for improved visibility.

TRUCK BOXNissan FRONTIER 2023 Mirrors6

Pull the tailgate handle upward and lower the tailgate. The support cables hold the tailgate open. When closing the tailgate, make sure the latches are securely locked. Do not drive the vehicle with the tailgate down, unless equipped with NISSAN’s Bed Extender (accessory) or equivalent in the extended position. 


  • Never allow anyone to ride in the cargo area or on the rear seat when it is in the folded position. Use of these areas by passengers without proper restraints could result in serious injury or death in an accident or sudden stop.
  • It is extremely dangerous to ride in a cargo area inside a vehicle. In a collision, people riding in these areas are more likely to be seriously injured or killed.
  • Do not allow people to ride in any area of your vehicle that is not equipped with seats and seat belts.
  • Be sure everyone in your vehicle is in a seat and using a seat belt properly.

Nissan FRONTIER 2023 Mirrors7

Disconnecting the rear camera
Before removing the tailgate disconnect the rear camera by performing the following:

  1. Open the tailgate to access the rear camera connector bracket 1O located on the rear sill.
  2. Remove the connector bracket 2O from the sill by pressing the locking tab inward, in the direction shown, while pulling the bracket apart.
  3. Disconnect the chassis wiring harness 3O by pressing inward on the locking tab, in the direction shown, while pulling the connectors apart. Hold the connector firmly to prevent the connector in the chassis harness from falling into the sill.
  4. Take the chassis plug and bracket from the glove box and connect them to the chassis wiring harness to avoid contamination to the terminals which will lead to malfunction of the rear camera.
  5. Insert the bracket back into the sill.
  6. Take the tailgate plug from the glove box and connect it to the tailgate wiring harness to avoid contamination which will lead to malfunction of the rear camera.
  7. Remove the tailgate. 

Nissan FRONTIER 2023 Mirrors11

For your convenience, tie-down hooks are placed at each corner of the truck box. These may be used to help secure cargo loaded into the truck box.

  • The weight of the cargo load must be evenly distributed over both the front and the rear axles.
  • All cargo should be securely fastened with ropes or straps to prevent it from shifting or sliding within the vehicle.

Properly secure all cargo with ropes or straps to help prevent it from sliding or shifting. In a sudden stop or collision, unsecured cargo could cause personal injury.



What types of mirrors are available in the Frontier?

The Frontier typically includes side mirrors and a rearview mirror.

Are the side mirrors manually adjustable or power-adjustable?

Depending on the trim level, they may be manually adjustable or power-adjustable.

Do the side mirrors have heating and defrosting features?

Some models may include heated side mirrors for defrosting.

Is there a power-folding feature for the side mirrors?

Some models may offer power-folding side mirrors.

Can I adjust the angle of the rearview mirror manually?

Yes, you can manually adjust the rearview mirror’s angle.

Is there an automatic dimming feature for the rearview mirror?

Some models may include an automatic dimming rearview mirror to reduce glare at night.

Are there mirrors on the sun visors for the driver and passenger?

Sun visors typically have mirrors for the front passengers.

What is the purpose of the truck box in the Frontier?

The truck box provides storage and cargo space in the bed of the truck.

Is the truck box included in all Frontier models?

The truck box may be included in some trim levels or offered as an accessory.

Can I lock the truck box for security?

Some truck boxes have locking features for added security.

Are there different sizes of truck boxes available?

Truck boxes may vary in size depending on the model and trim.

Can I customize the interior of the truck box with dividers or organizers?

Depending on the model, you may be able to customize the interior with dividers and organizers.

Is there a maximum weight capacity for the truck box?

The weight capacity of the truck box may vary, so refer to the vehicle’s manual for details.

Is the truck box weatherproof or waterproof?

Some truck boxes may have weatherproof or waterproof features.

Can I remove the truck box if needed?

Removing the truck box may be possible, but it depends on the specific model and installation.

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