2023 Nissan FRONTIER Engine Start and Sun visors Instructions


Nissan FRONTIER 2023 Remote Engine Start and Sun Visors

Convenient engine start options are available for the 2023 Nissan Frontier, enabling drivers to start the engine with either a conventional key or a keyless ignition system with a start button. The sun visors on the Frontier also shield against sunlight and glare; they have movable angles and frequently come with LED vanity mirrors for added convenience. Together with useful sun visor functionality, these features provide a comfortable and easy-to-use driving experience in the 2023 Frontier. They also incorporate the most recent engine start technology.

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Remote Engine StartNissan FRONTIER 2023 Remote Engine Start1

The button will be on the NISSAN Intelligent Key® if the vehicle has Remote Engine Start. This feature allows the engine to start from outside the vehicle.

The following features may be affected when the Remote Engine Start feature is used:

  • Vehicles with a manual climate control system will default to the last used heating or cooling mode.
  • Vehicles with an automatic climate control system may default to either a heating or cooling mode depending on outside and cabin temperatures.

Laws in some local communities may restrict or prohibit the use of Remote Engine Start, or the amount of time a parked vehicle engine may idle. For example, some laws require a person using Remote Engine Start to have the vehicle in view or may restrict idling time except in freezing temperatures. Check local regulations for any requirements. Other conditions may affect the function of the Remote Engine Start feature. Other conditions can affect the performance of the Intelligent Key transmitter. 


  • To help avoid the risk of injury or death through the unintended operation of the vehicle and/or its systems, including entrapment in windows or inadvertent door lock activation, do not leave children, people who require the assistance of others or pets unattended in your vehicle. Additionally, the temperature inside a closed vehicle on a warm day can quickly become high enough to cause a significant risk of injury or death to people and pets.
  • Do not use Remote Engine Start in closed spaces such as a garage. Do not breathe exhaust gases; they contain colorless and odorless carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is dangerous. It can cause unconsciousness or death.

When the Intelligent Key battery is discharged or other strong radio wave sources are present near the operating location, the Intelligent Key operating range becomes narrower, and the Intelligent Key may not function properly. The Remote Engine Start function can only be used when the Intelligent Key is within the specified operating range from the vehicle. The Remote Engine Start operating range is approximately 16 ft (5 m) from the vehicle.

To use the Remote Engine Start feature perform the following:

  1. Aim the Intelligent Key at the vehicle.
  2. Press the button to lock all doors.
  3. Within 5 seconds press and hold the button until the turn signal lights flash and the tail lamps turn on. If the vehicle is not within view press and hold the button for at least 2 seconds.

The following events will occur when the engine starts:

  • The parking lights will turn on and remain on as long as the engine is running.
  • The doors will be locked and the climate control system may come on.
  • The engine will continue to run for 10 minutes. Repeat the steps to extend the time for an additional 10 minutes. 

Press and hold the brake pedal while switching the ignition to the ON position before driving. 

The Remote Engine Start feature can be extended one time by performing the steps listed in “Remote starting the vehicle”. Run time will be calculated as follows:

  • The first 10–minute run time will start when the Remote Engine Start function is performed.
  • The second 10 minutes will start immediately when the Remote Engine Start function is performed again. For example, if the engine has been running for 5 minutes, and 10 minutes are added, the engine will run for a total of 15 minutes.
  • Extending engine run time will bring you to the two Remote Engine Start limits.

A maximum of two Remote Engine Starts, or a single start with an extension, are allowed between ignition cycles. The ignition switch must be cycled to the ON position and then back to the OFF position before the Remote Engine Start procedure can be used again.

To cancel a Remote Engine Start, perform one of the following:

  • Aim the Intelligent Key at the vehicle and press until the parking lights turn off.
  • Turn on the hazard indicator flashers.
  • Cycle the ignition switch on and then off.
  • The extended engine run time has expired.
  • The first 10–minute timer has expired.
  • The engine hood has been opened.
  • The vehicle is shifted out of the P (Park) position.
  • The alarm sounds due to illegal entry into the vehicle.
  • The ignition switch is pushed without an Intelligent Key in the vehicle.
  • The ignition switch is pushed with an Intelligent Key in the vehicle but the brake pedal is not depressed.

The Remote Engine Start will not operate if any of the following conditions are present:

  • The ignition switch is placed in the ON position.
  • The hood is not securely closed.
  • The hazard warning lights are on.
  • The engine is still running. The engine must be completely stopped. Wait at least 6 seconds if the engine goes from running to off. This is not applicable when extending engine run time.
  • The button is not pressed and held for at least 2 seconds.
  • The button is not pressed and held within 5 seconds of pressing the lock button.
  • The brake is pressed.
  • The doors are not closed and locked.
  • The Key System Error Light remains solid in the vehicle information display.
  • The alarm sounds due to illegal entry into the vehicle.
  • Two Remote Engine Starts, or a single Remote Engine Start with an extension, have already been used.
  • The vehicle is not in the P (Park) position.
  • There is a detected registered key already inside the vehicle.

The Remote Engine Start Mode (if so equipped) may display a warning or indicator in the vehicle information display. 

HOODNissan FRONTIER 2023 Remote Engine Start1

  1. Pull the hood lock release handle 1O located below the driver’s side instrument panel. The hood will spring up slightly.
  2. Push the lever 2O at the front of the hood to the side as illustrated with your fingertips and raise the hood.

When closing the hood, lower it slowly and make sure it locks into place.


  • Make sure the hood is completely closed and latched before driving. Failure to do so could cause the hood to fly open and result in an accident.
  • If you see steam or smoke coming from the engine compartment, to avoid injury do not open the hood.

FUEL-FILLER DOORNissan FRONTIER 2023 Remote Engine Start4


  • Gasoline is extremely flammable and highly explosive under certain conditions. You could be burned or seriously injured if it is misused or mishandled. Always stop the engine and do not smoke or allow open flames or sparks near the vehicle when refueling.
  • Do not attempt to top off the fuel tank after the fuel pump nozzle shuts off automatically. Continued refueling may cause fuel overflow, resulting in fuel spray and possibly a fire.
  • Use only an original equipment-type fuel-filler cap as a replacement. It has a built-in safety valve needed for the proper operation of the fuel system and emission control system. An incorrect cap can result in a serious malfunction and possible injury. It could also cause the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) to come on. Never pour fuel into the throttle body to attempt to start your vehicle.
  • Do not fill a portable fuel container in the vehicle or trailer. Static electricity can cause an explosion of flammable liquid, vapor or gas in any vehicle or trailer. To reduce the risk of serious injury or death when filling portable fuel containers:
    • Always place the container on the ground when filling.
    • Do not use electronic devices when filling.
    • Keep the pump nozzle in contact with the container while you are filling it.
      Use only approved portable fuel containers for flammable liquid.


  • Do not use fuel containing more than 15% ethanol in your vehicle. 
  • The LOOSE FUEL CAP warning message will be displayed if the fuel-filler cap is not properly tightened. It may take a few driving trips for the message to be displayed. Failure to tighten the fuel-filler cap properly after the LOOSE FUEL CAP warning message is displayed may cause the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) to illuminate.
  • Failure to tighten the fuel-filler cap properly may cause the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) to illuminate. If the light illuminates because the fuel-filler cap is loose or missing, tighten or install the cap and continue to drive the vehicle. The light should turn off after a few driving trips. If the light does not turn off after a few driving trips, have the vehicle inspected. It is recommended that you visit a NISSAN dealer for this service.
  • If fuel is spilled on the vehicle’s body, flush it away with water to avoid paint damage.

Nissan FRONTIER 2023 Remote Engine Start5

To remove the fuel-filler cap:

  1. Turn the fuel-filler cap counterclockwise to remove it.
  2. Loop the tether strap around the hook 1O while refueling.

To install the fuel-filler cap:

  1. Insert the fuel-filler cap straight into the fuel-filler tube.
  2. Turn the fuel-filler cap clockwise until a single click is heard.

Loose Fuel Cap warning
The Loose Fuel Cap warning appears in the vehicle information display when the fuel-filler cap is not tightened correctly after the vehicle has been refueled. It may take a few driving trips for the message to be displayed.

To turn off the warning, perform the following:

  1. Remove and install the fuel-filler cap as described above as soon as possible.
  2. Tighten the fuel-filler cap until a single click is heard.


  • Do not adjust the steering wheel while driving. You could lose control of your vehicle and cause an accident.
  • Do not adjust the steering wheel any closer to you than is necessary for proper steering operation and comfort. The driver’s airbag inflates with great force. If you are unrestrained, leaning forward, sitting sideways, or out of position in any way, you are at greater risk of injury or death in a crash. You may also receive serious or fatal injuries from the airbag if you are up against it when it inflates. Always sit back against the seatback and as far away as practical from the steering wheel. Always use seat belts.


Pull the lock lever toward the driver and hold it to adjust the steering wheel up or down to the desired position. Release the lock lever to lock the steering wheel in place.


  1. To block glare from the front, swing down the sun visor 1O.
  2. To block glare from the side, remove the sun visor from the center mount and swing the visor to the side 2O.
  3. Slide the sun visor extension 3O in or out as needed.


  • Do not store the sun visor before re-turning the extension to its original position.
  • Do not pull the extension sun visor forcedly downward.

VANITY MIRRORS (if so equipped)
To access the vanity mirror (if so equipped), pull the sun visor down and flip open the mirror cover. Some vanity mirrors are illuminated and turn on when the mirror cover is open.



How do I start the engine in the Frontier?

Insert the key and turn it to the “Start” position or press the engine start button if equipped with keyless ignition.

Is there a remote engine start feature available?

Some models may offer remote engine start using the key fob.

Can I start the engine remotely using a mobile app?

NissanConnect Services may allow remote engine start via a mobile app.

How do I use the sun visors in the Frontier?

Swing the sun visors down to block sunlight and glare.

Are there illuminated vanity mirrors in the sun visors?

Some models may include illuminated vanity mirrors.

Can I adjust the angle of the sun visors?

Yes, you can typically adjust the angle to block sunlight effectively.

Do the sun visors have extenders for side window coverage?

Some models may have extenders for added side-window coverage.

Is there a mirror on both the driver and passenger sun visors?

Typically, both driver and passenger sun visors have mirrors.

What should I do if the sun visors become loose or don’t stay in place?

Consult the vehicle’s manual or seek assistance from a Nissan dealer for adjustments or replacements.

Are there sun visor extensions for blocking the sun from the front window?

Some models may have extensions for the front window.

Can I fold the sun visors up when not in use?

Yes, you can fold the sun visors up against the ceiling when not needed.

Is there a sun visor for the rear window?

Typically, there is no sun visor for the rear window.

Do the sun visors have built-in mirrors for the rear passengers?

The sun visors are primarily for the front passengers.

Can I purchase and install aftermarket sun visors for additional features?

Aftermarket sun visors may be available, but consult the vehicle’s manual for compatibility and installation guidelines.

What is the recommended way to clean the sun visors?

Clean them with a soft, damp cloth to avoid damaging the material.

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