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Tata Punch 2021 BATTERY User Manual

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Tata Punch 2021 BATTERY User Manual


  1. Examine the battery for electrolyte level against the marking on the battery outer case.
  2. Examine the battery terminals for corrosion (a white or yellowish powder). To remove it, wash the terminals with a solution of baking soda. It will bubble up and turn brown.
  3. When this stops, wash it off with plain water. Dry off the battery with a cloth or paper towel.
  4. Apply petroleum jelly to the terminals to prevent further corrosion.
  5. Use a proper wrench to loosen and remove cables from the terminals.
  6. Always disconnect the negative (-ve) cable first and reconnect it last.
  7. If your vehicle is equipped with Battery Sensor, then disconnect only the Sensor Output Cable. Do not remove the Sensor, Sensor connector completely as this will result in the loss of sensor function temporarily. Sensor functionality will be restored when the Vehicle is parked for 3 hours without any operation.

Tata Punch User 2021 BATTERY Manual 01

  1. Clean the battery terminals with a terminal cleaning tool or wire brush.
  2. Reconnect and tighten the cables, coat the terminals with petroleum jelly.
  3. Make sure that the battery is securely mounted.
  4. If you need to connect the battery to a charger, disconnect both cables to prevent damage to the vehicle’s electrical system.
  5. If your vehicle is equipped with Battery

Sensor, connect the jump start leads on the output terminal of the Battery Sensor. Do not connect the jump start leads to the Sensor surface or Battery terminal. This will result of function loss of the Battery sensor. Refer to the Battery Sensor image for do’s and don’ts.

Use For petrol MT 60Ah Enhanced flooded Battery to be replaced with enhanced flooded battery (60 Ah) of the respective supplier only. For the location of the battery, please refer image of the respective Engine Compartment.Tata Punch User 2021 BATTERY Manual 02

Use only authorized Battery recommended by TATA Motors. Use of any other unauthorized Battery will result in Engine Start-Stop, Intelligent Alternator control function detrition.

During normal operation, the battery generates gas which is explosive in nature. A spark or open flame can cause the battery to explode causing very serious injuries.
Keep all sparks, open flames and smoking materials away from the battery.
The battery contains sulphuric acid (electrolyte) which is poisonous and highly corrosive in nature. Getting electrolytes in your eyes or on the skin can cause severe burns. Wear protective clothing and a face shield or have a skilled technician to do the battery maintenance.

SPARK PLUG (PETROL)Tata Punch User 2021 BATTERY Manual 03

For NG NA Engine

For NG NA Engine For NG NA Engine For NG NA Engine
For NG NA Engine For NG NA Engine For NG NA Engine

Tightening Torque – 25 Nm

Use spark plug of recommended make & type for replacement.Tata Punch User 2021 BATTERY Manual 04

Under inflation Excessive side tread wear
     2. Correct tyre pressure Uniform wear
      3. Over inflation Excessive center tread wear


Do a check of the tire pressure and the tire’s condition periodically. Examine the pressure in the tires when they are cold. Keep the correct pressure in the tyres for the best combination of riding comfort, handling, tyre life and optimum performance.
Overinflation of tyres makes the vehicle ride bumpy and harsh. Tyres are more prone to uneven wear and damage from road hazards. Underinflated tyres reduce comfort, affect handling and increase the operating temperature, which can result in failure. They also cause uneven wear and bring down the performance of the car.

Every time you check inflation pressure, you should also examine tyres for uneven wear, damage and trapping of foreign objects in the treads and wear.

Recommended Tyre Pressures

Tyre Size Front (psi/bar) Rear (psi/bar)
185/70 R15
89H 32 psi (2.2 bar)
195/60 R16

This is for reference. Kindly refer Tyre pressure as indicated on tyre pressure sticker provided on vehicle.

Tyre Pressure Sticker LocationTata Punch User 2021 BATTERY Manual 05

Tyre Rotation

To increase tyre life rotate the tyre at specified intervals or earlier depending on the operation of vehicle. The illustrations shows how to rotate tyres.Tata Punch User 2021 BATTERY Manual 06

With a temporary spare wheel

For Tyre With Temporary Spare Wheel (if available) For 195/60 R16 Tyres With Temporary Spare Wheel.Tata Punch User 2021 BATTERY Manual 07


  1. Do not use the spare wheel for tyre rotation, in case of temporary spare wheel is used.
  2. Two or more temporary tyres should not be used on one vehicle.
  3. The Tyre pressure of the temporary wheel is to be checked at least once in a month.

Wheel Covers (if available)Tata Punch User 2021 BATTERY Manual 08

Insert a piece of cloth between the spokes of the wheel cover and pull it outwards. Take out the detached wheel cover from the wheel rim. When installing the cover, make sure that it is positioned so that it does not cover the air-filling valve. Apply equal pressure at the circumference of the wheel cover to fix it in the wheel rim.

Do not use any sharp tools (such as a screwdriver etc.) to remove the wheel cover.

Wheel Balancing

The wheels of your vehicle are balanced for better ride comfort and longer tyre life. Balancing needs to be done whenever the tyre is removed from the rim.

If the vehicle vibrates abnormally on a smooth road, have the wheel balanced done immediately?

Special Care For Tubeless Tyres

  1. When you remove the tyre and install it back on the rim, take precautions not to damage the tyre bead. Use tyre removal and assembly machines. Damage or cuts on the tyre bead may cause a gradual loss of air and deflation of the tyre.
  2. Do not scratch the inner surface of the tubeless tyre with metallic or sharp objects. Tubeless tyres are coated with an impermeable layer of rubber from the inner surface which holds the air in the tyre. Removal of this layer due to scratching may cause a gradual loss of air and deflation.
  3. If the wheel rim gets damaged in service, get the wheel rim repaired/ replaced immediately. Running the vehicle with a damaged rim may cause deflation of the tyre and subsequent dislodging of the tyre from the rim.
  4. Keep the recommended inflation pressure. Overinflation, in particular, may cause the puncture or bursting of tyres.

The life and wear pattern of tyres depends on various parameters like tyre pressure, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tyre rotation, etc. It also largely depends on vehicle speed, load carried, usage, driving habits, road conditions, tyre quality, etc. In case the fault is suspected to be due to poor quality of tyres, the same may be taken up with the concerned tyre manufacturer.

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