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Tata Punch 2021 VEHICLE PARKING User Manual

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Tata Punch 2021 VEHICLE PARKING User Manual


  1. Park the vehicle in a safe place. Switch on the indicator signal before turning to park.
  2. Apply the parking brake.
  3. Make sure that all window glasses are closed and all lamps are turned ‘OFF’.
  4. At night, put on the parking lights if required.
  5. Remove the key from the ignition switch and lock the vehicle.
  6. Use wheel chocks if the vehicle is parked on a slope.

When parking on a downhill gradient, place the gear lever in the ‘Reverse’ position. While parking on up-hill gradient, place the gear lever in the ‘1st’ position.

Never leave children unsupervised in parked vehicles. They could also operate the vehicle’s equipment. There is a risk of an accident and injury.

Do not use the parking brake for braking unless unavoidable circumstances like when the service brake is not working properly. The braking distance is considerably longer and the wheels could lock. There is an increased danger of skidding and accidents.


The Reverse Park Assist system is an electronic parking aid that will assist you to park your vehicle safely when in reverse gear mode. It provides audio and visual information through the vehicle’s infotainment system. Always look out for kids, pets and elderly people behind the vehicle before reversing.Tata Punch User 2021 VEHICLE PARKING Manual 01

There are ultrasonic sensors placed on the rear bumper. Number of sensors may vary depending on the variant.
Once the system is activated, the sensors will detect how near the obstacle is from the bumper, and this information would be displayed on the vehicle’s infotainment system. In base variants, only audio warn-ing shall be given through a buzzer.

Due to ultrasonic sensor technology limitations, detection of obstacles from 0-25 cm is not guaranteed.

Variant, where infotainment display is not present and audio warning, is given through a buzzer, on activating the Re-verse Park Assist system, a tone will be played within first two seconds to indicate the proper functioning of the system. After these two seconds, normal functioning of the system will continue. If no tone is heard for first two seconds, it shall mean that RPAS system is faulty. The owner should, in that case, go to the nearest dealer for rectification.

Park Assist Indications

In case reverse park assist system mal-functions, the following message may appear on the infotainment screen.

Reason for this fault may be :

  1. Park Assist Controller / Body Control Module Failure”
  2. Sensor Malfunction
  3. Partner component such as Reverse park assist system is failure.

Tata Punch User 2021 VEHICLE PARKING Manual 02

The reverse park assist system can also be activated manually through infotainment screen. Display will be seen on infotainment screen.

Reverse Park Assist Limitations
Reverse Park Assist system is not a collision avoiding system. It is solely the driver’s responsibility to park the vehicle safely.
Reverse Park Assist feature works on ultra sound echo technology, due to which performance is not guaranteed in following scenarios:

  1. If the object has a sharp edge surface, where surface may divert echoes from sensor reception.
  2. If object is mesh fence made up of thin wires, where echoes can’t be given by the surface.
  3. Fast moving objects passes in the sensor’s field of detection, where echoes are not processed by the system.
  4. If object is made/covered by foam or sponge or snow where ultrasonic sound signals are absorbed.
  5. Objects close to the rear bumper can go undetected by the Reverse Park Assist’s field of detection. Driver should use extreme caution while parking the vehicle.
  6. If height of the bumper is changed due to alteration to the suspension or other causes
  7. If the sensor areas are extremely hot from direct sunlight or cold due to freezing weather.
  8. If Sensors are covered by a hand, sticker, accessory, etc.
  9. If ultrasonic noise is present around Vehicle due to other vehicle sensors, horn, engine, air braking system (large vehicles), Exhaust Fans, Wireless transmitters or mobile phones
  10. If the vehicle speed exceeds 10kmph, the system will not warn you even though objects are detected, error message ‘Vehicle Speed is high, drive slowly!’ will appear.
  11. Driving on uneven road surfaces e.g. Gravel, unpaved roads, Artificial Speed Breakers, or gradient.
  12. Poles of square/rectangular cross section might not be detected

Due to any reason, if the sensor gets misaligned or loses its intended fitment position, contact your dealer for referment.

Turning the ignition ‘OFF’ ‘while the park assist feature is active would disable it.

Reverse Park Assist System Preventive Maintenance

  • Regularly clean the sensors and keep them free from dust, ice, mud, water, chewing gum etc. for proper working of the system.

Use a smooth cloth for cleaning.

  • Do not use water at high pressure for cleaning the sensor or camera.
  • Do not cover the sensors surface with any additional fitment. This will interrupt park assist performance.
  • Do not remove mud, snow on the sensors using stick or hard material. Use normal water and soft cloth.

General Warning 

  1. In low light conditions, the screen may darken or image may appear faint.
  2.  If the tire sizes are changed, the position of the fixed guidelines dis-played on the screen may change.
  3. In case of damage of the rear portion of the vehicle, Reverse Park Assist sensors position may change which causes wrong visual information on display. In case of damage make sure that Reverse Park Assist sensors are fitted properly at the intended location.
  4.  In case of uneven road conditions or uphill or downhill conditions, do not de-pend on Reverse Park Assist aid.
  5.  Do not apply any kind of force on the reverse park assist sensors.
  6. Always use rear view mirrors along with Reverse Park Assist for confirming the safety of the rear and the sur-rounding conditions.

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