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2023 Subaru Legacy Door indicator Touring XT Guidelines

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Incorporating advanced door indications into its interior design, the 2023 Subaru Legacy Touring XT offers a crucial safety element for both drivers and passengers. These indicators, which are typically built into the dashboard and door panels, are placed thoughtfully around the car to inform occupants of the condition of the doors both visibly and audibly. These signs provide easy-to-understand feedback about whether a door is open or closed, improving safety by preventing unintentional exit while the car is moving. The Touring XT’s door indicators, which come with extra features like liftgate or trunk indicators and possible customizability, are a perfect example of Subaru’s commitment to making driving safe and user-friendly while maintaining occupant awareness.

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Door Open Indicator

When any of the doors, the rear gate (Outback/Subaru Outback Wilderness) or the trunk lid (Legacy) is not fully closed, the door open indicator appears. This function is effective even if the ignition switch is in the “LOCK”/“OFF” or “ACC” position or the key is removed from the ignition switch (models without “keyless access with push-button start system”). The open door is indicated by the corresponding part of the door open indicator. Always make sure this indicator does not appear before you start to drive.

Engine Hood Open Warning Light
The warning light illuminates if the engine hood is not fully closed. This function is effective even if the ignition switch is in the “LOCK”/“OFF” or “ACC” position, or the key is removed from the ignition switch (models without “keyless access with push-button start system”). Always make sure this light is not illuminated before you start to drive.

Windshield Washer Fluid Warning Light
This light appears when the fluid level in the windshield washer fluid tank decreases to the lower limit (approximately 0.6 US qt (0.6 liters, 0.5 Imp q t)).

All Wheel Drive Warning Light

Continued driving with the AWD warning light flashing can lead to powertrain damage. If the AWD warning light flashes, promptly park in a safe location and then check whether all four tires are the same diameter and whether any of the tires has a puncture or has lost air pressure for some other reason.

If the temporary spare tire is used, the AWD warning light may flash. Use of the temporary spare tire should therefore be restricted to the minimum time necessary. Replace the temporary spare tire with a conventional tire as soon as possible. This light flashes if the vehicle is driven with tires of different diameters fitted on its wheels or with the air pressure excessively low in any of its tires.

Power Steering Warning Light
While the engine is running, this warning light illuminates when a malfunction has been detected in the electric power steering system.

When the power steering warning light is illuminated, there may be more resistance when the steering wheel is operated. Drive carefully to the nearest SUBARU dealer and have the vehicle inspected immediately.

If the steering wheel is operated in the following ways, the power steering control system may temporarily limit the power assist in order to prevent the system components, such as the control computer and drive motor, from overheating.

  • The steering wheel is operated frequently and turned sharply while the vehicle is maneuvered at extremely low speeds, such as while frequently turning the steering wheel during parallel parking.
  • The steering wheel remains in the fully turned position for a long period of time. At this time, there will be more resistance when steering. However, this is not a malfunction. Normal steering force will be restored after the steering wheel is not operated for a while and the power steering control system has an opportunity to cool down. However, if the power steering is operated in a nonstandard way which causes power assist limitation to occur too frequently, that may result in a malfunction of the power steering control system.

Vehicle Dynamics Control Warning Light/Vehicle Dynamics Control Operation Indicator Light

Vehicle Dynamics Control warning light
The Vehicle Dynamics Control system provides its ABS control through the electrical circuit of the ABS. Accordingly, if the ABS is inoperative, the Vehicle Dynamics Control system becomes unable to provide ABS control. As a result, the Vehicle Dynamics Control system becomes inoperative, causing the warning light to illuminate. Although both the Vehicle Dynamics Control and ABS are inoperative in this case, the ordinary functions of the brake system are still available. You will be safe while driving in this condition, but drive carefully and have your vehicle checked at a SUBARU dealer as soon as possible.


  • If the electrical circuit of the Vehicle Dynamics Control system itself malfunctions, the warning light only illuminates. At this time, the ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) remains fully operational.
  • The warning light illuminates when the electronic control system of the ABS/Vehicle Dynamics Control system malfunctions.
    The Vehicle Dynamics Control system is probably inoperative under any of the following conditions. Has your vehicle been checked at a SUBARU dealer immediately?
  • The warning light does not illuminate when the ignition switch is turned to the “ON” position.
  • The warning light illuminates while the vehicle is running.

If the warning light behavior is as described in the following examples, the Vehicle Dynamics Control system may be considered normal.

  • The warning light illuminates right after the engine is started but turns off immediately and remains off.
  • The warning light illuminates after the engine has started and turns off while the vehicle is subsequently being driven.
  • The warning light illuminates during driving but turns off immediately and remains off.

Vehicle Dynamics Control operation indicator light
The indicator light flashes during activation of the skid suppression function and during activation of the traction control function.


  • The light may remain illuminated for a short period of time after the engine has been started, especially in cold weather. This does not indicate the existence of a problem. The light should turn off as soon as the engine has warmed up.
  • The indicator light illuminates when the engine has developed a problem and the CHECK ENGINE warning light/malfunction indicator light is on.
    The Vehicle Dynamics Control system is probably malfunctioning under the following conditions. Has your vehicle been checked at a SUBARU dealer as soon as possible?
  • The light does not turn off even after the lapse of several minutes



What are the door indicators in the 2023 Subaru Legacy Touring XT?

Door indicators are typically visual or auditory signals that inform the driver and passengers about the status of the vehicle’s doors.

Where are the door indicators located in the vehicle?

Door indicators are often integrated into the dashboard or door panels, and some models may have them in the side mirrors.

Do the indicators show which doors are open or closed?

Yes, they usually indicate whether a specific door is open or closed.

Is there an indicator for the trunk or rear liftgate as well?

Some models include indicators for the trunk or rear liftgate, in addition to the doors.

How are the door indicators activated?

The indicators are activated when a door is opened or closed, and they may remain illuminated or flash to draw attention.

Do the indicators work when the engine is off?

In many vehicles, including the Touring XT, the door indicators remain functional even when the engine is off.

Can the door indicators be customized or adjusted?

The level of customization may vary, but some vehicles allow users to adjust the door indicator settings.

Are there any audible door indicators or alarms in the Touring XT?

Some models have audible alarms in addition to visual indicators to alert occupants of open doors.

Do the door indicators integrate with the vehicle’s security system?

Yes, they often work in conjunction with the vehicle’s security system to warn against unauthorized entry.

Are there child safety lock indicators in the rear doors?

Some models may include indicators for child safety locks in the rear doors.

Are the door indicators designed to be energy-efficient?

Yes, they are typically designed to be energy-efficient and do not significantly drain the vehicle’s battery.

Can the door indicators be dimmed or turned off at night?

Many vehicles have settings to adjust the brightness of door indicators or turn them off when desired.

Are there any maintenance requirements for the door indicators?

Door indicators generally require minimal maintenance and are serviced as part of routine vehicle inspections.

How do the door indicators enhance safety in the vehicle?

They contribute to safety by alerting occupants to open doors and preventing accidental egress during motion.

Can the door indicators be repaired or replaced if they malfunction?

Yes, if a door indicator malfunctions, it can usually be repaired or replaced by a Subaru dealer.

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