Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Engine Coolant User Manual

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Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Engine Coolant User Manual

Engine Coolant

Selection of Coolant

To maintain optimum performance and durability of your engine, use SUZUKI genuine coolant or equivalent.

This type of coolant is the best for cooling system for the following reasons:

  1. The coolant helps maintain proper engine temperature.
  2. It gives proper protection against freezing and boiling.
  3. It gives proper protection against corrosion and rust.

Failure to use the proper coolant can damage your cooling system. A SUZUKI dealer or a qualified workshop can help you select the proper coolant.

To avoid damaging your cooling system:

  • Always use a high-quality ethylene glycol base non-silicate type coolant diluted with distilled water at the correct mixture concentration. Check that the proper mix is 30/70 coolant to distilled water and in no case higher than 30/70. Concentrations greater than 30/70 coolant to distilled water will cause overheating conditions.
  • Do not use straight coolant or plain water.
  • Do not add extra inhibitors or additives. They may not be compatible with your cooling system.
    Do not mix different types of base coolants. Doing so may result in accelerated seal wear and/or the possibility of severe overheating and extensive engine damage.

Coolant Level Check

Check the coolant level at the reservoir tank, not at the radiator. With the engine cool, the coolant level should be between “FULL” and “LOW” marks.

Adding Coolant

Swallowing engine coolant can cause severe injury or death. Inhaling coolant mist or vapors or getting coolant in your eyes could result in severe injury.

  • Do not drink antifreeze or coolant solution. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Immediately contact a poison control center or a physician.
  • Avoid inhaling coolant mist or hot vapors. If inhaled, remove to a fresh air area.
    If coolant gets in the eyes, flush with water and seek medical attention.
  • Wash thoroughly after handling the coolant.
  • Keep engine coolant out of the reach of children and pets.

The mixture you use should con-tain 30% concentration of anti-freeze.
In the temperature range from -15°C to -35°C (from 5°F to -31°F), use 50% concentration of coolant. If the temperature is under -35°C (-31°F), use 60% concentration of coolant.Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Engine Coolant User Manual 01

  • If the coolant level is below the “LOW” mark, the coolant should be added. While the engine is cool, remove the reservoir tank cap and add coolant until the reservoir tank level reaches the “FULL” mark. Never fill the reservoir tank above the “FULL” mark.
    When putting the cap on the reservoir tank, line up the mark on the cap and the mark on the tank. Failure to follow this can result in coolant leakage.

Coolant Replacement

Since special procedures are required, ask a SUZUKI dealer or a qualified workshop for this job.

Air Cleaner

If the air cleaner is clogged with dust, there will be greater intake resistance, resulting in decreased power output and increased fuel consumption.Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Engine Coolant User Manual 02

  1. Loosen the air cleaner lowercase bolts (1).
  2. Remove the air cleaner in lowercase.
  3. Remove the element from the air cleaner lowercase. If it appears to be dirty, clean or replace it with a new one.
  4. Tighten the air cleaner’s lowercase bolts to the specified torque.
  5. Tightening torque for air cleaner lowercase bolt:
  6. Nm (0.5 kg-m, 4.0 lb-ft)

Spark Plugs

For nickel spark plugs (traditional type): You should inspect spark plugs periodically for carbon deposits. When carbon accumulates on a spark plug, a strong spark may not be produced. Remove carbon deposits with a wire or pin and adjust the spark plug gap.Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Engine Coolant User Manual 03

To access the spark plug:

  1. Disconnect the coupler (1) while pushing the release lever.
  2. Remove the bolt (2).
  3. Pull out the ignition coil (3) straight.

Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Engine Coolant User Manual 04

When pulling out the ignition coils, do not pull on the cable. Pulling on the cable can damage it.Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Engine Coolant User Manual 05

When installing the spark plugs, screw them in with your fingers to avoid stripping the threads. Tighten the spark plugs with a torque wrench to 17.5 Nm (1.8 kg-m, 13.0 lb-ft). Do not allow contaminants to enter the engine through the spark plug holes when the plugs are removed.
Never use spark plugs with the wrong thread size.Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Engine Coolant User Manual 06

When replacing spark plugs, you should use the brand and type specified for your vehicle. For the specific plugs, refer to the “SPECIFICATIONS” section in the end of this book. If you wish to use a brand of spark plug other than the specified plugs, consult a SUZUKI dealer or a qualified workshop.

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