Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Frame Hook User Manual

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Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Frame Hook User Manual

Frame Hook

It is not recommended that you use the frame hook for towing another vehicle. They were originally designed to tow your vehicle in an emergency situation.
If your vehicle needs to be towed in an emergency, refer to “Towing your vehicle in the “EMERGENCY SERVICE” section.

Observe the following instructions when using the frame hook. The frame hook or vehicle body may break and cause serious injury or damage:

  • Do not use the frame hook for towing another vehicle.
    Avoid pulling the vehicle to get out of severe snowy, muddy or sandy conditions, sudden starts or erratic driving maneuvers which could cause excessive stress on the frame hook.
  • In such a case, we recommend that you contact a professional service.
  • FrontSuzuki New CARRY 2019 Frame Hook User Manual 01

    When you use the frame hook (1), avoid driving that gives a significant physical shock on the hook. Such an operation can damage the hook or the vehicle body. Do not suddenly accelerate.Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Frame Hook User Manual 02
  • The hook (2) is provided for trailer or sea shipping purposes only.
    Do not use the hook (2) in emergency situations. If you use this hook (2), the hook or the vehicle may be damaged.
  • Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Frame Hook User Manual 03


Take extreme care when working on your vehicle to prevent accidental injury. Carefully observe the following precautions:

  1. To prevent damage or unintended activation of the airbag system (if equipped), be sure that the battery is disconnected and the ignition switch has been in the “LOCK” position before performing any electrical service work on your SUZUKI vehicle. Do not touch airbag system components or wires.
    The wires are wrapped with yellow tape or yellow tubing, and the couplers are yellow for easy identification.
  2. Do not leave the engine running in garages or other confined areas.
  3. When the engine is running, keep hands, clothing, tools, and other objects away from the fan and drive belt. Even though the fan may not be moving, it can automatically turn on without warning.
    When it is necessary to perform service work with the engine running, make sure that the parking brake is set fully and the transmission is in “N” (Neutral).
  4. Do not touch ignition wires or other ignition system parts when starting the engine or when the engine is running, or you could receive an electric shock.
  5. Be careful not to touch a hot engine, exhaust manifold and pipes, muffler, radiator, and water hoses.
  6. Do not allow smoking, sparks, or flames around fuel or the battery. Flammable fumes are present.
  7. Do not get under your vehicle if it is supported only with the portable jack provided in your vehicle.
  8. Be careful not to cause accidental short circuits between the positive and negative battery terminals. Keep used oil, coolant, and other fluids away from children and pets. Dispose of used fluids properly; never pour them on the ground, into sewers, etc.

Maintenance Schedule

The following table shows the times when you should perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. This table shows in miles, kilometers, and months when you should perform inspections, adjustments, lubrication, and other services. These intervals should be shortened if driving is usually done under severe conditions (refer to “Maintenance Recommended under Severe Driving Conditions”).

SUZUKI recommends that maintenance on items marked with an asterisk (*) be performed by a SUZUKI dealer or a qualified workshop. If you are qualified, you may perform maintenance on the unmarked items by referring to the instructions in this section. If you are not sure whether you can successfully complete any of the unmarked maintenance jobs, ask a SUZUKI dealer or a qualified workshop to do the maintenance for you.

Whenever it becomes necessary to replace parts on your vehicle, it is recommended that you use genuine SUZUKI replacement parts or their equivalent.

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