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Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Listening to Music on Android User Manual

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Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Listening to Music on Android User Manual

Listening to music on Android

Press “SRC/OFF” to select “ANDROID”.

Basic operations

Purpose Operation
Select a track Press “       ” or “ .
Fast forward or reverse Press and hold ” or “ .
Pause/resume playback Press “4/PAUSE”.


  1. Press the “M.C.” dial to display the main menu.
  2. Turn the “M.C.” dial to select one of the categories below, then press to confirm.
  3. Turn the “M.C.” dial to select the options, then press to confirm.

FUNCTION settings
The menu items vary according to the source.

Menu Item Description

Store the six strongest stations on the number buttons (“1/  ” to “6/      ”) automatically.


“ON”, “OFF”


Limit the reception to the specific regional programs when AF (alternative frequencies search) is selected. (Available only when FM band is selected.)


FM: “OFF”, “LV1”, “LV2”, “LV3”, “LV4”

AM: “OFF”, “LV1”, “LV2”, “LV3”



Restrict the tuning station according to the signal strength.


“ON”, “OFF”


Receive current traffic information if available. (Available only when FM band is selected.)

Menu Item Description

“ON”, “OFF”


Allow the unit to retune to a different frequency providing the same station. (Available only when FM band is selected.)


“ON”, “OFF”


Interrupt the currently selected source with news programs. (Available only when FM band is selected.)


“ON”, “OFF”


Interrupt the currently selected source with emergency announcements. Select “OFF” to disable this function.


“MAN”, “PCH”


Assign “       ” or “       ” buttons to seek the stations one by one (manual tuning) or select a station from the preset channels.


Store the information about the song currently being played to your music list on Spotify.


Remove the song information stored in “SAVE”.

“1” (effective for Enhance compressed audio and restore rich sound. (Not available when USB is
low compression rates), selected as a source and the MIXTRAX function is set to on.)
“2” (effective for
high compression rates),
Menu Item                                                                                                   Description
“FASTER”, “NORMAL”, and “SLOWER”  Change the playback speed. (Not available when “CONTROL iPod” is selected in the control mode.)

Pause or resume playback.

AUDIO settings

Menu Item                                                                                                   Description

Adjust the front and rear speaker balance.


Adjust the left and right speaker balance.


“SUPER BASS”, “POWERFUL”, and “NAT-    Select or customize the equalizer curve.
URAL”, “VOCAL”, “CUSTOM1”, and “CUS-    “CUSTOM1” can be set separately for each source. However, each of the below com- TOM2”, “FLAT”  binations are set to the same setting automatically.

•   USB, iPod, ANDROID, SPOTIFY, and APP (iPhone)

Select an equalizer band and level for     “CUSTOM2” is a shared setting used for all sources. further customizing.
Equalizer band: “80HZ”, “250HZ”, “800HZ”, “2.5KHZ”, “8KHZ”
Equalizer level: “+6” to “–6”

  1. When “FADER” is adjusted to the rear position, the sound from the speakers does not come out as there are no rear speakers on this vehicle.
Menu Item                                                                                                   Description

“OFF”, “LOW”, “MID”, “HI”                           Compensate for clear sound at low volume.


“0” to “+6”                                                       Select the bass boost level.


Cut-off frequency: “OFF”, “50HZ”,           Only frequencies higher than the high-pass filter (HPF) cutoff are output from the “63HZ”, “80HZ”, “100HZ”, “125HZ”, speakers.

“160HZ”, “200HZ”

Slope level: “–12”, “–24”


“+4” to “–4”                                                     Adjust the volume level for each source except FM.

Each of the below combinations are set to the same setting automatically.

•   USB, iPod, ANDROID, SPOTIFY, and APP (iPhone)

SYSTEM settings
You can also access to these menus when the unit is turned off.

Menu Item                                                                                                   Description

Set the clock (P.5-12).


“12H”, “24H”                                                  Select the time notation.


“ON”, “OFF”                                                   Search for a different station with the same programming, even if using a preset sta- tion.


“ON”, “OFF”                                                    Set to “ON” when using an auxiliary device connected to the unit.


“ON”, “OFF”                                                    Set to “ON” when using the Spotify function.


“MEMORY”, “APP CONTROL”                   Select the appropriate connection method for an Android device.


“ON”, “OFF”                                                   Select “ON” to automatically launch Pioneer ARC APP when an Android device is connected to the unit via AOA. (Not available when “MEMORY” is selected in “ANDROID WIRED”.)


“ON”, “OFF”                                                   Select “ON” to automatically switch to “USB” source when a USB device/iPod is connected to the unit.

Select “OFF” when a USB device/iPod is being connected to the unit just for charging.


Menu Item                                                                                                   Description


“SYNC ILLUMI”, “SYNC CLOCK”,             Change the display brightness. “MANUAL”


“1” to “10”                                                       Change the display brightness.

The available setting ranges differ depending on “DIM SETTING”.

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