Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Running-in and Improving Fuel Economy User Manual

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Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Running-in and Improving Fuel Economy User Manual

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Fasten Your Seat Belts at All Times. The driver and all passengers should be properly restrained at all times, using the seat belts pro-vided. Refer to “Seat Belts” section for instructions on proper use of the seat belts.
Never drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Alcohol and drugs can seriously impair your ability to drive safely, greatly increasing the risk of injury to yourself and others. You should also avoid driving when you are tired, sick, irritated, or under stress.


The future performance and reliability of the engine depending on the care and restraint exercised during its early life. It is especially important to observe the following precautions during the first 960 km (600 miles) of vehicle operation.

  1. After starting, do not race the engine. Warm it up gradually.
  2. Avoid prolonged vehicle operation at a constant speed. Moving parts will break in better if you vary your speed.
  3. Start off from a stop slowly. Avoid full-throttle starts.
  4. Avoid hard braking, especially during the first 320 km (200 miles) of driving.
  5. Do not drive slowly with the transmission in high gear.
  6. Drive the vehicle at moderate engine speeds.

Catalytic Converter

The purpose of the catalytic converter is to minimize the number of harmful pollutants in your vehicle’s exhaust. The use of leaded fuel in vehicles equipped with catalytic converters is prohibited because lead deactivates the pollutant-reducing components of the catalyst system.
The converter is designed to last the life of the vehicle under normal usage and when unleaded fuel is used. No special maintenance is required on the converter. However, it is very important to keep the engine properly tuned. Engine misfiring, which can result from an improperly tuned engine, may cause overheating of the catalytic converter. This may result in permanent heat damage to the catalytic converter and other vehicle components.

To minimize the possibility of catalytic converter or other vehicle damage:

  1. Maintain the engine in the proper operating condition.
    In the event of an engine malfunction, particularly one involving engine misfiring or other apparent loss of performance, have the vehicle serviced promptly.
  2. Do not turn off the engine or interrupt the ignition when the transmission is in gear and the vehicle is in motion.
  3. Do not try to start the engine by pushing or towing the vehicle, or coasting down a hill.
  4. Do not idle the engine with any spark plug wires disconnected or removed, such as during diagnostic testing.
  5. Do not idle the vehicle for prolonged periods if idling seems rough or there are other malfunctions.
  6. Do not allow the fuel tank to get near the empty level.
    Avoid driving your vehicle at excessively high engine speed.

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Be careful where you park and drive; the catalytic converter and other exhaust components can get very hot. As with any vehicle, do not park or operate this vehicle in areas where combustible materials such as dry grass or leaves can come in contact with a hot exhaust system.

Improving Fuel Economy

The following instructions will help you improve fuel economy.

Avoid excessive idling
If you park your vehicle for more than one minute, stop the engine and start it again later. When warming up a cold engine, do not allow the engine to idle or apply full throttle until the engine has reached operating temperature. Allow the engine to warm up by driving.

Avoid fast starts
Fast starts away from lights or stop signs will consume fuel unnecessarily and shorten engine life. Start off slowly.

Avoid unnecessary stops
Avoid unnecessary deceleration and stopping. Try to maintain a moderate, steady speed whenever possible. Slowing down and then accelerating again uses more fuel.

Keep a steady cruising speed
Drive at a constant speed that road and traffic conditions will permit.

Keep the air cleaner and cleanSuzuki New CARRY 2019 Running-in and Improving Fuel Economy User Manual 04

If the air cleaner is clogged with dust, there will be greater intake resistance, resulting in decreased power output and increased fuel consumption.

Keep weight to a minimum
The heavier the load is, the more fuel the vehicle consumes. Unload any unnecessary luggage or cargo.

Keep tyre pressures correctSuzuki New CARRY 2019 Running-in and Improving Fuel Economy User Manual 05

Underinflation of the tyres can waste fuel due to the increased rolling resistance of the tyres. Keep your tyres inflated to the correct pressure shown on the label on the driver’s door lock pillar.

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