Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Specifications User Manual

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Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Specifications User Manual


Chassis Serial NumberSuzuki New CARRY 2019 Specifications User Manual 01Suzuki New CARRY 2019 Specifications User Manual 02

The chassis serial number is stamped on the panel under the seat. Raise the carpet (1) and then check the chassis serial number. The chassis and/or engine serial numbers are used to register the vehicle. They are also used to assist a SUZUKI dealer or a qualified workshop when ordering or referring to special service information. Whenever you have occasion to consult a SUZUKI dealer or a qualified workshop, remember to identify your vehicle with this number. Should you find the number difficult to read, you will also find it on the identification plate.

For the Chassis serial number of GCC countries’ models, refer to “For GCC Countries” in the “SUPPLEMENT” section.

Engine Serial NumberSuzuki New CARRY 2019 Specifications User Manual 03

The engine serial number is stamped on the cylinder block as shown in the illustration.


Gasoline Engine
To avoid damaging the catalytic converter, you must use unleaded gasoline with an octane number (RON) of 90 or higher. This is identified by a label attached near the fuel cap that states: “UNLEADED FUEL ONLY”.

Gasoline-ethanol blends
Blends of unleaded gasoline and ethanol (grain alcohol), also known as gasohol, are commercially available in certain areas. Blends of this type may be used in your vehicle if they are no more than 10% etha-nol. Make sure this gasoline-ethanol blend has octane ratings no lower than those recommended for the gasoline.

If you are not satisfied with the drivability or fuel economy of your vehicle when you use a gasoline-alcohol blend, you should switch back to unleaded gasoline containing no alcohol.

Gasoline containing MTBE
Unleaded gasoline containing MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) may be used in your vehicle if the MTBE content is not greater than 15%. This oxygenated fuel does not contain alcohol.

The fuel tank has an air space to allow for fuel expansion in hot weather. If you continue to add fuel after the filler nozzle has automatically shut off or an initial blowback occurs, the air chamber will become full. Exposure to heat when fully fueled in this manner will result in leakage due to fuel expansion. To prevent such fuel leakage, stop filling after the filler nozzle has automatically shut off, or when initial vent blowback occurs if using an alternative non-automatic system.

Be careful not to spill fuel containing alcohol while refueling. If fuel is spilled on the vehicle’s body, wipe it up immediately. Fuels containing alcohol can cause paint damage, which is not covered under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.


  1. For the fuel recommendation of Argentina models, refer to “For Argentina” in the “SUPPLEMENT” section.
  2. For the fuel recommendation of Bolivia and Peru model, refer to “For Bolivia and Peru” in the “SUPPLEMENT” section.
  3. For the fuel recommendation of Thailand models, refer to “For Thailand” in the “SUPPLEMENT” section.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

ITEM: Dimensions                                                  UNIT: mm (in.)
Overall length 4195 (165.1)
Overall width 1765 (69.5)
Overall height 1910 (75.2)
Wheelbase 2205 (86.8)
Track Front 1465 (57.7)
Rear 1460 (57.5)
Ground clearance 160 (6.3)
ITEM: Mass (weight)                                                UNIT: kg (lbs)
Curb mass (weight) 1045-1100 (2303-2425)
Gross vehicle mass (weight) rating 2010 (4431)
Permissible maximum Axle Weight Front 1030 (2270)
Rear 1340 (2954)

For the dimensions and mass (weight) of Pakistan models, refer to “For Pakistan” in the “SUPPLEMENT” section.

ITEM: Engine
Type K15B (DOHC)
Number of cylinders 4
Bore 74.0 mm (2.91 in.)
Stroke 85.0 mm (3.34 in.)
Piston displacement 1462 cm3 (1462 cc, 89.2
Compression ratio 10.0 : 1
ITEM: Electrical
Standard spark plug NGK KR6A-10
Battery 12V 34B19L
Headlight 12V 60W/55W H4
Turn signal light Front 12V 21W WY21W
Rear 12V 21W P21W
Position light 12V 5W W5W
Tail/brake light 12V 21/5W P21/5W
License plate light 12V 5W W5W
Reversing light 12V 21W P21W
Interior light 12V 5W
Daytime running light (if equipped) 12V 13W P13W
Rear fog light (if equipped) 12V 21W P21W
High-mount stop light (if equipped) 12V 16W W16W
ITEM: Wheels and Tyres
Tyre size, front and rear 165/80R13 94/93 N LT*1
Rim size 13X5 J
Tyre pressures For the specified tyre pressure, see the Tyre Information Label located on the driver’s door lock pillar.

If you cannot prepare tyres with the specified load index rate and speed symbol, prepare tyres with a higher load index rate and speed symbol.

ITEM: Capacities (approx.)
Coolant     (including                   reservoir tank) For vehicles without a heating system 4.1 L (7.2 lmp pt)
For vehicles with a heating system 4.9 L (10.4 lmp pt)
Fuel tank 43 L (9.5 Imp gal)
Engine oil 3.6 L (6.4 Imp pt) (replacement with oil filter)
Transmission oil 1.9 L (3.3 Imp pt)
Differential oil 2.1 L (3.7 Imp pt)

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