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Suzuki New ERTIGA 2020 Seat Belt Pretensioner System User Manual

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Suzuki New ERTIGA 2020 Seat Belt Pretensioner System User Manual

Seat Belt Pretensioner SystemSuzuki New ERTIGA 2020 Front Airbags User Manual 01

This section describes your SUZUKI vehicle’s seat belt pre-tensioner system. Read and follow all these instructions carefully to minimize your risk of severe injury or death.

To determine if your vehicle is equipped with a seat belt pretensioner system at the front seating positions, check the label on the seat belt at the bottom part. If the letters “p” and/or “PRE” appear as illustrated, your vehicle is equipped with the seat belt pre-tensioner system. You can use the pre-tensioner seat belts in the same manner as ordinary seat belts.
Read this section and the “Supplemental restraint system (airbags)” section to learn more about the pretensioner system.
The seat belt pretensioner system works with the supplemental restraint system (air bags). The collision sensors and the electronic controller of the airbag system also control the seat belt pre-tensioners. The pretensioners are triggered only when there is a frontal collision severe enough to trigger the airbags and the seat belts are fastened. For precautions and general information including servicing the pretensioner system, refer to the “Supplemental restraint system (airbags)” section in addition to this “Seat belt pretensioner system” section, and follow all those precautions.
The pretension is located in each front seat belt retractor. The pretensioner tightens the seat belt so the belt fits the occupant’s body more snugly in the event of a frontal collision. The retractors will remain locked after the pre-tensioners are activated. Upon activation, some noise will occur and some smoke may be released.

These conditions are not harmful and do not indicate a fire in the vehicle.
The driver and all passengers must be properly restrained by fastening seat belts at all times, whether or not a pretension is equipped at their seating position, to minimize the risk of severe injury or death in the event of a collision.
Sit fully back in the seat; sit up straight; do not lean forward or sideways. Adjust the belt so the lap portion of the belt is worn low across the pelvis, not across the waist. Please refer to “Seat adjustment” section and the instructions and precautions about the seat belts in this “Seat belts and child restraint systems” section for details on proper seat and seat belt adjustments.
Please note that the pre tensioners along with the airbags will activate in severe frontal collisions. They are not designed to activate in rear impacts, roll-overs, or minor frontal collisions. The pretensions can be activated only once. If the pretensions are activated (that is, if the airbags are activated), have the pretensioner system serviced by a SUZUKI dealer or a qualified workshop as soon as possible.

If the AIRBAG light on the instrument cluster does not blink or come on briefly when the ignition switch is turned “ON” or pushed to “ON” mode, stays on for more than 10 seconds, or comes on while driving, the pre-tensioner system or the airbag system may not work properly. Have both systems inspected by a SUZUKI dealer or a qualified workshop as soon as possible?
Service on or around the pretensioner system components or wiring must be performed only by a SUZUKI dealer or a qualified workshop who is specially trained. Improper service could result in unintended activation of pretensions or could render the pre-tensioner inoperative. Either of these two conditions may result in personal injury.
To prevent damage or unintended activation of the pretensions, check that the battery is disconnected and the ignition switch has been in LOCK position or the ignition mode has been LOCK (OFF) for at least 90 seconds before performing any electrical service work on your SUZUKI vehicle.
Do not touch pre tensioner system components or wiring. The wires are wrapped with yellow tape or yellow tubing, and the couplers are yellow. When scrapping your SUZUKI vehicle, ask a SUZUKI dealer or a qualified workshop, body repair shop, or scrap yard for assistance.

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