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Ducati Panigale V2 2021

The Ducati Panigale V2 2021 is a unique sport bike that combines thrilling speed with beautiful looks. It is a great example of Italian engineering and craftsmanship. The Panigale V2 gets people’s attention with its eye-catching design and aggressive stance, and it offers a thrilling ride. This motorbike has a powerful 955cc Superquadro engine that gives it a lot of power, precise handling, and fast acceleration, making it great for both the street and the track. The Panigale V2 has state-of-the-art technology like Ducati Quick Shift, ABS, traction control, and multiple riding modes. This makes sure that the bike performs well, stays stable, and is safe no matter what the riding conditions are. Its sporty riding position, aerodynamic fairings, and adjustable parts give riders a lot of control and ease, giving them the confidence to push their limits. The Panigale V2 is sophisticated and classy. It has a full-color TFT display, LED lights, and attention to detail. The Ducati Panigale V2 2021 is the top of the line when it comes to sport bikes. It combines exhilarating speed, beautiful design, and Italian passion into a truly remarkable package.

Warranty information

General warranty conditions
Warranty content
Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. – A Sole partner company- a Company of the Audi Group, with headquarters in via Cavalieri Ducati no. 3, 40132, Bologna, Italy (hereafter “Ducati”) – guarantees anywhere in the world where its official service network is present (list available at that all of its new motorcycles, manufactured for road use, for a period of twenty-four (24) months with no mileage/km limitation from the delivery date of the motorcycle to the first owner, shall be free of defects in workmanship as ascertained and recognised by Ducati.

In such cases, the Customer has the right to the repair or replacement of defective parts, free of charge.
The defective parts replaced under warranty become the property of Ducati.

The new parts replaced under warranty or repaired are covered by warranty for the remaining outstanding warranty period of the motorcycle. 1.5. Also, through a specific insurance policy, Ducati offers the Customer additional roadside and health assistance services in the Countries listed in the
“Owner’s Manual”, according to the specific terms and procedures reported therein.

The present general warranty conditions
(hereafter “Warranty Conditions”) do not in any way compromise the unalienable rights granted to individuals falling under the definition of “consumer” under the law of their respective countries. These warranty conditions are without prejudice to national provisions transposing and implementing Directive 99/44/EC in force in EU countries (in Italy, Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6 September 2005 -Consumer Code). In the event any one provision of these Warranty Conditions should conflict with mandatory law in force in the country of residence or domicile of the “consumer”, such provision shall be treated as null and void.

This warranty offered by Ducati is not applicable to:

  • a) to the Motorcycle that has not fully complied with the scheduled maintenance plan provided for in the Owner’s Manual;
  • b) to the Motorcycle with incorrect maintenance or repair operations carried out by parties other than the Ducati Authorised Dealers and/or Service Centres;
  • c) to faults due to neglect of the Motorcycle;
  • d) to faults concerning parts subject to wear and tear during normal operation of the Motorcycle (such as: tyres, filters, bulbs, final drive, belts, flexible controls, spark plugs, brake and clutch parts subject to friction, such as brake plates and pads, etc.);
  • e) to aesthetic defects in painted or chrome-plated surfaces, such as oxidation of the Motorcycle and/or components thereof, natural discolouring, etc.;
  • f) to faults involving the Motorcycle battery if not properly kept charged with a Ducati charge maintainer;
  • g) if the Motorcycle is used in sporting competitions of any kind or for damage resulting from improper use of the Motorcycle, on the track or on the road;
  • h) to the Motorcycle to which modifications not approved by the manufacturer have been made, or that has been tampered with in any way and/or tuned in order to alter its performance, or with the odometer tampered with;
  • i) to the Motorcycle used in commercial or rental services or otherwise used for professional use;
  • j) to the Motorcycle fitted with non-original Ducati spare parts or accessories or not authorised by Ducati;
  • k) to the use of lubricants with specifications that do not comply with Ducati’s requirements for the Motorcycle in question;
  • l) to failure to comply with the prescriptions for the use of the Motorcycle and its equipment as indicated in the Owner’s Manual;
  • m) to modifications to the Motorcycle made by the Customer and/or third parties without the express approval of Ducati;
  • n) to the Customer’s failure to adhere to any recall and/or update campaigns planned by Ducati on the Motorcycle.

Responsibilities of the Customer
To activate this warranty and maintain its validity, the Customer is required to:

  • a) notify one of the Ducati Authorised Dealers and/or Workshops (list available at of any defects of the motorcycle within two (2) months after the Customer discovered said defects.
  • b) keep adequate documentation of any maintenance and/or repair work carried out on the vehicle (receipts/invoices with details of the activities carried out and the parts used). You can consult the history of the ordinary maintenance of your motorcycle on the website in the MyDucati section or on the MyDucati app.

In order to maintain the validity of the warranty in the event of a change of motorcycle ownership, the new owner must promptly notify Ducati of the change of ownership of the motorcycle, by communicating it on the website in the MyDucati section or at the Ducati Authorised Dealers and/or Workshops.
If the provisions of points 3.1. and 3.2 are not observed, this warranty offered by Ducati will not longer be in effect and the Customer’s rights to warranty performance will become null and void.

Limitations of liability
Without prejudice to the national regulations applicable to the “consumer” and relating provisions on manufacturer liability, Ducati shall not be held liable in case of damage to people and/or property caused by the motorcycle or while using the same.
Any defects or delays in the repairs or replacements relating to the motorcycle caused by Ducati Authorised Dealers and/or Workshops shall not give the buyer the right to claim damages of any kind from Ducati, nor to extend the warranty per the present Warranty Conditions, without prejudice to the Customer’s rights and actions with respect to the Ducati Authorised Dealer and/or Workshop that may be negligent/defaulting.

This warranty, under the terms specified here, constitutes the sole warranty offered by Ducati.
Ducati reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any model of its motorcycles, without the obligation to make said changes to motorcycles already sold.
These Warranty Conditions also extend to subsequent owners of the Ducati motorcycle, provided that the provisions under art. 3 above are complied with.
Except as for the “consumer”, or as otherwise provided by a mandatory regulation in force in the country of the Customer, the Court of Bologna (Italy) shall have sole jurisdiction over any controversies that may arise in connection with these Warranty Conditions.
These Warranty Conditions are governed by Italian law.

Additional warranty and warranty extensions
Additional warranties may be provided or purchased depending on the product and the country (e.g. 4|Ever Multistrada, Factory Ever Red and Ever Red). For further details please refer to the Warranty Contract delivered by your Dealer when handing over your new motorcycle to the first owner or on the website in the MyDucati section or on the MyDucati app.

Scheduled maintenance plan and pre-delivery
The pre-delivery operations are carried out by the seller.
Ducati has defined the scheduled maintenance plan included in the “Owner’s Manual” to keep their motorcycles at the best possible levels of efficiency, performance and safety.
Exact observance of the coupons, under the terms set forth herein, is a necessary condition to ensure the maintenance of the vehicle in correct usage status and the validity of this warranty. The following compulsory coupons must be carried out and paid for:

  • first coupon: within six (6) months of delivery of the motorcycle to the Customer, or within the first 1000 km/600 miles travelled;
  • second coupon: upon reaching the mileage specified in the maintenance schedule and in any case within twelve (12) months from the previous service coupon. The customer is solely liable for all costs related to coupons (labour and materials), including the one at 1,000 km /600 miles.

Every maintenance operation on the motorcycle must be carried out in compliance with Ducati’s recommendations and procedures, without limitations, including those reported in the “Owner’s Manual”. Any defect/damage to the vehicle caused by improper or insufficient maintenance will preclude the applicability of the warranty.
In order to certify that the operations specified for each service coupon have been duly performed, the Dealer and/or Authorised Ducati Workshop shall place their stamp and/or and write the necessary notes and/or perform the digital recording on the Service Booklet and/or in the dedicated area of the website; it is also necessary to preserve the receipts/invoices for the service coupons that detail the operations performed. This documentation may be verified by the Ducati
Technical Service for the purpose of providing the services set forth in these Warranty Conditions. 6.6 Ordinary maintenance will be digitally recorded by the Ducati Dealer and available in the MyDucati app or on the website.


Q1: What is the 2021 Ducati Panigale V2?

A1: The 2021 Ducati Panigale V2 is a sportbike from Ducati, known for its aggressive styling, powerful performance, and advanced technology.

Q2: What type of engine does the 2021 Panigale V2 have?

A2: The 2021 Panigale V2 is equipped with a 955cc Superquadro V-twin engine, known for its high-revving nature and performance characteristics.

Q3: How much horsepower does the 2021 Panigale V2’s engine produce?

A3: The engine in the 2021 Panigale V2 typically produces around 155 horsepower, delivering strong acceleration and top-end power.

Q4: Does the 2021 Panigale V2 have advanced electronics?

A4: Yes, the 2021 Panigale V2 features advanced electronics like multiple riding modes, traction control, wheelie control, and a quick-shifter.

Q5: What is the chassis of the 2021 Panigale V2 made of?

A5: The 2021 Panigale V2 features a monocoque aluminum frame that provides excellent rigidity and contributes to the bike’s nimble handling.

Q6: Is the 2021 Panigale V2 equipped with a full fairing?

A6: Yes, the 2021 Panigale V2 is characterized by its full fairing design, which not only enhances its aerodynamics but also gives it a distinctive sporty look.

Q7: Does the 2021 Panigale V2 have LED lighting?

A7: Yes, the 2021 Panigale V2 is often equipped with LED lighting for headlights, taillights, and turn signals, enhancing visibility and modernizing its appearance.

Q8: What type of suspension does the 2021 Panigale V2 have?

A8: The 2021 Panigale V2 typically features fully adjustable front forks and a rear monoshock suspension for optimal control and handling.

Q9: Is the 2021 Panigale V2 suitable for track riding?

A9: Yes, the 2021 Panigale V2 is designed with track performance in mind, offering features like a high-revving engine and advanced riding aids.

Q10: What is the 2021 Panigale V2’s fuel tank capacity?

A10: The fuel tank capacity of the 2021 Panigale V2 is often around 4.23 gallons (16 liters), allowing for a reasonable riding range.

Q11: Does the 2021 Panigale V2 have a digital display?

A11: Yes, the 2021 Panigale V2 often features a full-color TFT display that provides essential information, riding data, and settings.

Q12: What type of brakes does the 2021 Panigale V2 have?

A12: The 2021 Panigale V2 is typically equipped with high-performance Brembo brakes, offering excellent stopping power and control.

Q13: Are there different riding modes in the 2021 Panigale V2?

A13: Yes, the 2021 Panigale V2 often offers multiple riding modes (such as Sport, Race, and Street) that adjust various settings to suit different riding conditions.

Q14: Can the 2021 Panigale V2 be customized with accessories?

A14: Yes, the 2021 Panigale V2 often offers a range of Ducati-approved accessories for customization, including performance enhancements and cosmetic upgrades.

Q15: Is the 2021 Panigale V2 Euro 5 compliant?

A15: Yes, the 2021 Panigale V2 meets Euro 5 emissions standards, incorporating technology to reduce emissions while maintaining performance.

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