2023 FORD Edge Instrument Cluster Instructions


2023 FORD Edge Instrument Cluster

The 2023 Ford Edge comes with a new instrument panel that is at the cutting edge of technology and is designed with the driver in mind. This digital display, which is elegantly built into the dashboard, is a hub for important car and performance information. The instrument cluster was made with both style and function in mind. It shows the speed, fuel level, engine health, and other things in real time. It has features that can be changed so that drivers can see information that is important to them. This makes driving a more unique experience. With the possibility of built-in smartphone connectivity and navigation help, the 2023 Ford Edge instrument cluster shows how committed the car is to modern technology, making the driver more informed and involved on every trip.



  • A Left information display.
  • B Speedometer.
  • C Right information display.

Indicates the engine speed.

Indicates the vehicle speed.


Indicates approximately how much fuel is in the fuel tank.

The fuel gauge may not provide an accurate reading when your vehicle is on an incline.

The arrow adjacent to the fuel pump symbol indicates on which side of your vehicle the fuel filler door is located.

A low fuel level reminder displays and sounds when the distance to empty reaches 75 mi (120 km) to empty for MyKey, and at 50 mi (80 km), 25 mi
(40 km), 12 mi (20 km) and 0 mi (0 km) for all vehicle keys.
Note: The low fuel reminder can appear at different fuel gauge positions depending on fuel economy conditions. This variation is normal.

Indicates the approximate distance your vehicle can travel on the fuel remaining in the tank. Changes in driving pattern can cause the value to not only decrease but also increase or stay constant for periods of time.


Indicates the engine coolant temperature.

Indicates the amount of manifold air pressure in the engine.

Note: This is a configurable gauge.

Warning lamps alert you to a vehicle condition that could become serious. Some lamps illuminate when you start your vehicle to make sure they work. If any lamps remain on after starting your vehicle, refer to the respective system warning lamp for further information.


Anti-Lock Brake System

2023-FOR2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-30D-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-30If it illuminates when you are driving, this indicates the system requires service. Your vehicle continues to have normal braking without the anti-lock brake system function. Have your vehicle checked as soon as possible


  • 2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-31It illuminates when you switch the ignition on.

If it illuminates when the engine is running, this indicates your vehicle requires service. Have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

Brake System

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-32It illuminates when you apply the parking brake and the ignition is on. If it illuminates when your vehicle is moving, make sure the parking brake is released. If the parking brake is released, this indicates low brake fluid level or the brake system requires service. Have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

Note: Lamps may vary depending on region.

Door Ajar

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-5It illuminates when ignition is on and remains on if any door is open.

Electric Park Brake

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-6It illuminates or flashes when the electric parking brake requires service.

Engine Coolant Temperature

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-7If it illuminates, safely stop your vehicle and switch the vehicle off.

Fasten Seatbelt

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-8It illuminates and a tone sounds until you fasten the seatbelts.

Hood Ajar

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-9It illuminates when ignition is on and remains on if the hood is open.

Liftgate Ajar

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-10It illuminates when ignition is on and remains on if the liftgate is open.

Low Fuel Level

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-11It illuminates when the fuel level is low.

Low Tire Pressure Warning

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-12It illuminates when your tire pressure is low. If illuminated, check your tire pressure as soon as possible. If it begins to flash at anytime, have the system checked as soon as possible.

Low Washer Fluid Level

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-13It illuminates when the washer fluid is low

Malfunction Indicator Lamp

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-14It illuminates when the ignition is on and the engine is off, this is normal operation. If it illuminates when the engine is on this indicates that the emission control system requires service. If it flashes, have your vehicle checked immediately. See Emission Law. See Starting and Stopping
the Engine Warning Lamps.

Oil Pressure

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-15It illuminates when the engine oil pressure is low.

Powertrain Fault

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-16It illuminates when the powertrain requires service. Have the system checked as soon as possible.

Indicators notify you of various features that are active on your vehicle.


Adaptive Cruise Control

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-17See Adaptive Cruise Control.

Automatic Headlamp High Beam

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-18See Automatic High Beam Control.


2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-19See Auto-Start-Stop.

Blind Spot Monitor

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-20See Blind Spot Information System.

Cruise Control

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-21See Cruise Control.

Front Airbag

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-22See Airbags (page 48).

Front Fog Lamps

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-23See Exterior Lamps (page 100).

High Beam

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-24See Headlamps.

Hill Start Assist

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-25See Hill Start Assist (page 187).

Lane Keeping Aid


Side Marker Lamps

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-27See Exterior Lamps.

Stability and Traction Control

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-28See Stability Control (page 191). See Traction Control.

Turn Signal Lamps

2023-FORD-Edge-Instrument-Cluster-fig-29See Exterior Lamps.


1. What is the instrument cluster in the 2023 Ford Edge?

The instrument cluster in the 2023 Ford Edge is the display panel in the dashboard that provides the driver with essential information about the vehicle’s status and performance.

2. What type of information does the instrument cluster display?

The instrument cluster typically displays information like vehicle speed, fuel level, engine temperature, odometer reading, trip information, warnings, and other relevant data.

3. Is the instrument cluster digital or analog?

By 2021, many vehicles were transitioning to digital instrument clusters, which use digital displays to present information. It’s possible that the 2023 Ford Edge might have a digital instrument cluster, but you’d need to check with a reliable source to confirm.

4. Can the driver customize the information displayed in the instrument cluster?

Modern vehicles often offer some level of customization for the information displayed in the instrument cluster, allowing drivers to prioritize the data they find most relevant.

5. Does the instrument cluster support smartphone integration?

It’s possible that the 2023 Ford Edge instrument cluster could integrate with smartphones to display relevant information or notifications, but this would depend on the vehicle’s technology features.

6. Is there a night mode or adaptive brightness for the instrument cluster?

Many vehicles offer a night mode or adaptive brightness feature that adjusts the instrument cluster’s display for better visibility in different lighting conditions.

7. Can the instrument cluster display navigation information?

Some modern instrument clusters can display turn-by-turn navigation directions, though this often depends on the vehicle’s technology package.

8. Is there a heads-up display (HUD) feature in the 2023 Ford Edge?

A heads-up display (HUD) projects important information onto the windshield, allowing the driver to view it without taking their eyes off the road. Whether the 2023 Ford Edge has this feature would depend on its trim level and options.

9. Can the instrument cluster show real-time vehicle diagnostics?

Many modern instrument clusters provide real-time information about the vehicle’s diagnostics, including engine performance and maintenance alerts.

10. Are there different themes or display modes for the instrument cluster?

Some vehicles offer different display themes or modes for the instrument cluster, allowing drivers to choose between different visual styles.

11. Does the instrument cluster provide driver assistance alerts?

Driver assistance alerts, such as lane departure warnings or collision warnings, might be displayed in the instrument cluster.

12. How does the instrument cluster communicate with the rest of the vehicle’s systems?

The instrument cluster is typically connected to various sensors and the vehicle’s internal communication network to gather and display information.

13. Can the instrument cluster be updated with new features over time?

Some modern vehicles offer over-the-air (OTA) updates that can add new features or improve existing ones, including updates to the instrument cluster’s software.

14. Is the instrument cluster touch-sensitive?

Instrument clusters are generally not touch-sensitive for safety reasons. Interaction is usually through physical buttons on the steering wheel or voice commands.

15. What kind of maintenance is required for the instrument cluster?

The instrument cluster itself shouldn’t require regular maintenance, but if there are issues with the display or information accuracy, it might need to be checked by a qualified technician.

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