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2023 Smart Fortwo Electric User Manual

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2023 Smart Fortwo Electric 

The Smart Fortwo Electric is a small, electric city car that is good for the environment. The Fortwo Electric model for 2023 builds on the models that came before it with better features and better performance. The Fortwo Electric’s small size makes it easy to get through tight city streets and find parking in busy areas. As an all-electric vehicle, it has no emissions, making it a good way to get around that is good for the earth. The 2023 model is expected to have an improved electric drivetrain that will make moving smooth and easy. It’s likely to have a good range on a full charge, so you won’t have to charge it every day for your daily commute. The design of the Fortwo Electric is likely to stay the same, with its two-seater layout and modern, sleek look. Inside, the cabin is simple and comfy, with features that make it easy to drive in cities. Fortwo Electric has current technology like an infotainment system and ways to connect to the internet to make driving more fun. Overall, the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 has a small size, is good for the environment, and works well in cities. This makes it a great choice for city commuters who want a stylish and efficient electric car.

Warning notes make you aware of dangers that could pose a threat to your health or life, or to the health and life of others.

H Environmental note
Environmental notes provide you with information on environmentally aware actions or disposal.

Notes on material damage alert you to dangers that could lead to damage to your vehicle.
These symbols indicate useful instructions or further information that could be helpful to you.

Instructions that must be followed.
Several consecutive symbols indicate an instruction with several consecutive steps.
(Y page) Further information on a topic
YY A warning or an instruction that is continued on the next page.
Display text: Display text in the instrument cluster display, the smart Audio-Sys-tem or the smart Media-System.

About this Owner’s Manual

Before you first drive off, read this Owner’s Manual carefully and familiarise yourself with your vehicle. For your own safety and a longer vehicle life, follow the instructions and warning notices in this manual. Disregarding them may lead to damage to the vehicle or personal injury.
This Owner’s Manual provides information on the most important functions of your vehicle.
The equipment or model designation of your vehicle may vary according to:

  • RModel
  • ROrder
  • RCountry variant

The illustrations in this manual show a left-hand-drive vehicle. On right-hand-drive vehicles, the layout of components and controls differs accordingly.
smart is constantly updating its vehicles to the state of the art.
smart therefore reserves the right to introduce changes in the following areas:

  • RDesign
  • Equipment
  • Technical features

Therefore, the description may differ from your vehicle in some cases.
Integral parts of the vehicle include:

  • ROwner’s Manual
  • RService Booklet
    REquipment-dependent Supplements These documents should be kept in the vehicle at all times. If you sell the vehicle, always pass all documents on to the new owner.

Your Owner’s Manuals:
Digital on the Internet
The Owner’s Manual on the Internet provides you with convenient access to all the information relevant to your vehicle and multimedia system. It also offers helpful animations, exciting background information, and a wide variety of search options.

Digital as an app
Using the smart guides app, you can call up all of the information relevant to your vehicle and multimedia system online on your phone or as a download regardless of the status of your network connection. Available for smartphones or tablets.

Protecting the environment

General notes
H Environmental note
Daimler’s declared policy is one of comprehensive environmental protection.
Our objectives are to use the natural resources which form the basis of our existence on this planet sparingly and in a manner that takes the requirements of both nature and humanity into consideration.
You too can help to protect the environment by operating your vehicle in an environmentally responsible manner.
Energy consumption and the rate of engine, transmission, brake, and tyre wear depend on the following factors:
Operating conditions of your vehicle Your personal driving style
You can influence both factors. Therefore, please bear the following in mind:

Operating conditions:
Robserve the correct tyre pressure.
Do not carry any unnecessary weight in the vehicle
Remove the roof rack once you no longer need it.
Ra regularly serviced vehicles will contribute to environmental protection. You should therefore adhere to the service intervals.

Rall maintenance work should be carried
out at a qualified specialist workshop.

Personal driving style:
Drive carefully and maintain a safe dis- stance from the vehicle in front.
Avoid frequent, sudden acceleration and braking.
Monitor the vehicle’s energy consumption on.

Environmental note
Have a defective high-voltage battery disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Contact a specialist workshop that is qualified to work on smart electric drive vehicles and has the necessary specialist knowledge and tools to carry out the work required. smart recommends that you use a smart Centre for this purpose.

Returning an end-of-life vehicle
EU countries only:
smart will take back your end-of-life vehicle for environment-friendly disposal in accordance with the European Union (EU) End-Of-Life Vehicles Directive.
This makes an important contribution to closing the recycling circle and conserving resources. A network of vehicle take-back points and dismantlers has been established for you to return your vehicle. Returning vehicles to these facilities is free of charge.
For further information about the recycling and disposal of end-of-life vehicles and the take-back conditions, please visit the national smart website for your country.

smart genuine parts

H Environmental note
Daimler AG also supplies reconditioned assemblies and parts which are of the same quality as new parts. For these, the same warranty applies as for new parts.
Airbags and seat belt tensioners, as well as control units and sensors for these restraint systems, may be installed in the following areas of your vehicle:

  • doors
  • Rdoor pillars
  • Rdoor sills
  • Rseats
  • Dashboard
  • Rinstrument cluster
    Rcentre console

Do not install accessories such as audio systems in these areas. Do not carry out repairs or welding. You could impair the operating efficiency of the restraint systems.
Have accessories retrofitted at a qualified specialist workshop.

Only smart genuine parts or parts of the same quality may be used. Additionally, only tyres, wheels and accessories approved for the specific type of vehicle may be used.
Always specify the vehicle identification number (VIN) when ordering smart genuine parts.
Using parts, tires, wheels or safety-relevant equipment not approved by smart could endanger the operating safety of the vehicle. Safety-relevant systems, e.g. the brake system, could malfunction.

smart tests genuine parts and conversion parts and accessories that have been specifically approved for your vehicle for their reliability, safety and suitability. Despite ongoing market research, smart is unable to assess other parts. smart therefore accepts no responsibility for the use of such parts in smart vehicles, even if they have been officially approved or independently approved by a testing center.
In Germany, certain parts are only officially approved for installation or modification if they comply with legal requirements. This also applies to some other countries. All genuine smart parts meet the approval requirements. The use of non-approved parts may invalidate the vehicle’s general operating permit.
The following situations will invalidate the operating permit:

  • The vehicle type changes from that stated in the vehicle’s operating permit, due to modifications.
  • ROther road users are likely to be endangered.
    REmissions or noise characteristics deteriorate.

Warranty for the smart Audio-System and smart Media-System
The smart sales organization provides a warranty for a period of 24 months without a kilometer limit for the smart Audio-System and the smart Media-System.
The warranty issuer is the respective sales organization in the country in which the accessory or replacement part was purchased (see list in the service booklet).

Important safety notes

If you do not have the prescribed service/maintenance work or necessary repairs carried out, this could result in malfunctions or system failures. There is a risk of an accident.
Always have the prescribed service/maintenance work as well as necessary repairs carried out at a qualified specialist workshop.

If you operate information and communication equipment integrated in the vehicle when driving, you could be distracted from the traffic situation. This could also cause you to lose control of the vehicle. There is a risk of an accident.
Only operate this equipment when the traffic situation permits. If you cannot be sure of this, stop the vehicle pay attention to road and traffic conditions and operate the equipment with the vehicle stationary..

There is a risk of damage to the vehicle if: Rthe vehicle becomes stuck, e.g. on a high kerb or an unpaved road

  • Ryou drive too fast over an obstacle, e.g. a curb, a speed bump or a pothole in the road
  • Ra heavy object strikes the underbody or parts of the chassis

In situations like this, the body, the under-body, chassis parts, wheels or tyres could be damaged without the damage being visible. Components damaged in this way can unexpectedly fail or, in the case of an accident, no longer withstand the strain they are designed to.
In such situations, have the vehicle checked and repaired immediately at a qualified specialist workshop? If on continuing your journey you notice that driving safety is impaired, pull over and stop the vehicle immediately, paying attention to road and traffic conditions. In such cases, consult a qualified specialist workshop.


1. Q: What is the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023?

A: The Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 is an all-electric version of the compact Smart Fortwo city car, known for its small size and efficient urban mobility.

2. Q: How far can the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 travel on a single charge?

A: The range of the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 varies, but it’s typically around 70-80 miles (113-129 km) on a full charge.

3. Q: How do you charge the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023?

A: The Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 can be charged using standard household outlets (120V) or faster Level 2 charging stations (240V) at public charging points.

4. Q: How long does it take to charge the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023?

A: Charging times depend on the charger used. Level 1 charging may take around 20 hours, while Level 2 charging can take around 3-4 hours.

5. Q: What is the power output of the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023’s electric motor?

A: The power output can vary, but the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023’s electric motor typically produces around 80-100 horsepower.

6. Q: Is the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 suitable for city driving?

A: Yes, the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 is designed for city driving, thanks to its compact size and electric powertrain, which is well-suited for short commutes and urban mobility.

7. Q: How many passengers can the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 accommodate?

A: The Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 is designed for two passengers, making it ideal for solo drivers or couples.

8. Q: Does the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 have regenerative braking?

A: Yes, regenerative braking is a common feature in electric vehicles, including the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023. It helps recover energy during braking.

9. Q: What are some interior features of the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023?

A: The interior may include touchscreen infotainment, smartphone integration, climate control, and compact yet functional design.

10. Q: Does the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 have safety features?

A: Yes, the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 often includes safety features like airbags, stability control, and available driver assistance systems.

11. Q: Can the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 be charged at home?

A: Yes, you can charge the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 using a standard household electrical outlet, but faster charging can be achieved with dedicated home chargers.

12. Q: How does the size of the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 affect its maneuverability?

A: The small size of the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 makes it highly maneuverable and easy to navigate through congested city streets and tight parking spaces.

13. Q: What is the warranty coverage for the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023’s battery?

A: Battery warranty coverage can vary, but manufacturers often provide an extended warranty for electric vehicle batteries to ensure longevity.

14. Q: Does the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 have customizable driving modes?

A: Some models of the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 may offer different driving modes that allow you to adjust factors like throttle response and energy regeneration.

15. Q: What sets the Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 apart from other electric vehicles?

A: The Smart Fortwo Electric 2023 stands out for its incredibly compact size, making it an ideal choice for city driving and short commutes, as well as its eco-friendly electric powertrain, contributing to reduced emissions and urban congestion.

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