2022 FORD F-150 Indicator Lights Instructions

Ford-logo2022 FORD F-150 Indicator Lights

In the 2022 Ford F-150, the dashboard has a wide range of warning lights that work together to form a complex way for the car and its driver to talk to each other. These lights are a proactive measure that gives real-time information on how different parts of the truck are working. From important maintenance reminders like engine health and tire pressure to specialized functions like traction control and high beams, each indicator light does a different job to keep the car working and the driver aware. By understanding what these lights mean, drivers can react to them in a way that keeps the truck running well, extends its life, and, most importantly, keeps everyone in the truck safe on the road ahead.



These are some of the symbols you may see on your vehicle.

  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (1)Air conditioning system
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (2)Air conditioning system lubricant type
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (3)Anti-lock braking system
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (4)Avoid smoking, flames or sparks
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (5)Battery
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (6)Battery acid
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (7)Brake fluid – non petroleum based
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (8)Brake system
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (9)Brake system
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (10)Cabin air filter
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (11)Check fuel cap
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (12)Child safety door lock or unlock
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (13)Child seat lower anchor
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (14)Child seat tether anchor
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (15)Cruise control
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (16)Do not open when hot
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (17)Electric Parking brake
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (18)Engine air filter
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (19)Engine coolant
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (20)Engine coolant temperature
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (21)Engine oil
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (22)Explosive gas
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (23)Fan warning
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (24)Fasten seatbelt
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (25)Flammable
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (26)Airbag
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (27)Front fog lamps
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (28)Fuel pump reset
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (29)Fuse compartment
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (30)Hazard flashers
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (31)Heated rear window
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (32)Windshield defrosting system
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (33)Interior luggage compartment release
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (34)Jack
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (35)Keep out of reach of children
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (36)Lighting control
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (37)Low tire pressure warning
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (38)Maintain correct fluid level
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (39)Note operating instructions
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (40)Horn control
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (41)Panic alarm
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (42)Parking aid
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (43)Passenger airbag activated
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (44)Passenger airbag deactivated
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (45)Power steering fluid
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (46)Power windows front/rear
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (47)Power window lockout
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (48)Requires registered technician
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (49)Safety alert
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (50)See Owner’s Manual
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (51)See Service Manual
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (52)Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (53)Side airbag
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (54)Shield the eyes
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (55)Stability control
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (56)Hill descent control
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (57)Trail Control
    2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (58)Windshield wiping system
  • 2022-FORD-F-150-Indicator-Lights-FIG-1 (59)Windshield wash and wipe


What does the check engine light indicate?

The check engine light illuminates when there’s an issue with the vehicle’s engine or emissions system that requires attention.

Why is the battery warning light on?

The battery warning light signals a problem with the charging system, often due to a faulty alternator or a weak battery.

What does the oil pressure warning light mean?

The oil pressure warning light suggests that the engine’s oil pressure is low, which could lead to engine damage if not addressed.

Why is the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light illuminated?

The TPMS light indicates that at least one tire has low pressure, potentially affecting safety and fuel efficiency.

What does the brake system warning light indicate?

The brake system warning light may come on due to low brake fluid or issues with the anti-lock brake system (ABS).

Why is the airbag warning light illuminated?

The airbag warning light indicates a potential problem with the vehicle’s airbag system, requiring immediate attention for safety.

What’s the ABS warning light for?

The ABS warning light indicates a malfunction in the anti-lock brake system, which prevents wheel lock during hard braking.

Why is the temperature warning light on?

The temperature warning light suggests that the engine is overheating, necessitating prompt action to avoid engine damage.

What does the fuel level indicator light mean?

The fuel level indicator light informs you that the fuel level is low and it’s time to refuel.

Why is the seat belt reminder light activated?

The seat belt reminder light reminds occupants to fasten their seat belts, often accompanied by an audible chime.

What’s the high beam indicator light for?

The high beam indicator light indicates that the vehicle’s high beam headlights are in use.

Why is the cruise control indicator light on?

The cruise control indicator light signals that the cruise control system is engaged and maintaining a set speed.

What’s the traction control system (TCS) light for?

The TCS light indicates that the traction control system is active, helping to prevent wheel spin on slippery surfaces.

Why is the stability control system light-illuminated?

The stability control system light suggests that the vehicle’s stability control system is engaged to maintain control during challenging road conditions.

What does the security indicator light mean?

The security indicator light shows that the vehicle’s security system is armed or operational.

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