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Jayco Alante 2023 Faucets User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 Faucets User Manual


The bathroom, kitchen and outside shower faucets operate much the same way as the faucets in your home. Make sure there is sufficient water available and the 12-volt water pump is turned ON before operating.

There may be air in the water plumbing lines which needs to be bled out before a steady stream of water comes from the faucet.

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Bathroom Tub / Shower

Keep the water heater and holding tank capacities in mind when using the fresh water system. The used water will drain into the grey water holding tank.

  • Be sure the water heater is ON and had sufficient time to heat the water.
  • If dry camping, be sure your 12-volt water pump is ON.

Unlike your home, the recreational vehicle does not contain a water pressure balance valve. If someone is using the shower, it is recommended that the freshwater system NOT BE USED until they are finished.

Water temperatures over 125°F (49°C) can cause severe burns instantly therefore, be careful when using hot water. Always test the water temperature before showering or washing. The shower faucet may include a vacuum breaker for the shower.

There are two purposes for this breaker:

  • To prevent siphoning water through the hose from another fixture.
  • To prevent water from being retained in the hose.

The showerhead DOES NOT have a complete shut-off valve (the complete shut-off is at the faucet). The showerhead may drip slightly in the OFF position after use; this is normal and does not indicate a leak or defect.

Refer the manufacturer’s user guide or label instructions for detailed cleaning information. The tub/shower walls are made of ABS plastic material. Use a mild detergent soap and warm water to clean. Do not use gritty or abrasive particle soaps or scouring compound to clean ABS plastic. Avoid using “Citrus” or biodegradable cleaners which contain “D-Limonene.” They will damage plastic materials.

Black/Grey Water System and Tanks

Water from the sinks and shower flows into the gray water (or wastewater) holding tank. Water from the toilet will flow into the black water (or sewage) holding tank (see Black/Grey Water Holding Tanks).

Drain Pipes with P-Trap (if so equipped)

The drain pipes may be equipped with a “P-trap” installed to help prevent odors from escaping into the RV. During travel, water from the P-traps may spill and permit odors into the RV. By adding water and using a RV approved deodorizing agent you will dissolve the contents faster and will keep the drain lines and tanks clean and free flowing. These chemicals are available at an RV supply store or your dealer.Jayco Alante 2023 Faucets User Manual 01

Drain Pipes with Dry Sealing Valve (if so equipped)

Your RV may be equipped with a dry sealing valve that prevents the escape of odors from your waste system and eliminates the need for P-traps. Should the RV drain piping system become clogged, it is important that the dry valve be removed before passing a mechanical cleanout tool through the piping to open the drain. Passing a cleanout tool through the waterless valve may cause damage to the internal seal that may potentially allow sewer gases to escape into the RV interior. The waterless trap can be unscrewed from the water lines.

A label has been placed near the location of the waste valve that reads as follows:

Sewer Hose Storage

Depending on your RV model, the sewer drain hose may be stored in an exterior compartment marked “Sewer Hose” or it may be located in the hollow square tube bumper. The bumper has removable plastic end caps, and the hose slides inside the hollow bumper.


Vent pipes and vents release air from the grey and black water-holding tanks. On most models, the exterior vent cap is attached to the roof and must be kept clear of obstructions to perform as intended. In some models, the vent pipe may be part of the drainage system referred to as a “wet vent” where water flows downward as air flows upward in the same pipe. Some models are equipped with a side vent system. On these models, this label will be next to the termination valve. This label should not be removed from your recreation vehicle.

Black/Grey Water Holding Tanks

Dump the gray and black water holding tanks before traveling to avoid carrying unnecessary weight. The weight of the holding tank contents is not calculated into the RV cargo carrying capacity. Traveling with full holding tank(s) could cause you to exceed the individual tire ratings and/or the RV GAWR or RV GVWR. Potential damage to suspension components, such as springs, tires and axles, could result.
If you are dry camping and cannot immediately empty your holding tanks, reduce your vehicle speed until you reach a dumping station. When connected to the sewer drain line at a campground, keep the black tank drain valve closed until the holding tank is at least ¾ full. This will provide sufficient water to assist in complete draining of the black water holding tank. Repeat as needed.Jayco Alante 2023 Faucets User Manual 02

Never travel with full black or grey water-holding tanks. Depending on the location of the tank(s) it can affect your tow vehicle handling characteristics.


  • Never leave the black tank drain in the open position continuously when connected to the campground sewer system. Leaving the drain open will allow the liquid to drain out increasing the potential for a blockage in the tank. Keeping the drain in the closed position will prevent debris from accumulating in the tank.
  • Do not add automotive antifreeze or caustic chemicals, such as laundry detergents, into the holding tanks. Although these products may have a deodorizing effect, they may damage the plastic and rubber parts of the plumbing system or the components.

Before using the recreation vehicle, or after dumping the grey and black water holding tanks, always add the proper amount of deodorant to the black water tank to prevent odors and help break down holding tank contents (unless winterizing). Follow the deodorant bottle or package instructions. Driving to a disposal site will normally loosen any accumulated waste debris or solids from the sides of the holding tanks.

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