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2023 Kia Telluride Safety Precautions And Seat Features Instructions


Kia Telluride 2023 Important Safety Precautions, Seat and Feature of Seat Leather 

In addition to being a great car, the 2023 Kia Telluride is a safe haven and the height of comfort for its seats. Every trip is not only a display of style and performance, but also a dedication to the safety and comfort of its passengers. This midsize SUV combines cutting-edge safety features with plush seats to make a space that is above and beyond the ordinary. The Telluride is Kia’s most popular model, and it’s known for being very safe. It comes with a lot of standard and optional safety features, such as adaptive cruise control, crash mitigation systems, blind-spot monitoring, and more. The Telluride has a roomy and luxurious cabin with room for up to eight people. The heated, ventilated, and adjustable seats, which add to the luxurious atmosphere, make sure that everyone is comfortable. This detailed guide goes to the heart of the 2023 Kia Telluride’s dedication to safety, looking at its many safety features and the skillful craftsmanship of its seats, all of which are meant to make every trip an oasis of style, peace, and safety.

2023 Kia Telluride Specs, Price, Features and Mileage (Brochure)

Important safety precautions

For the safety of the driver and vehicle passengers, you should become familiar with the vehicle’s safety features. You will find many safety precautions and recommendations throughout this section, and throughout this manual.
The safety precautions in this section are among the most important.
Always wear your seat belt
A seat belt is your best protection in all types of accidents. Air bags are designed to supplement seat belts, not replace them. So even though your vehicle is equipped with air bags, ALWAYS make sure you and your passengers wear your seat belts, and wear them properly.
Restrain all children
All children under the age of 13 should ride in the vehicle utilizing properly authorized child safety seat. Infants and small children should be restrained in an appropriate child restraint. Larger children should use a booster seat with the lap/shoulder belt until they can use the seat belt properly without a booster seat.
Air bag hazards
While air bags can save lives, they can also cause serious or fatal injuries to occupants who sit too close to them, or who are not properly restrained. Infants, young children, and shorter adults are at the greatest risk of being injured by an inflating air bag. Follow all instructions and warnings in this manual.
Driver distraction
Driver distraction presents a serious and potentially deadly danger, especially for inexperienced drivers. Safety should be the first concern when behind the wheel and drivers need to be aware of the wide array of potential distractions, such as drowsiness, reaching for objects, eating, personal grooming, other passengers, and using cellular phones.
Drivers can become distracted when they take their eyes and attention off the road or their hands off the wheel to focus on activities other than driving. To reduce your risk of distraction or getting into an accident:

  • ALWAYS set up your mobile devices  (i.e., MP3 players, phones, navigation units, etc.) when your vehicle is parked or safely stopped.
  • ONLY use your mobile device when allowed by laws and when conditions permit safe use. NEVER text or email while driving. Most states have laws prohibiting drivers from texting. Some states and cities also prohibit drivers from using handheld phones.
  • NEVER let the use of a mobile device distract you from driving. You have a responsibility to your passengers and others on the road to always drive safely, with your hands on the wheel as well as your eyes and attention on the road.
  • Control your speed
    Excessive speed is a major factor in crash injuries and deaths. Generally, the higher the speed, the greater the risk, but serious injuries can also occur at lower speeds. Never drive faster than what is safe for current conditions, regardless of the maximum speed posted.
    Keep your vehicle in safe condition
    Having a tire blowout or a mechanical failure can be extremely hazardous. To reduce the possibility of such problems, check your tire pressures and condition frequently, and perform all regularly scheduled maintenance.

2023 Kia Telluride Specs, Price, Features and Mileage (Brochure)


Front seats


Front seat

  1. Forward and backward
  2. Seatback angle
  3. Seat cushion height*
  4. Seat cushion tilt*
  5. Lumbar support (Driver’s seat)*
  6. Cushion extension (Driver’s seat)*
  7. Driver position memory system*
  8. Headrest
    *: if equipped

Rear seats


* There is no center seat on rear 2nd row for vehicle with 7 seats. 2nd row seat

  1. Forward and backward
  2. Walk-in switch
  3. Seatback angle
  4.  Headrest
  5. Walk-in strap for emergency
    3rd row seat
  6. Seatback angle strap
  7. 2nd row seat remote folding strap/button
  8.  Headrest

Loose objects
Do not place anything in the driver’s footwell or under the front seats. Loose objects in the driver’s foot area could interfere with the operation of the foot pedals.

Up righting seat
Do not press the release lever on a manual seatback without holding and con-trolling the seatback. The seatback will spring upright possibly impacting you or other passengers.

Driver responsibility for passengers


The driver must advise the passengers to keep the seatback in an upright position whenever the vehicle is in motion. If a seat is reclined during an accident, the restraint system’s ability to restrain will be greatly reduced.

Seat cushion
Occupants should never sit on aftermarket seat cushions or sitting cushions. The passenger Occupant Detection System may not operate properly, or passenger’s hips may slide under the lap portion of the seat belt during an accident or a sudden stop.

Driver’s seat

  •  Never attempt to adjust the seat while the vehicle is moving. This could result in loss of control of your vehicle.
  • Do not allow anything to interfere with the normal position of the seatback. Storing items against the seatback could result in serious or fatal injury in a sudden stop or collision.
  • Sit as far back as possible from the steering wheel while still maintaining comfortable control of the your vehicle. A distance of at least 10 inches (25 cm) from your chest to the steering wheel is recommended. Failure to do so can result in air bag inflation injuries to the driver.

Rear seatbacks
Always lock the rear seatback before driving. Failure to do so could result in passengers or objects being thrown for-ward injuring vehicle occupants.

Unexpected Seat Movement
After adjusting a manual seat, always check that it is locked by shifting your weight to the front and back. Sudden or unexpected movement of the driver’s seat could cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

Seat adjustment

  • Do not adjust the seat while wearing seat belts. Moving the seat forward will cause strong pressure on the abdomen.
  • Do not place your hand near the seat bottom or seat track while adjusting the seat. Your hand could get caught in the seat mechanism.

Luggage and Cargo
Do not stock pile or stack luggage higher than the seatback in the cargo area. In an accident the cargo could strike and injure a passenger. If objects are large, heavy or must be piled, they must be secured in the cargo area.

Cargo Area
Do not allow passengers to ride in the cargo area under any circumstance. The cargo area is solely for the purpose of transporting luggage or cargo.

Small Objects
Use extreme caution when picking up small objects trapped under the seats or between the seat and the center con-sole. Your hands might be cut or injured by the sharp edges of the seats mechanism.

Feature of Seat Leather

  • Our car seats are upholstered with a combination of artificial and genuine leather. The genuine leather is made from the outer skin of an animal, which goes through a special process to be available for use. Since it is a natural substance, each part differs in thickness or density.
    Also, wrinkles could appear depend-ing on the temperature and humidity.
  • Wrinkles may appear as a natural result of stretching and shrinking depending on the temperature and humidity.
  • The seat cover is made of stretchable material to improve comfort of passengers.
  •  The parts contacting the body are curved and the side supporting area is high which provides driving comfort and stability.


  • Belts with metallic accessories, zippers or keys inside the back pocket may damage the seat fabric.
  •  Make sure not to wet the seat. It may change the nature of leather.
  • Jeans or clothes which contain bleach may contaminate the surface of the seat covering fabric.

Wrinkles or abrasions may appear naturally from usage. It is not a fault of product. Wrinkles or abrasions are not covered by warrant


Q: What safety features are standard in the 2023 Kia Telluride?

A: Standard safety features often include adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and more.

Q: Does the 2023 Telluride offer advanced driver-assistance systems, and if so, what are they?

A: Yes, the 2023 Telluride typically offers advanced driver-assistance systems like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and rear cross-traffic alert.

Q: How does the Telluride prioritize pedestrian safety?

A: Many Telluride models feature pedestrian detection as part of their automatic emergency braking system, which can help prevent or mitigate collisions with pedestrians.

Q: Are there safety features in the Telluride to help with parking and low-speed maneuvers?

A: Yes, features like rearview cameras, parking sensors, and a surround-view camera system may be available to assist with parking and low-speed maneuvers.

Q: Does the 2023 Telluride have a child safety seat system?

A: The Telluride typically includes the LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system for securing child safety seats.

Q: How many passengers can the 2023 Kia Telluride seat?

A: The Telluride often seats up to eight passengers, although some trim levels may offer seating for seven with captain’s chairs in the second row.

Q: Are the seats in the Telluride comfortable for long journeys?

A: The seats in the Telluride are known for their comfort, with ample cushioning and support, making them suitable for long road trips.

Q: Can the second-row seats be adjusted for more cargo space?

A: Yes, many Telluride models offer second-row seats that can be adjusted or folded to create additional cargo space when needed.

Q: What materials are used for the seats and upholstery in the Telluride?

A: The Telluride often features a range of upholstery options, including premium leather, synthetic leather, and cloth seats, depending on the trim level.

Q: Are heated and ventilated seats available in the 2023 Telluride?

A: Yes, many Telluride trim levels offer heated and ventilated seats for enhanced comfort in various weather conditions.

Q: Are the seats in the Telluride equipped with airbags for added safety?

A: Yes, the Telluride is equipped with airbags throughout the vehicle, including front, side, and curtain airbags for passenger protection.

Q: How do I properly install a child safety seat in the 2023 Telluride?

A: The Telluride typically comes with the LATCH system for child safety seat installation. Consult the owner’s manual for specific instructions on installing child safety seats.

Q: Are there any safety considerations when seating children in the Telluride?

A: It’s important to use appropriate child safety seats, follow installation guidelines, and ensure that children are correctly secured in their seats based on their age, weight, and height.

Q: Does the Telluride have adjustable headrests and seat belts for all passengers?

A: Yes, the Telluride often includes adjustable headrests and seat belts for all seating positions to ensure passenger safety and comfort.

Q: Can I use booster seats for older children in the Telluride?

A: Yes, the Telluride is typically equipped to accommodate booster seats for older children who have outgrown traditional child safety seats but still need booster support for proper seatbelt positioning.

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