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Ferrari 458 SPECIALE User Manual

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Ferrari 458 SPECIALE User Manual

The Ferrari 458 Speciale is made for people who love driving and want an even more thrilling and track-focused experience. It has the most speed, the best aerodynamics, and the best handling of any 458. The 458 Speciale looks a lot like the 458 Italia from the outside, but it has unique aerodynamic upgrades that improve downforce and total performance. These include new front and back bumpers, bigger air intakes, a rear diffuser, and active aerodynamic flaps that adjust for the best balance at high speeds. The 458 Speciale is powered by a more powerful form of the 4.5-liter V8 engine found in the 458 Italia. With changes to the intake and exhaust systems, among other things, it has even more power and response. The engine is connected to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox that lets you change gears very quickly and helps the car perform very well. The 458 Speciale’s interior is designed to cut weight and get the driver involved as much as possible. It is made of lightweight materials and has racing-inspired details like carbon fibre highlights. The seats offer great support when driving fast, and the car is stripped down to the essentials to make it easier to concentrate on driving.


The high quality level of the vehicle is subject to constant technological improvements. Therefore, there may be differences between this manual and your vehicle.
The Ferrari Sales and Service Network will provide you with all the information on any updates. All specifications and illustrations contained in this manual are accurate as of the date of printing.

Spare parts

When replacing parts or topping up with lubricants and fluids, we recommend that you use original spare parts and lubricants and fluids recommended by Ferrari.

Warranty Booklet

Each new vehicle comes equipped with a “Warranty Booklet”. This contains the vehicle’s warranty validity conditions. This warranty does not affect the buyer’s statutory rights as a consumer, which derive from binding legal norms in his or her favour, in the various states or countries or from European Union regulations, towards the Dealer. The Warranty Booklet also contains the routine maintenance indicated in the “Maintenance Schedule”.

Consulting the manual

To facilitate reading the manual, the topics have been divided into sections and chapters.

  1. General
    Provides general information about your vehicle.
  2. Safety
    Describes the main safety systems in the vehicle.
  3. About your Vehicle
    Provides all necessary information for use of the vehicle.
  4. Advice for Emergency Situations
    Provides useful advice for solving problems that may occur.
  5. Care of the vehicle
    Provides advice for cleaning, care and routine maintenance of your vehicle.
  6. Glossary
    Explains the main technical concepts.
  7. Table of Contents
    Allows you to quickly identify and locate the information required.

Extreme caution is required: failure to comply with the instructions could constitute a serious risk to personal safety and vehicle protection!


Some descriptions and terms with particular meanings are found in this manual in an abbreviated form:

Environmental protection

The following chapter contains useful advice for environmental protection.
Ferrari has designed and constructed a vehicle using technologies, materials and devices capable of reducing the harmful impact on the environment to a minimum.
If you use your vehicle with respect for the environment, you too will contribute towards environmental protection.
Fuel consumption as well as engine, gearbox, brakes and tyres wear mainly depend on two factors:

  • use of the vehicle
  • driving style.
    Both factors are influenced by the driver.

Use of the vehicle

  • Avoid using the vehicle for short trips.
  • Check that the tyre pressure is correct.
  • Check the fuel consumption.
  • Proper periodic maintenance will contribute to preserving your vehicle in full working order and to protecting the environment. We therefore advise you to respect the service due dates indicated in the “Maintenance Schedule”.

Driving style

  • Do not accelerate during the starting procedure.
  • Do not warm up the engine when the vehicle is stationary.
  • Drive carefully and keep a safe distance that corresponds to the driving speed.
  • Avoid sudden and frequent acceleration or braking.
  • Turn off the engine if the vehicle is kept stationary for long periods of time.
  • Shift gears using only 2/3 of the speed permitted for each gear.
  • Use the air conditioning in moderation.

Important note
The vehicle is equipped with exhaust gas control and monitoring systems which must always be kept in perfect working order and controlled regularly.

Directive for the treatment of end-of-life vehicles (EU only)
For many years, Ferrari has been globally committed to respecting and protecting the environment by constantly improving its manufacturing processes and developing increasingly eco-compatible products. Regulations for the treatment of end-of-life vehicles, implemented in response to the terms of EU Directive 2000/53, require that producers (manufacturers and official importers) collect all the vehicles introduced on the market by the producers themselves at the end of their life cycle, and ensure that these vehicles are processed in an environmentally compatible manner.
To hand over your Ferrari at the end of its life cycle for treatment at no additional cost (excluding deregistration and transport), take your vehicle to the nearest Ferrari dealer, which will, at its own expense, transport the vehicle to one of the authorised collection and demolition centres, which have been selected to ensure that all processes for the collection, treatment and recovery of recyclable materials are carried out in an environmentally compatible manner.
For further information, visit the website

When handing over a Ferrari vehicle at the end of its life cycle:

  • the vehicle must be complete, containing all the essential elements such as the engine, transmission, bodywork, ECUs and catalytic converters;
  • the vehicle must not contain any additional refuse.

Ferrari is committed to offering its clients a geographically extensive and, as a result, better service, and thanks you for your cooperation in this environmental challenge.

Vehicle keys
The vehicle is delivered with two identical keys that can be used for:

  • central door locking;
  • starting the vehicle;
  • activating/deactivating the alarm system;
  • opening the luggage compartment lid.

Important note
If the keys are lost or stolen, you can request a duplicate from the Ferrari Service Network (see “Duplicating the keys” on page 16).

Duplicating the keys
If you request additional keys, provided that the conditions to satisfy your request are met, remember that the codes must be stored (up to a maximum of 7 keys) on all the keys. Contact the Ferrari Service Network directly and bring the following with you:

  • all the keys in your possession;
  • the CODE CARD for the Ferrari CODE system;
  • a personal identity document;
  • the documents proving ownership of the vehicle;
  • a report of loss of keys made to the relevant authorities.

The codes for the keys that are not available when the new memorisation procedure is performed will be deleted from the memory to prevent any lost or stolen keys being used to start the vehicle.

Electronic alarm
The electronic alarm system performs the following functions:

  • remote control for central door locking/unlocking;
  • perimeter surveillance, detecting if doors and lids are open;
  • motion surveillance, detecting intrusion in the passenger compartment;
  • vehicle movement surveillance.

If the turn indicators and the red LED on the dashboard flash 9 times when the alarm system is activated with the doors and front and rear lids properly closed, it means that the self-diagnostic feature has detected a malfunction in the system. Contact the Ferrari Service Network to have the system checked.

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