2023 Fiat 500 Keys and Smart Key Setup Guide


2023 Fiat 500 Keys and Smart Key Setup

In terms of ease of use and safety, the keys and smart key setting of the Fiat 500 stand out as the digital key to a smooth driving experience. These elements are more than just access points because they combine traditional key functions with current innovations. The Fiat 500’s key system usually has a keyless entry and ignition, so drivers can easily open, start, and even control their car from a distance. This mix of technology and usefulness fits with the vehicle’s small size and modern design. The smart key system is a good mix of form and function, making it easy for drivers to connect with their Fiat 500. From turning on the engine to locking or opening the doors, these parts change the way the driver interacts with the car. The Fiat 500’s keys and smart key system are a mix of old and new. They offer security and convenience that meet the needs of current drivers.

The Key

The car is equipped with two types of key, an electronic key and a Wearable Key.

The electronic key of the car performs the conventional functions for access and starting, which are detailed below.



Unlocking doors and boot
Briefly press the button2023-Fiat-500-Keys-and-Smart-Key-Setup-fig-3: unlocking of doors and boot, timed switching-on of internal lights, and double flashing of direction indicators (where provided). When the function is available, press and release the unlock button on the remote control once only to unlock the driver’s door or twice within 1 second to unlock all doors and the tailgate.

The current setting can be changed using the display Menu or the Uconnect™ system (see “Settings” in the”Vehicle mode” paragraph in the “Multimedia” section), for the system to unlock the driver door only or all the doors the first time the button is pressed on the remote control. For more information, see the “Display” chapter in the “Knowing the instrument panel” section.

Door and boot locking
Briefly press the button2023-Fiat-500-Keys-and-Smart-Key-Setup-fig-4: lock of doors and boot with interior ceiling light off and a single flash of direction indicators (where provided). If one or more doors are open, the doors are locked and this is indicated by a rapid flashing of the direction indicators (where provided). The doors prepare for locking, which is active from the moment they are closed. The doors will unlock again only if the key presence is detected inside the passenger compartment.

Opening the boot
Rapidly press the2023-Fiat-500-Keys-and-Smart-Key-Setup-fig-5 button twice to open the boot remotely. The direction indicators will flash twice to indicate that the boot has been opened.

Lights on
Press the2023-Fiat-500-Keys-and-Smart-Key-Setup-fig-13 button to remotely control the switching on of the side/tail lights and main beam headlights, for up to 90 seconds. This function is useful for example to find the car easily in a crowded parking. Pressing2023-Fiat-500-Keys-and-Smart-Key-Setup-fig-13 button again, or at the end of the 90 seconds, the lights switched on previously will go off (if the parking light function was already active, it will remain so). If, when 90 seconds have passed, the button2023-Fiat-500-Keys-and-Smart-Key-Setup-fig-3 is pressed, the main beam headlights and the side/tail lights will stay on for a further 30 seconds.


  • When the battery of the key is nearly flat, the car will detect it beforehand by displaying a message on the instrument panel.
  • WARNING The battery life of the keys depends considerably on their use.


To replace the battery, proceed as follows:

  • take the key from the lower side (A) fig. 10 (the one without buttons) and, using the fingertips, move the cover in the direction of the key chain hole until the teeth are released (motion (1));
  • gently remove the lower cover by pulling it upwards (motion (2) fig. 10);2023-Fiat-500-Keys-and-Smart-Key-Setup-fig-7
  • pull up the edge of the metal key (B) fig. 11 until the release and pull it out;
  • remove the battery protection cap (C) fig. 11;2023-Fiat-500-Keys-and-Smart-Key-Setup-fig-8
  • lift the fastener (C) fig. 12 by prying into the recess in the end of the key, on the side of the key chain (movement (3));
  • extract the battery (D).2023-Fiat-500-Keys-and-Smart-Key-Setup-fig-9
  • To replace the battery, insert it in the compartment occupied by the previous one, taking care to respect the polarities indicated inside the electronic key. Then proceed by sliding and then pushing the battery into the cavity intended to house it.
  • Reposition the battery protection cap.
  • Refit the metal insert in the electronic key.
  • Reposition the cover taking care to anchor it correctly to the key.

The battery replacement operation must be carried out with care, in order not to damage the electronic key.


(where provided)
The emergency key (B) fig. 11 can be housed in the charging compartment. Open the charging compartment flap and remove the holder (A) fig. 13. Insert the key into the holder from the grip side and refit the holder on the flap.



  • To guarantee that the engine starts and the car operates correctly, use only electronic keys specifically coded for the car’s electronics.
  • If an electronic key is coded for a car, it cannot be used on any other car.

Duplicating keys
Should a new key with remote control or a new electronic key be necessary, go to a Fiat Dealership, taking an ID document and the car ownership documents.


The car is optionally equipped with an additional extremely small, lightweight electronic device that works as a passive key (without buttons).


The Wearable Key is resistant to immersion in water (15 meters/1 hour) and can therefore be used for outdoor activities or sports activities in general. Every indication in this manual related to the electronic key apply to the Wearable Key, except for the functions related to the presence of the buttons and the battery replacement procedure.

The Wearable Key must not be used for deep diving or other activities involving contact with highspeed water (such as water skiing, diving, kite surfing, etc.).

The battery of the Wearable Key cannot be replaced. If the internal battery is not sufficiently charged, contact a Fiat Dealership and follow the “Request for additional keys” procedure. The need to replace the battery is notified to the owner as described above for the electronic key in the “Flat battery” paragraph.

Do not swallow the battery. Danger of chemical burns. The keys contain a small battery. If the battery is swallowed, it can cause severe internal burns in just 2 hours and cause death. Keep new and used batteries out of the reach of children. If the battery compartment does not close securely, discontinue use of the product and keep it out of reach of children. If you believe that batteries may have been swallowed or inserted inside the body, seek medical attention immediately.


  • The electronic components inside the key may be damaged if the key is subjected to strong shocks. In order to ensure complete efficiency of the electronic devices inside the key, it should never be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Do not place the car key in the wireless charging compartment: risk of access and starting system malfunction.

Used batteries should be disposed of, as specified by law, in the special containers, otherwise take them to a Fiat Dealership, which will deal with their disposal.


  • To activate the ignition device (A) fig. 15 the electronic key must be inside the passenger compartment.
  • The ignition device activates also if the electronic key is inside the boot or on the rear shelf.2023-Fiat-500-Keys-and-Smart-Key-Setup-fig-12

The ignition device has the following possible states:

  • STOP: The motor is off. Some electrical devices (e.g. central door locking system, alarm, etc.) are still available;
  • ENGINE: driving position. All electrical devices are available. This state can be selected by pressing the ignition device button once, without pressing the brake pedal;
  • START: Motor starting.
  • NOTE The ignition device does NOT activate if the electronic key is inside the boot and this is open.
  • NOTE With the ignition device in the ENGINE position, if 30 minutes pass with P (Park) transmission and the motor stops, the ignition device will automatically move to the STOP position.
  • NOTE With the ignition device in the ENGINE position, if 15 minutes pass with the transmission in position N, the motor off, and the car stopped, The ignition device will automatically switch to the STOP position.
  • NOTE With the motor started, it is possible to go away from the car taking the electronic key with you. The motor will still be running. The car will indicate the absence of the key on board when the door is closed.
  • NOTE If the device does switch off the car, refer to the “Display” chapter in the “Knowing the instrument panel” section, where available, and contact the Fiat Dealership as soon as possible. For more information on the engine startup, see the description in the “Starting the engine” chapter in the “Starting and driving” section.
  • NOTE The electronic key can be disabled for starting if it is left in the car.

To do this:

  • close all the doors, including the tailgate;
  • press the lock button2023-Fiat-500-Keys-and-Smart-Key-Setup-fig-4 on another key twice or the button located under the handle with another electronic key, waiting at least 3 seconds between each press;
  • wait 30 seconds without unlocking the car or opening the doors.

To reactivate the previously disabled electronic key you must either start the car with an enabled electronic key or unlock the car using an enabled electronic key.


  • 9) It is absolutely forbidden to carry out any after-market operation involving steering system or steering column modifications (e.g. installation of anti-theft device) that could adversely affect performance and safety, invalidate the warranty and also result in noncompliance of the car with type-approval requirements.
  • 10) If the ignition device has been tampered with (e.g. an attempted theft), have it checked by a Fiat Dealership before driving again.
  • 11) Always take the key with you when you leave your car to prevent someone from accidentally operating the controls. Remember to engage the electric parking brake. Never leave children unattended in the vehicle.
  • 12) Before leaving the car, ALWAYS engage the electric parking brake. Put the transmission in the P (Park) position and press the ignition device to set it to STOP. Always lock the doors when you leave the car.
  • 13) Do not leave the electronic key inside or near the car or in a place accessible to children. Do not leave the car with the ignition device in the ENGINE position. A child could activate the electric window winders, other controls or even start the vehicle.


The Sentry Key® system prevents unauthorised use of the car preventing to start the motor. The system does not need to be enabled/activated: operation is automatic, regardless of the fact that the car’s doors are locked or unlocked. When the ignition device is set to ENGINE, the Sentry Key® system identifies the code transmitted by the key. If the code is recognised as valid, the Sentry Key® system enables motor starting. When the ignition device is brought back to STOP, the Sentry Key® system deactivates the control unit controlling the motor, thus preventing its starting.

For the correct motor starting procedures, see the instructions in the “Starting the motor” chapter in the “Starting and driving” section.

If, during starting, the key code is not correctly recognised, the2023-Fiat-500-Keys-and-Smart-Key-Setup-fig-14 icon is displayed on the instrument panel (see the instructions in the “Warning lights and messages” chapter in the “Knowing the instrument panel” section). This condition leads to the motor switching off after 2 seconds. In this case, bring the ignition device to STOP and ENGINE; if it is still blocked, try with the other keys provided. If it is still not possible to start the motor, contact a Fiat Dealership.

If the2023-Fiat-500-Keys-and-Smart-Key-Setup-fig-14 icon is displayed while driving, this means that the system is running a self-diagnosis (e.g. due to a voltage drop). If the display persists, contact a Fiat Dealership.


What type of key does the Fiat 500 come with?

The Fiat 500 often comes with a physical key that includes remote locking and unlocking functions.

Does the Fiat 500 offer keyless entry and start?

Yes, many models of the Fiat 500 offer keyless entry and push-button start on certain trim levels or as an optional package.

How does the keyless entry system work in the Fiat 500?

Keyless entry allows you to unlock and lock the doors by simply having the key fob within close proximity to the vehicle.

Can I start the Fiat 500 remotely using the key fob?

Yes, some models of the Fiat 500 feature remote start functionality using the key fob.

What should I do if the key fob battery is low?

If the key fob battery is low, replace the battery to prevent any issues with keyless entry and starting.

How do I replace the battery in the key fob of my Fiat 500?

The process for replacing the key fob battery involves opening the key fob and swapping out the old battery with a new one.

Can I program a new key fob myself for the Fiat 500?

Programming a new key fob usually requires specialized equipment and knowledge, so it’s recommended to have it done by a dealership or a professional locksmith.

Is there a backup key hidden within the Fiat 500’s key fob?

Some key fobs might have a hidden mechanical key that can be used to unlock the door in case the electronic functions fail.

Can I use a spare key fob if I lose the original one for my Fiat 500?

Yes, if you have a spare key fob that’s properly programmed, you can use it to access and start your Fiat 500.

What should I do if I accidentally lock the key fob inside the Fiat 500?

If you’ve locked the key fob inside, you might need assistance from a locksmith or the vehicle manufacturer’s roadside assistance service to gain access.

Is the Fiat 500 equipped with a keyless ignition system?

Yes, many models of the Fiat 500 feature a keyless ignition system, allowing you to start the vehicle with the push of a button.

Can I deactivate the keyless entry and start feature in the Fiat 500?

Some vehicles might allow you to disable keyless entry and start functions for security purposes. Check the owner’s manual for instructions.

Can I program multiple key fobs for the Fiat 500?

Yes, you can usually program multiple key fobs for the Fiat 500, allowing different drivers to have their own remote access.

What should I do if my smart key fob is lost or stolen?

If your smart key fob is lost or stolen, immediately contact your Fiat dealership to prevent unauthorized access to your vehicle.

Where can I find more information about the key and smart key features in the Fiat 500?

For detailed information about key functions, programming, and troubleshooting, refer to the owner’s manual of the Fiat 500 or consult a Fiat dealership for assistance.

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