2023 Fiat 500 Lights Quick Guide


2023 Fiat 500 Lights

The 2023 Fiat 500’s lighting system is a blend of practicality and style that elegantly lights the way ahead. From the bright embrace of LED headlights that cut through the night to the captivating allure of taillights that leave a lasting impact, each light has a purpose that goes beyond just giving light. The daily running lights show that you are confident, and the fog lights help you see in bad weather. The way high beams and low beams work together makes the road safer and makes it easier to see. Inside, the cabin has a soft glow from the ambient lighting, which creates a mood that goes well with personal style. The lighting system in the 2023 Fiat 500 is not just a technical arrangement; it is also a symbol of technology and design. It shows how light does more than just show the way; it also creates an experience that blends form and function.


The left stalk (A) Fig. 37 operates most of the exterior lights.

2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (1)

The exterior lights can only be switched on when the ignition device is in the ENGINE position. Turning on the light may vary the brightness of the instrument panel: its brightness is regulated by an external light sensor (e.g. when entering a tunnel during the day, it lights up as if it were night, etc.). In daylight, the brightness of the instrument panel remains at maximum, while at night, it can be adjusted.

The daytime running lights (DRL) are activated with the ring (B) fig. 37 in the AUTO position and in daylight conditions. The first time the ignition is switched on, they remain off as long as the electric parking brake (EPB) is engaged or the gearbox is in the P (Parking) position.

  • With the ignition device in the ENGINE position and the propulsion system not active, the daytime running lights are switched off.
  • The daytime running lights are also temporarily deactivated when the direction indicators are activated.
  • When the direction indicators are deactivated, the daylight running lights are reactivated.
  • With the bonnet open, the daytime running lights on the bonnet are switched off.
  • In some versions, if one of the daytime running lights fails, all the daytime running lights on the side where the failure is present are switched off.


This is an infrared LED sensor that works in conjunction with – the rain sensor and is located on the windscreen. It is able to detect variations in outside lighting based on the light sensitivity set in the menu of the Uconnect™ system (see “Settings” in the “Vehicle mode” paragraph in the “Multimedia” section). The higher the sensitivity, the lower the amount of external light needed to switch the lights on.

With the ignition device in the ENGINE position, turn the ring (B) Fig 37 to the AUTO position to activate the “Automatic lighting control” function. This automatically switches on the side/tail lights and dipped beam headlights in case of low external light or DRL in daytime driving conditions. Turn the ring to position2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (2) to switch to manual dipped beam mode. In the event of a sensor malfunction, the side/tail lights dipped beam headlights, and license plate lights are automatically activated.

The sensor cannot detect the presence of fog. These lights must therefore be switched on manually in these circumstances.


With the ignition device turned to ENGINE, turn the ring (B) fig. 37 to2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (2). If dipped headlights are activated, the daytime running lights switch off, and the side lights and dipped headlights switch on. The2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (3) warning light switches on in the instrument panel.


With the ignition device turned to STOP, turning the ring (B) from the AUTO position to position2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (2) will light up the side/tail lights and number plate lights. A warning light2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (3) lights up on the instrument panel.

If the side lights are left on and the driver-side door is opened, a buzzer sounds and the display shows a dedicated message warning the driver that the car is being left with the lights on. The buzzer stops when the driver-side door is closed.


With the ignition device in the ENGINE position, press button (C) Fig 38 to switch the light on/off. The rear fog light switches on only when the dipped headlights are on. To switch off the rear fog lights, press the button (C), switch off the dipped beam headlights, or turn the ignition device to the STOP position.2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (4)

With rear fog lights on, the2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (7) warning light on the instrument panel will come on at the same time.


To activate the fixed main beam headlights, with the ignition device in the ENGINE position, push the left lever (A) fig. 37 towards the dashboard. The ring (B) must be turned to AUTO with the dipped beam headlights on, or it should be turned to position2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (2). The warning light2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (2) on the instrument panel switches on. The main beam headlights are deactivated bringing the lever back to the central stable position. The warning light2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (2) switches off in the instrument panel.


In order not to dazzle other road users, the lights are automatically deactivated when approaching cars traveling in the opposite direction or when following a car traveling in the same direction. This function is enabled via the Uconnect™ system (see “Settings” in the”Vehicle mode” paragraph in the “Multimedia” section). Turn the light switch to the AUTO position (B) Fig. 37. The first time the main beam headlights are activated (pushing the left stalk towards the dashboard), the function is activated (warning light2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (3) comes on in the instrument panel).

If the main beam headlights are actually on, the warning light2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (2) will also come on in the instrument panel). When the speed is higher than 40 km/h and the function is active, the lights switch off if the lever is taken again to the stable central position. When the speed is lower than 15 km/h and the function is active, the function switches the main beam headlights off. If the fixed main beam headlights are operated quickly again (taking the lever again to the stable central position and taking it back in a few seconds on the fixed main beam headlight position), The warning light2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (2) will switch on in the instrument panel and the main beam headlights will be switched on constantly until the speed exceeds 40 km/h.

When the speed of 40 km/h is exceeded again, the function is activated automatically again. If the lever is pulled again in this condition, to request main beam headlight deactivation, the function remains off and the main beam headlights switch off. To deactivate the automatic function rotate the light switch ring to position2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (2).

Pull the left lever toward the steering wheel, to the unstable position; when released it returns automatically to the stable, central position. With the main beam headlights on, the warning light2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (2) on the instrument panel will come on at the same time.


Take the left stalk to the (stable) position:

  • Upwards: activates the right direction indicator;
  • Downwards: activates the left direction indicator.

A warning light2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (8)or will blink on the instrument panel. The direction indicators are switched off automatically when the steering wheel is straightened.

“Lane Change” function
If you wish to signal a lane change, place the left stalk in the unstable position for less than half a second. The direction indicator on the side selected will be activated for 5 flashes and then go out automatically.


The function can be enabled and timed using the “Settings” menu of the Uconnect™ system (see “Settings” in the”Vehicle mode” paragraph in the “Multimedia” section). When the doors are unlocked, the side/tail lights and puddle lights come on for the time set in the menu. Once any door is opened, the lights remain on for a further 180 seconds, or for a further 10 seconds after the door is closed.

This allows the space in front of the car to be lit for a set time.

With the ignition device turned to STOP or removed, pull the stalk towards the steering wheel within 2 minutes from when the motor is turned off.

  • Each time the stalk is moved, the lights stay on for an extra 30 seconds up to a maximum of 210 seconds; then the lights are switched off automatically.
  • Also, each time the stalk is operated, The2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (3) warning light on the instrument panel switches on.
  • The2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (3) warning light comes on When the stalk is first moved and stays on until the function is automatically deactivated. Each movement of the stalk only increases the amount of time The lights stay on.

Hold the stalk pulled towards the steering wheel for more than 2 seconds or turn the ignition device to the ENGINE position.

WELCOME LIGHT (where provided)
Depending on the version, with the ignition device in the STOP position, an animated sequence of front lights may be shown when the doors of the car are unlocked. Then they light up fixed. To enable the function set the courtesy lights in a state other than OFF on the Uconnect™ system (see “Settings” in the “Vehicle mode” paragraph in the “Multimedia” section). Only the direction indicators will light up when the tailgate is unlocked. Activating the alarm or hazard lights will disable the welcome light feature.


  • The correct aiming of the headlights is important for the comfort and safety of not only the driver but all other road users. This is also covered by a specific rule of the highway code.
  • The headlights must be correctly aligned to guarantee the best visibility conditions for all drivers while traveling with headlights on.
  • Contact a Fiat Dealership to have the headlights checked and adjusted. Check the light beam alignment every time the load or its distribution changes.


This device works with the ignition device in the ENGINE position and the dipped headlights on.

Headlight alignment adjustment
To adjust, press the buttons2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (10) or2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (11) Fig. 39 on the control display located on the left side of the dashboard (left-hand drive versions).

The adjustment position is shown on the display:

2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (5)

  • Position 0: one or two people in the front seats
  • Position 1: 4 people
  • Position 2: 4 people + load in luggage compartment
  • Position 3: Driver + maximum permitted load stowed in the boot

Check the headlight alignment each time the weight of the load transported changes.


Cars with LED headlight do not need headlight adjustment when driving in countries with opposite traffic.

Halogen headlights, if fitted on the car, are adjusted for driving in the country where the car was originally purchased. In this case, when travelling in countries with opposite driving direction, to avoid dazzling the drivers on the other side of the road, you need to cover areas of the headlight according to the Highway code of the country you are travelling in: fig. 40 (front right headlight), fig. 41 (front left headlight).


  • 24) The daytime running lights are an alternative to the dipped headlights while driving during the daytime in countries where it is compulsory to have lights on during the day; where it is not compulsory, the use of daytime running lights is permitted.
  • 25) Daytime running lights cannot replace dipped beam headlights while driving at night or through tunnels. The use of daytime running lights is governed by the highway code of the country in which you are driving. Comply with legal requirements.



Switch fig. 42 can assume three different positions:

  • (A) light always off;
  • (B) The light turns on and off when the doors are opened or closed;
  • (C) light permanently on.2023-Fiat-500-Lights-fig- (12)

Before getting out of the car, make sure that the switch is in the central position: Ensure that lights are off with the doors closed in order to avoid draining the 12V battery. On some versions, the lights switch on and off only when the front driver-side door is opened or closed.


Two different switching-on modes are provided:

  • When the doors are unlocked, a timer will be activated for about 27 seconds;
  • Move the ignition device to STOP to activate a timed sequence of approximately 27 seconds.

Switching off
Three modes are provided for switching off:

  • When all the doors are locked, a 10-second timer is activated. This timing will stop when the ignition device is turned to the ENGINE position;
  • Locking of the doors:
  • The interior lights are turned off after 15 minutes to preserve the 12V battery, even if the switch Fig. 42 is in position (C).

BOOT COURTESY LIGHT (where provided)
The lamp comes on automatically when the boot is opened and goes out when it is closed.


What types of lights are included in the lighting system of the 2023 Fiat 500?

The lighting system typically comprises headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, daytime running lights, interior lighting, and more.

Are LED headlights available on the 2023 Fiat 500?

Depending on the trim level and package, the 2023 Fiat 500 might offer LED headlights for improved visibility and efficiency.

Can I adjust the brightness of the dashboard lights in the 2023 Fiat 500?

Yes, you can usually adjust the brightness of the dashboard lights to your preference.

Are there fog lights available for the 2023 Fiat 500?

Yes, front fog lights are often available to enhance visibility in adverse weather conditions.

What is the purpose of the daytime running lights (DRL) on the 2023 Fiat 500?

Daytime running lights enhance visibility during daylight hours, increasing the vehicle’s presence on the road.

How do I activate the high beams on the 2023 Fiat 500?

Typically, you can activate the high beams by pulling the turn signal lever towards you.

Are the taillights on the 2023 Fiat 500 LED?

The taillights might be available in LED format on certain trims, contributing to enhanced visibility and modern aesthetics.

Can I adjust the angle of the headlights in the 2023 Fiat 500?

Some models might allow you to adjust the headlight angle for optimal illumination.

What does the automatic headlights feature do on the 2023 Fiat 500?

Automatic headlights typically turn on when ambient light levels decrease, ensuring visibility in low-light conditions.

Do turn signals on the 2023 Fiat 500 have a one-touch or three-blink function?

Many vehicles offer a three-blink turn signal function for convenience when changing lanes.

Can I customize the interior ambient lighting in the 2023 Fiat 500?

Some models might offer customizable interior ambient lighting options to personalize the cabin’s atmosphere.

What is the function of the rear fog lights on the 2023 Fiat 500?

Rear fog lights enhance visibility for drivers behind you in poor weather conditions or low visibility scenarios.

Is there a headlight leveling system on the 2023 Fiat 500?

Some vehicles might feature an automatic headlight leveling system to ensure proper alignment and minimize glare.

Can I use aftermarket LED bulbs in the 2023 Fiat 500’s lights?

It’s recommended to use bulbs that meet manufacturer specifications to ensure proper functionality and safety.

How can I find more information about the lights on the 2023 Fiat 500?

Refer to the owner’s manual of the 2023 Fiat 500 for comprehensive details about lights, controls, and functions. You can also consult a Fiat dealership for assistance.