Tata Altroz BS VI 2021 CHILD LOCK User Manual

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Tata Altroz BS VI 2021 CHILD LOCK User Manual

CHILD LOCKTata Altroz BS VI 2021 CHILD LOCK User Manual 01

Both the rear doors of the vehicle are pro-vided with a child proof lock. Push the lock lever located on vertical face of the door downward before closing the door. The door which has been locked by activating the child lock cannot be opened from in-side, it can be opened only from the out-side.

Lift the lock lever upward to deactivate the childproof lock when not required.
Child safety lever to be used for the safety of children by preventing them to open rear door while seating in the passenger seat to avoid accidents while the vehicle is running.


The immobilizer system is designed to prevent vehicle theft by electronically disabling the engine ignition system. The engine can be started only with the vehicle’s original Immobilizer ignition key which has an electronic identification programmed code.

Use only the Flip key, the other should be kept in a safe location. Note down “key Tag no.” information (and keep it safe) which is required while getting new/spare keys. Remember that it is not possible to prepare new/spare keys without the “key Tag number.” Take precautions about the Flip key, as without the Flip key vehicle cannot be started.

Vehicle Condition Immobilizer Lamp Status Vehicle State Meaning / Function Of The State
Ignition OFF Blinking Locked Vehicle Immobilized and awaiting electronic key
Ignition ON OFF Unlocked Normal condition and ready to start the vehicle

Ignition ON





  • Problem with key (Wrong key used to start vehicle)
  • Problem with Immobilizer system. Con- tact a TATA MOTORS Authorized Service Centre.
Ignition ON Blinking Unlocked Contact a TATA MOTORS Authorized Service Centre immediately.


ABS regulates brake pressureTata Punch User 2021 CHILD LOCK Manual 01 in such a way that the wheels do not lock when you brake. This allows you to continue steering the vehicle when braking. The ABS warning lamp in the instrument cluster lights up when the ignition is switched on. It goes out when the engine is running.


  • If ABSTata Punch User 2021 CHILD LOCK Manual 01 is faulty, the wheels could lock when braking. The steering ability and braking characteristics may be severely impaired. There is an increased danger of skidding and accidents.
  • Drive on carefully. Have ABS checked immediately at a TATA MO-TORS Authorized Service Centre as soon as possible?
  • While Braking
  • If ABS intervenes: continue to press the brake pedal vigorously until the braking situation is over.
  • To make a full brake application: press the brake pedal with full force.
    If ABS intervenes when braking, you will feel a pulsing in the brake pedal. The pulsating brake pedal can be an indication of hazardous road conditions, and functions as a reminder to take extra care while driving.

The stopping distance required for vehicles with ABS may be slightly more than conventional brake systems but ABS will still offer the advantage of helping you maintain directional control.
However, remember that ABS will not compensate for bad road or weather conditions or poor driver judgment. Drive within safety margins taking into consideration into consideration prevailing weather and traffic conditions.


EBD monitorsTata Punch User 2021 CHILD LOCK Manual 02 and controls the brake pressure on the rear wheels to improve driving stability while braking. EBD provides optimal braking pressure distribution between front and rear wheels to optimize braking distance and to ensure vehicle stability by means of lowering braking pressure increase at rear wheels.

If EBD is malfunctioning, the rear wheels can lock, e.g. under full braking. This increases the risk of skidding and an accident.
You should therefore adapt your driving style to the different handling characteristics. Have the brake system checked immediately at a TATA MOTORS Authorized Service Centre as soon as possible.


Detects tendency of instability during Braking in ABS-alone vehicles by monitoring individual wheels. Enhances vehicle stability by controlling braking pressure on individual wheels during partial braking.Tata Punch User 2021 CHILD LOCK Manual 03

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