2021 Tesla Model X Parts and Accessories Guide

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The 2021 Tesla Model X brings the experience of having an electric SUV to a whole new level. It comes with a wide range of parts and accessories that are made to go with its cutting-edge technology and futuristic design. This carefully chosen set of options shows Tesla’s commitment to customization and lets Model X owners make their cars fit their own wants and tastes. With the variety of parts and accessories that are available, the 2021 Model X becomes a unique extension of its owner’s life. These parts and accessories improve storage, protect the car’s interior, and make charging faster. The Model X’s parts and extras are a mix of new ideas and personal style. They reflect Tesla’s constant effort to make a driving experience that is both stylish and useful.

Parts, Accessories, and Modifications

Use only genuine Tesla parts and accessories. Tesla performs rigorous testing on parts to ensure their suitability, safety, and reliability. Purchase these parts from Tesla, where they are professionally installed and where you can receive expert advice about modifications to Model X. Accessories are available for purchase from Tesla stores or online at www.tesla.com.
NOTE: Some accessories may not be available in your market region. Tesla is unable to assess parts manufactured by other distributors and therefore accepts no responsibility if you use non-Tesla parts on Model X.
WARNING: Installing non-approved parts and accessories, or performing non-approved modifications, can affect the performance of Model X and the safety of its occupants. Any damage caused by using or installing non-approved parts, or by performing non-approved modifications, is not covered by the warranty.
WARNING: Tesla does not accept liability for death, personal injury, or damage that occurs if you use or install non-approved accessories or make non-approved modifications.

Body Repairs

If your Model X is in a collision, contact Tesla or a Tesla-approved Body Shop to ensure that it is repaired with genuine Tesla parts. Tesla has selected and approved body shops that meet strict requirements for training, equipment, quality, and customer satisfaction. Some repair shops and insurance companies might suggest using non-original equipment or salvaged parts to save money. However, these parts do not meet Tesla’s high standards for quality, fit, and corrosion resistance. In addition, non-original equipment and salvaged parts (and any damage or failures they might cause) are not covered by the warranty.

Using RFID Transponders

When attaching an RFID transponder (used by many automated toll systems) inside Model X, place the transponder in the topmost area of the windshield as shown. This ensures the best results and minimizes any obstruction to your driving view.
NOTE: You can also attach a weather-proof transponder to the front license plate.2021-Tesla-Model-X-Parts-and-Accessories-FIG-1 (1)

Vehicle Identification Number

You can find the VIN at the following locations:

  • Touch Controls > Software.
  • Stamped on a plate located at the top of the dashboard. Can be seen by looking through the windshield.
  • Printed on the Vehicle Certification label, located on the door pillar. Can be seen when the driver’s door is open.
  • Stamped on the chassis under the sill panel on the rear passenger door. To remove the sill panel, gently pry it upward using a flat-bladed tool.
    • NOTE: The VIN was not stamped on the chassis on vehicles manufactured between approximately June 2, 2016, and Feb 28, 2017.
    • CAUTION: Removing the sill panel to view the VIN is not recommended because damage is likely to occur. The panel is held in place with fragile clips that break easily. Damage caused by removing the sill panel is not covered by the warranty.2021-Tesla-Model-X-Parts-and-Accessories-FIG-1 (2)

Emission Control Label
The emission control label is located on the opening face of the liftgate.2021-Tesla-Model-X-Parts-and-Accessories-FIG-1 (3)


1. What are some common parts and accessories available for the 2021 Tesla Model X?

Common parts and accessories for the 2021 Model X include floor mats, cargo organizers, seat covers, charging adapters, and interior storage solutions.

2. Can you get all-weather floor mats for the 2021 Model X?

Yes, all-weather floor mats are a popular accessory for the 2021 Model X, providing protection against dirt, moisture, and wear.

3. Are there accessories available to enhance the Model X’s cargo space?

Yes, Tesla offers cargo organizers and additional storage solutions to optimize the Model X’s cargo space and organization.

4. Can you purchase accessories to customize the exterior appearance of the 2021 Model X?

While Tesla does not offer an extensive range of external customization options, third-party accessories like aftermarket wheels and chrome delete kits can be found.

5. Are there accessories to protect the 2021 Model X’s interior from the sun?

Yes, sunshades designed for the Model X’s windows are available to protect the interior from sun damage and heat.

6. Can you buy roof racks or carriers for the 2021 Model X?

Yes, roof racks and carriers are available as accessories for the 2021 Model X, providing additional storage options for various activities.

7. Are there any performance-enhancing accessories available for the 2021 Model X?


8. Can you purchase additional charging adapters for the 2021 Model X?

Yes, you can purchase additional charging adapters to be prepared for different charging situations and outlets.

9. Are there any accessories specifically designed to enhance winter driving in the 2021 Model X?

Tesla offers accessories like winter tires and snow chains to improve winter driving performance for the 2021 Model X.

10. Can you buy accessories to protect the 2021 Model X’s paint and finish?

Yes, paint protection film (PPF) is available as an accessory to protect the vehicle’s paint from scratches, rock chips, and other minor damage.

11. Are there accessories to improve the audio and entertainment systems of the 2021 Model X?

The 2021 Model X comes equipped with a premium audio system, but you might find accessories like seatback organizers and tablet mounts to enhance entertainment options for rear passengers.

12. Can you get Tesla-branded accessories for the 2021 Model X?

Yes, Tesla offers a range of official accessories through their online shop, including items like chargers, phone holders, and clothing.

13. Are there accessories to help with towing capabilities for the 2021 Model X?

Tesla vehicles, including the Model X, offer an optional towing package that can be added to enhance towing capabilities.

14. Can you buy replacement parts directly from Tesla for the 2021 Model X?

Yes, Tesla provides replacement parts for their vehicles, which can be obtained through authorized service centers.

15. Are there any accessories to enhance child safety in the 2021 Model X?

Tesla offers child seat options and accessories to ensure child safety in the 2021 Model X, including integrated LATCH anchors and compatible child seats.

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