About Us

Welcome to AutoUserGuide.com

Welcome to AutoUserGuide.com

AutoUserGuide.com is a website created and managed by car enthusiasts worldwide who have become frustrated by the complexity, difficulty and stress when looking for documentation related to vehicles that we pay a lot of money to buy and maintain. Our mission has been consistent since we collected our very first manual back in 2016. “To collect every document, for every vehicle and host and display it for other users 100% free, forever”.

To do this, we’re going to need your help! We’ve made a good start and collected over 5,000 manuals in our database so far – but there are so many more that our little team can’t keep up. If you find a manual that you are willing to share, upload it to a shared drive (like Dropbox) and send to us using the form to the right. We’ll get it added ASAP.

What about Copyright infringement?

We actively seek permission from manufacturers to display their content on our site. Many of the documents that we display are not available even on the official website of the manufacturers so we hope that we are doing them a service in offering them to their customers. That being true, we do not intend to host material that we do not have permission to do so. If you see a manual on the site that you think shouldn’t be here, click here and complete the DMCA contact form and we’ll investigate it and remove the data. If you see any pictures or links on the site that you think shouldn’t be here or its belong to you, let us know so we can remove data from our website. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.