Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2022 User Manual

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2022 User Manual


Do not use fuel containing methanol or ethanol E85. Using these mixtures may cause misfiring and driving issues, as well as damage vital components of the supply system.
For further details on the use of the correct fuel, see Ú page 230.

Starting The Engine
Make sure that the Electric Park Brake (EPB) is engaged and that the transmission is in PARK (P) or NEUTRAL (N). Next, press the brake pedal, and then push the engine START/STOP button.

Parking On Flammable Material
The catalytic converter develops high temperatures during operation. Do not park the vehicle on potential fire hazards such as: grass, dry leaves, pine needles or other flammable material.

Respecting The Environment
The vehicle is fitted with a system that carries out a continuous diagnosis of the emission-related components in order to help protect the environment.

Electrical Accessories
If you decide to add electrical accessories after purchasing the vehicle, with the risk of gradually draining the battery, contact an authorized Alfa Romeo dealer. They can calculate the overall electrical requirement and check that the vehicle’s electric system can support the required load.

Scheduled Servicing 
Correctly performed maintenance procedures are essential for ensuring that your vehicle continuously maintains its quality in performance and safety features, environmental friendliness, and low running costs.


Accessories Purchased By The Owner

Any change or alteration of the vehicle might seriously affect its safety and road handling, thus causing accidents, in which the occupants could even be fatally injured.

If you decide to install electrical accessories that require a permanent electrical supply (e.g. radio, satellite anti-theft system, etc.) or accessories that in any case drain the electrical supply after purchasing the vehicle, contact an authorized dealer. Dealer personnel will check whether the vehicle’s electrical system is able to withstand the load required or whether it needs to be integrated with a more powerful battery.

Use caution when adding additional spoilers, alloy wheel rims, or non-standard wheel hubs: they could reduce the ventilation of the brakes and affect effi-ciency under sharp and repeated braking, or on long descents. Make sure that nothing obstructs the pedals (mats, etc.).
FCA US LLC shall not be liable for damage caused by the installation of accessories either not supplied or recommended by FCA US LLC and/or not installed in compliance with the provided instructions.
Installing Electrical/Electronic Devices
FCA US LLC authorizes the installation of transceivers provided that installation is carried out at a specialized center, in compliance with manufacturer’s specifications.

Local authorities may not allow the vehicle on the road if devices that modify the features of the vehicle have been installed. This also may void the warranty in relation to faults caused by the change either directly or indirectly related to it.
FCA US LLC shall not be liable for damage caused by the installation of accessories either not supplied or recommended by FCA US LLC and/or not installed in compliance with the provided instructions.

Radio Transmitters And Mobile Phones
Radio transmitter equipment (vehicle mobile phones, CB [Citizen Band] radios, amateur radio, etc.) cannot be used inside the vehicle unless a separate antenna is mounted externally.
Transmission and reception of these devices may be affected by the shielding effect of the vehicle body. As far as the use of approved mobile phones is concerned, follow the usage instructions provided by the mobile phone manufacturer.


  • The use of these devices inside the passenger compartment (without an external antenna) may cause the electrical systems to malfunction. This could
    compromise the safety of the vehicle in addition to constituting a potential hazard for passengers’ health.
  • If mobile phones/laptops/smartphones/tablets are inside the vehicle and/or close to the electronic key, reduced performance of the Passive Entry/  Keyless Start system may occur.


Alfa Romeo Giulia 2022 Top Accessories

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Operating Instructions
Each time an instruction is given that concerns direction (left/right or forward/backward), it is written to be read from the perspective of an occupant in the driver’s seat. If a direction is written from a different perspective, it will be specified as such in the text as appropriate.
The figures in the manual are only examples: this might imply that some details of the image do not correspond to the actual arrangement of your vehicle. To identify the chapter with the information necessary, you can consult the Index at the end of this manual.
Chapters can be rapidly identified with dedicated graphic tabs, located at the side of each odd page. There is also a key for getting to know the chapter order and the relevant symbols in the tabs. Additionally, there is a textual indication of each current chapter at the side of each event page.

Warnings And Cautions
While reading this Owner’s Manual you will find a series of WARNINGS that must be carefully followed to prevent incorrect use of the components of the vehicle, which could cause accidents or injuries.
There are also CAUTIONS to prevent procedures that could damage your vehicle.
Therefore all WARNINGS and CAUTIONS must always be carefully followed.
WARNINGS and CAUTIONS are recalled in the text with the following symbols:

Personal Safety:
Vehicle Safety:

This Owner’s Manual describes all vehicle models. Optional contents, and equipment meant for specific markets or particular models are not identified as such in the text: you need to consider only the information related to the model you own. Any content introduced throughout the production of the model, outside the specific request of options at the time of purchase, will be identified by the indicator: — if equipped.
The data contained in this publication are intended to help you use your vehicle in the best possible way. FCA US LLC aims for constant improvement of the vehicles produced. For this reason, it reserves the right to make changes to the model described for technical and/or commercial reasons.
For further information, contact an authorized dealer.

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