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Your vehicle is equipped with a key fob that supports Passive Entry, Remote Keyless Entry (RKE), Remote Start (if equipped), and remote liftgate operation. The key fob allows you to lock or unlock the doors and liftgate. The key fob does not need to be pointed at the vehicle to activate the system. The key fob also contains an emergency key, which is stored inside the key fob.


  • The key fob’s wireless signal may be blocked if the key fob is located next to a mobile phone, laptop, or another electronic device. This may result in poor performance.
  • With the ignition in the ON position and the vehicle moving at 2 mph (4 km/h), all RKE commands are disabled.

When the doors are locked/unlocked, the turn signals will flash and the illuminated entry system will be activated.

If one or more doors are open when the lock button is pushed, or the liftgate is open, the doors will lock. The doors will unlock again automatically if the key fob is left inside the passenger compartment, otherwise, the doors will stay locked. Flashing of the turn signals upon locking/unlocking the doors, and activation of the courtesy light upon unlocking the doors can be activated or deactivated through the radio system. For further information, refer to the Information and Entertainment System Owner’s Manual Supplement.

Opening The Liftgate
Rapidly push the button on the key fob twice to open the liftgate. The turn signals will flash to indicate that the liftgate has been opened.

Key Left Vehicle Feature — If Equipped
If a valid key fob is no longer detected inside the vehicle while the vehicle’s ignition system is in the ON/RUN or START position, the message “Key Fob Has Left The Vehicle” will be shown in the instrument cluster display along with an interior chime. An exterior audible and visual alert will also be activated to warn the driver.
The vehicle’s horn will rapidly chirp three times along with a single flash of the vehicle’s exterior lights.


  • The doors have to be open and then closed in order for the vehicle to detect a key fob; the Key Left Vehicle feature will not activate until all of the doors are closed.
  • These alerts will not be activated in situations where the vehicle’s engine is left running with the key fob inside.

Replacing The Battery In The Key Fob
The recommended replacement battery is one CR2032 battery.


  • Customers are recommended to use a battery obtained from Mopar®. Aftermarket coin battery dimensions may not meet the original OEM coin battery dimensions.
  • Perchlorate Material — special handling may apply. See for further information.
  • Do not touch the battery terminals that are on the back housing or the printed circuit board.

To replace the battery, proceed as follows:

  1. Push the sides of the key fob inward and extract the cover pulling downwards.
  2. Remove the emergency key from its housing.
  3. Remove the battery plug by rotating it counterclockwise.
  4. Remove the battery from its slot and replace it with a new one. When replacing the battery, match the (+) sign on the battery to the (+) sign on the inside of the battery clip, located on the back cover. Avoid touching the new battery with your fingers. Skin oils may cause battery deterioration. If you touch a battery, clean it with rubbing alcohol.


The Engine Immobilizer system prevents unauthorized use of the vehicle by disabling the engine starting. The system does not need to be enabled or activated. Operation is automatic, regardless of whether the vehicle is locked or unlocked. The system uses a key fob, keyless push-button ignition, and a Radio Frequency (RF) receiver to prevent unauthorized vehicle operation. Therefore, only key fobs that are programmed into the vehicle can be used to start and operate the vehicle. The system will shut the engine off in two seconds if an invalid key fob is used to start the engine.

After placing the ignition switch in the ON/RUN position, the Vehicle Security Light will turn on for three seconds for a bulb check. If the light remains on after the bulb checks, it indicates that there is a problem with the electronics. In addition, if the light begins to flash after the bulb check, it indicates that someone used an invalid key fob to start the engine. Either of these conditions will result in the engine being shut off after two seconds. If the Vehicle Security Light turns on during normal vehicle operation (vehicle running for longer than 10 seconds), it indicates that there is a fault in the electronics. Should this occur, have the vehicle serviced as soon as possible by an authorized dealer.

The Engine Immobilizer system is not compatible with some aftermarket remote starting systems. Use of these systems may result in vehicle starting problems and loss of security protection.


  • When exiting the vehicle, always make sure the ignition is in the OFF position, remove the key fob from the vehicle, and lock your vehicle.
  • Never leave children alone in a vehicle, or with access to an unlocked vehicle.
  • Allowing children to be in a vehicle unattended is dangerous for a number of reasons. A child or others could be seriously or fatally injured. Children should be warned not to touch the parking brake, brake pedal, or gear selector.
  • Do not leave the key fob in or near the vehicle, or in a location accessible to children, and do not leave the Keyless Push Button Ignition in the ON/RUN position. A child could operate power windows, and other controls, or move the vehicle.
  • Do not leave children or animals inside parked vehicles in hot weather. Interior heat buildup may cause serious injury or death.

An unlocked vehicle is an invitation for thieves. Always remove the key fob from the vehicle and lock all doors when leaving the vehicle unattended.

Push the Remote Start button on the key fob twice within five seconds. The vehicle doors will lock, the turn signals will flash twice, and the horn will chirp twice. Pushing the Remote Start button a third time shuts the engine off.

All of the following conditions must be met before the engine will remotely start:

  • Gear selector in PARK
  • Doors closed
  • Hood closed
  • Liftgate closed
  • Hazard switch off
  • The brake switch is inactive (brake pedal not pressed)
  • Battery at an acceptable charge level
  • The panic button was not pushed
  • System not disabled from previous Remote Start event
  • Vehicle Security system indicator flashing
  • Ignition in the OFF position

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