Aston Martin DB11 2021 Washers and Wipers User Guide

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Aston Min DB11 2021 Washers and Wipers User Guide

Washers and Wipers

Windscreen Wash Fluid

To refill the washer fluid, open the washer fluid reservoir cap (A) and top up as required. In winter, to prevent the windscreen wash fluid freezing, increase the fluid concentration (refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations on the windscreen wash fluid container).
When the level of windscreen wash fluid is low an information message will show in the message centre and the amber warning symbol will come ON.

Local or state regulations may restrict the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are commonly used as antifreeze agents in windscreen washer fluid. A windscreen washer fluid with limited VOC content should be used only if it provides adequate freeze resistance for all regions and climates in which the vehicle will be operated.

Wiper Blade Replacement
To remove a wiper blade, lift the wiper arm and press at point (B) to release the wiper blade. Slide a new wiper blade on to the wiper arm until it locks into place.

Chassis Systems

Vehicle Body
Two-door coupe with 2+2 seating. Two-door convertible with 2+2 seating.

  • Extruded aluminium bonded monologue body structure.
  • Curlicue front and Aston Martin Aero Blade rear integrated aerodynamics.
  • Deployable spoiler


Electrically assisted, speed-sensitive rack and pinion power steering. Column adjustment for reach and tilt.

Turns Lock to Lock
2.375 turns.
Turning Circle 11.75 m.


Independent double aluminium wishbone incorporating anti-dive geometry. Coil over aluminium monotube dampers and anti-roll bar.
Multi-link suspension with hollow-cast lower control arms and hot-forged aluminium link arms. Coil over aluminium monotube dampers and anti-roll bar.


Foot BrakeAston Min DB11 2021 Washers and Wipers User Guide 01

Park Brake
Electrically operated independent park brake callipers on each rear brake disc.

Chassis Features

  • Three user selectable adaptive damping settings;
  • GT.
  • Sport.
  • Sport+.
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).
  • Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA).
  • Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD).
  • Three-stage Electronic Stability Program (ESP).
  • Dynamic Torque Vectoring (DTV).

Wheels and Tyres

Wheel and Tyre InformationAston Min DB11 2021 Washers and Wipers User Guide 02

Tyre Loading
Tyres installed in this vehicle shall have a maximum load rating not less than 825 kg (1819 lbs) front and 925 kg (2039 lbs) rear, or a load index of 101 (front) and 105 (rear).

Wheel Bolt Torque
For wheel bolt torque (Refer to ’Wheel Bolt Torque’, page 12.51).

Wheel Alignment
For the most up-to-date wheel alignment values, contact your Aston Martin dealer

Tyres of the correct type, manufacturer and dimensions, with correct cold inflation pressures are an integral part of every vehicle’s design. Regular maintenance of tyres contributes not only to safety but to the designed function of the vehicle. Road holding, steering and braking are especially vulnerable to incorrectly pressurized, badly installed or worn tyres. Tyres of the correct size and type, but made by different manufacturers can have widely varying characteristics.

Tyre Pressures
Make sure that correct tyre pressures are carefully maintained. Road holding, steering, braking and tyre wear are especially vulnerable to incorrect tyre pressures.
Check tyre pressures regularly and before starting any journey, and adjust accordingly. Tyre pressures increase slightly when the tyres are hot. For an accurate reading, tyre pressures should be checked when the tyres are cold. After adjusting the tyre pressures, make sure that the valve caps are securely replaced to provide an additional air seal and to prevent the ingress of dirt.
Tyre Information

Because of the high-performance potential of this vehicle, Aston Martin strongly recommends the replacement of any damaged or worn tyre.
Tyres should be examined at regular intervals for wear and damage. Inspect the tyre treads and sidewalls for damage, i.e. bulges in the tread or the sidewalls, cracks in the tread groove and separation in the tread or the sidewalls. If damage is observed or suspected have the tyre inspected by a tyre professional.
Stones or other objects which have become lodged in the tyre treads should be carefully removed.

Flat Spots
It is a characteristic of high-performance tyres that temporary ’flat spots’ may develop if the vehicle is left standing in high or low ambient temperatures for any length of time. These ’flat spots’ will manifest themselves as minor vibrations when the vehicle is first driven from cold. As the tyres warm up to operating temperature, normal tyre shape should be restored and the vibrations cease. If vibrations persist, consult your Aston Martin Dealer.

Local regulations on tyre life may apply.
Tyres degrade over time, even when they are not being used. It is recommended that tyres generally be replaced after six years of normal service. The heat caused by hot climates or frequent high-loading conditions can accelerate the ageing process.

New Tyres
Each wheel and tyre unit must be balanced dynamically and measured for Radial Force Variation (RFV) to make sure of efficient steering, optimum tyre wear and maximum ride comfort. Because of the potentially high speeds, it is essential that wheel balancing is carried out when new tyres are installed. Contact your Aston Martin Dealer for more information.

Running-In New Tyres

When new tyres have been installed, speed should be limited, particularly during the first 80 km or so of driving. Fast cornering, hard braking, and harsh acceleration should also be avoided during this period.

Tread Wear Marks

Treadwear marks (A) are incorporated into the construction of all tyres. These marks are integral moulded ribs spaced at regular intervals around the circumference of the tyre and extend across the full width of the tread, in all primary grooves.Aston Min DB11 2021 Washers and Wipers User Guide 4
When a tyre has worn causing one or more of the marks to be flush with the outer face of the tread the tyre has reached its wear limit. It then becomes illegal in certain countries and must be replaced.

Summer Tyres

The recommended tyres for this vehicle are asymmetrical and must be installed to the wheel with the tyre mark ‘OUTSIDE’ on the outside of the wheel rim.
The tyres are also of different sizes on the front and rear axles, therefore complete wheels cannot be swapped between axles.

Winter Tyres

The tyres installed as original equipment are designed with a rubber compound, tread pattern and width especially suited for high speeds in normal road conditions, but they are less suitable during extremes of low temperatures, snow and ice. The use of winter tyres will considerably improve handling during these conditions.
Only use Aston Martin-approved winter tyres – contact your Aston Martin dealer for more information.

Warning: The maximum speed limit of the vehicle should be reduced when winter tyres are installed. Winter tyre speed limits and information should be provided upon installation. Please consult your Aston Martin Dealer for more information.

Winter tyres must be installed on the correct winter wheels. Winter tyres must be used in vehicle sets, that is, installed on all four wheels. Do not exceed the tyre speed rating when using winter tyres.

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