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Aston Martin DBX 2021 Electrical Systems User Manual

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Aston Martin BX 2021 Electrical Systems User Manual

Electrical Systems


The electrical systems are protected by fuses. If any lamps, accessories, or controls do not function, inspect the applicable fuse.
If a fuse has blown, the inside element will be melted. If the same fuse blows again, avoid using that system and consult your Aston Martin Dealer as soon as possible.Aston Martin DBX 2021 Bonnet Release User Manual 14

F1 15A Exhaust Flaps/ Coolant Sensor F1 10A Trickle Charger
F2 15A Low Temperature Coolant Pump 2 F2 15A CPC
F3 15A Low Temperature Coolant Pump 3 F3 7.5A Instrument Cluster
F4 20A Low Temperature Coolant Pump 1 F4
F5 20A Engine Harness F5 10A Keyless Go
F6 15A Engine Harness F6 15A Left Side Front Seat Adjust
F7 15A Engine Harness F7 5A RKE Antenna
F8 15A Engine Harness F8 5A Rear HVAC Control Panel
F9 5A Common Powertrain Control (CPC) F9 10A Keyless Go Antenna
F10 5A Engine Harness F10 10A HVAC Boosters and Diverters
F11 5A Electronic Stability Program (ESP) Unit F11 7.5A Occupant Restraint Control (ORC)
F12 20A BCM-F and OBD F12 5A Rain Light Sensor
F13 15A Horn F13 10A Electronic Ignition Switch
F14 30A Starter Motor F14 7.5A Multi Purpose Camera
F15 5A F15 7.5A Infotainment Head Unit
F16 5A F16 5A TPMS
F17 5A Front Active Roll Control (ARC)
F19 20A Left Headlamp
F20 20A Right Headlamp
F21 30A Left Side Wiper Motor
F22 30A Right Side Wiper Motor
F23 40A ESP Unit
F24 60A ESP Unit
F25 100A Fan Motor
F26 150A Electrical Power Steering Control Unit
F1 30A Right Side Front Door Control Module F1
F2 40A BCM-F F2 15A Steering Column Control Module SCCM
F3 20A DRVU F3 5A
F4 15A Right Side Front seat Adjust F4 7.5A SCCM
F5 30A Left Side Front Door Control Module F5 15A HVAC
F6 40A Body Control Module-Front (BCM-F) F6 10A OBD port
F7 15A Ignition Relay F7 10A Rotary Controller / Touchpad
F8 10A Body Control Module-Rear (BCM-R) F8 15A eCall Module
F9 30A Left Side Rear Door Control Module F9 5A HVAC Control
F10 30A Right Side Rear Door Control Module F10 7.5A Ambient Lighting
F11 15A Infotainment Head Unit F11 10A Instrument Cluster
F12 7.5A F12 7.5A Centre Display

Aston Martin DBX 2021 Bonnet Release User Manual 15

[E] Rear Fuse Box





Air Suspension Pump

Rear Window Heater

F3 15A Front 12V Power Socket
F4 15A Luggage Compartment 12V Power Socket
F5 15A Rear Console 12V Power Socket
F6 5A
F7 5A Rear Active Roll Control (ARC)
F8 5A Electronic Differential
F9 5A Tuner
F10 5A
F11 5A 48V Battery
F12 7.5A Park Assist Module
F13 7.5A
F14 10A Electronic Differential
F15 10A Vehicle Alarm
F16 10A Electronic Differential
F17 15A
F18 15A Air Suspension Module
F19 15A Air Suspension Module
F20 15A
F21 15A
F22 20A
F23 25A Fuel Pump Control
F24 25A
F25 25A Driver’s Seat Module
F26 25A Front Passenger Seat module
F27 30A
F28 30A
F29 30A
F30 30A
F32 F33 F34






Transfer Box

Roller Blind Module Trailer Module

F1 F2 F3






Inline Trailer Fuse Inline Trailer Fuse Inline  Trailer Fuse

Inline  Trailer Fuse

F36 40A Trailer Module
F37 40A
F38 40A BCM-R
F39 40A BCM-R
F40 40A Amplifier
F42 40A Tailgate Module
F43 40A HVAC Blower

Aston Martin DBX 2021 Bonnet Release User Manual 16

Battery Fuse Box

F1 N/A1
Pyrotechnic Battery Disconnect Switch
Main Power Feed
F2 40A Keep Awake
F3 250A Engine Fuse Box
F4 200A Rear Fuse Box
F5 60A Instrument Panel Fuse box
F6 60A Transmission
F7 60A Front Cabin Fuse box
F1 40A Rear Anti-Roll Bar
F2 40A Front Anti-Roll Bar

Battery Disconnect Switch
The battery disconnect switch is designed to operate in both over-current and crash events. When activated, the switch will completely isolate the electrical system from the battery to reduce the risk of electric shock or a vehicle fire. The battery disconnect switch is a single-use item and will require replacement if it has been activated.

12V Battery

Battery Warnings

Warning: Do not allow flames, sparks or lighted substances to come near the battery. Batteries normally produce explosive gases when charged or when jump started. When working near the battery, always make sure that neither you nor the battery is electrostatically charged. Always have sufficient ventilation.

Warning: Never place metal objects on the battery or allow the positive terminal of the battery to contact parts of teh vehicle body. This can create a spark or a short circuit which can ignite gases created when the battery is charged.

Warning: When lifting a plastic cased battery, excessive pressure on the end walls could cause acid to flow through the vent caps, resulting in personal injury, damage to the vehicle or battery. Lift the battery with a battery carrier or with your hands on opposite corners.

Warning: Keep batteries out of reach of children.

Warning: Batteries contain sulphuric acid. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Shield your eyes when working near the battery to protect against possible splashing of acid solution. In case of acid contact with skin or eyes, flush immediately with water for a minimum of 15 minutes and get prompt medical attention. If acid is swallowed, get medical help immediately.

Caution: The engine must never be run with the vehicle battery disconnected. This can cause damage to vehicle electrical modules.

Caution: Apart from vehicle recovery, this vehicle must not be driven if the vehicle battery is incapable of starting the engine. In this case the vehicle battery must be replaced. Contact your Aston Martin Dealer.

Warning: Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds. Wash hands after handling.Aston Martin DBX 2021 Bonnet Release User Manual 17

Aston Martin DBX 2021 Bonnet Release User Manual 18

Vehicle Battery:
Banner 92 Ah

The vehicle battery is maintenance-free and should only require checking by your Aston Martin Dealer during regular vehicle services.

48V Battery

The 48V battery must never be used in a jump start scenario to either supply or receive power. There is risk of serious damage to the batteries and the electrical system on one or both vehicles, which can cause injury or death.

Never connect external electrical equipment, such as a battery charger, to the 48V battery. There is risk of serious damage to the batteries and the electrical system, which can cause injury or death.

48V Battery:
8 Ah Lithium-Ion The 48V battery is an auxiliary high power battery and is maintenance free. This battery must only be checked by your Aston Martin Dealer and is not user serviceable.

The 48V battery is charged directly from the standard 12V and does not require external charging.

Battery Level Protection
Caution: If the battery is not capable of starting the engine, replace the battery as soon as possible. Using vehicle electrical systems such as the infotainment system, with the ignition ON, but the engine OFF, will drain the battery charge. To prevent battery voltage falling below the level required to start the vehicle, the vehicle’s battery monitoring system will shut down non-essential electrical systems before this happens. After approximately 2 to 10 minutes (dependent on the rate of battery charge drain) a message is shown in the infotainment display. If a low battery warning message shows, start the engine and let it idle so the battery can recharge1, or connect a suitable battery charger or conditioner.

Vehicle Battery Disposal

The incorrect disposal of a vehicle battery can be extremely hazardous to health and the environment. Most batteries contain materials that, when disposed of incorrectly, may leak into the environment. This can contribute to soil and water pollution and endanger wildlife. Do not dispose of a battery in fire or water. Follow your local authorized standards for disposal. Call your local authorized recycling center to find out more about recycling automotive batteries. Do not dispose of your vehicle battery in the household waste.Aston Martin DBX 2021 Bonnet Release User Manual 19

Battery Conditioner

Do not attempt to start the vehicle with a battery conditioner connected to the mains supply. If necessary, clean the charger socket before connecting the charger plug. The Aston Martin battery conditioner is suitable for use on all types of 12 volt AGM and lead acid batteries.
If this vehicle is not going to be used for a period of time, and mains power is available, use a battery conditioner to maintain the battery charge level. When connected the battery conditioner will maintain a small trickle charge to keep the battery in a fully charged state. A battery conditioner is designed for conditioning of partially or fully charged batteries. It will not effectively charge a discharged battery. The battery conditioner uses a magnetic disc to attach to the charger socket (A). To connect the battery conditioner, attach the charger plug onto the charger socket.Aston Martin DBX 2021 Bonnet Release User Manual 20

For further safety information and operating instructions, refer to the instructions supplied with the battery conditioner.

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