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Aston Martin DBX 2021 Traffic Sign Assist User Manual

Traffic Sign Assist

Aston Martin DBX 2021 Traffic Sign Assist User ManualTraffic Sign Assist is an aid only. Traffic Sign Assist may not always be able to correctly display road restrictions. It is the drivers responsibility to be aware of the traffic signs and restrictions for the road being driven on. Traffic signs always take precedent over the display from Traffic Sign Assist.
Aston Martin DBX 2021 Traffic Sign Assist User ManualThe Traffic Sign Assist system works with the navigation system to determine the road speed limit.
The Traffic Sign Assist function shows maximum permitted speeds for the road in the instrument cluster. The system will also give indication of any overtaking restrictions and give a warning if the vehicle is driven down a one way street the wrong way. When you drive past a traffic sign that applies to the road you are on, this information will be updated in the instrument cluster. The Traffic Sign Assist display will update without a visible traffic sign when you change roads such as joining another road that has a different speed limit. If Traffic Sign Assist cannot determine a maximum permitted speed for the road, no speed limit is shown in the instrument cluster.
Aston Martin DBX 2021 Traffic Sign Assist User ManualIf a traffic sign is passed that gives the end of a road restriction, such as a speed limit, this information is shown for five seconds. Applicable traffic regulation will continue to be shown in the instrument cluster.

Additional Restrictions
Traffic Sign Assist is capable of detecting traffic signs that have additional restrictions such as alternative speed limits in wet conditions.
Additional restrictions will only be displayed if there is a regulation that must be followed with the restriction, or Traffic Sign Assist is cannot correctly determine if the restriction is in effect.

Traffic Sign Settings
Warnings for wrong-way and overtaking restrictions will stay active when the Traffic sign Assist is set to off.
For settings for Traffic Sign Assist (Refer to ’Assistance’, page 10.3)

System Limitations
Traffic Sign Assist may not function correctly in the below conditions:

  • The area around the multi-purpose camera is dirty, damaged or otherwise covered.
  • The traffic signs are hard to detect due to insufficient lighting or obscured by dirt, ice, snow etc.
  • Weather conditions such as snow, rain, fog or spray which can cause low visibility or hide road signs.
  • Glare into the multi-purpose camera from the sun or other road users’ headlamps.
  • The traffic signs are unclear or obscured, such as signs in construction areas.
  • The information in the navigation system is incorrect and requires an update.



The footbrake uses a vacuum-boosted, dual (diagonal split) circuit hydraulic system with Anti-lock Brake System (ABS).

Warning: In the event of a brake failure, bring the vehicle to a stop as soon as it is safe to do so. Do not continue to drive the vehicle. To do so could result in an accident or collision resulting in death or serious injury.

Warning: Greater care may be necessary after a long drive over salted or gritted roads or if driving in heavy rain, through water or a vehicle wash. Brake action may be delayed and increased braking pressure may be required.

Warning: Aston Martin recommends that the brake fluid is replaced before and after the vehicle is used for high-performance driving such as a track day. Failure to do so may result in greatly reduced brake performance. Contact your Aston Martin Dealer.

If a vacuum boost or a brake circuit fails, the footbrake will still operate, but with greater pedal pressure, increased pedal travel and longer stopping distances. Contact your Aston Martin Dealer. The high-performance brake system used on this vehicle is designed to provide optimal braking under all operating conditions. However, an inherent characteristic of this braking system is some brake noise. Certain combinations of speed, braking forces and ambient conditions may also cause the brakes to squeal.

Brake Throttle Override
If the throttle and brake pedals are both pressed at the same time for over 3 seconds, the engine will restrict available torque. Normal functionality will return when the throttle pedal is pressed without the brake pedal.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

It is always the driver’s responsibility to drive safely with regard to driving conditions and according to the law. The fact that a vehicle is equipped with ABS must never let the driver be tempted into taking risks which could affect his or her safety or that of other road users. The addition of ABS cannot overcome the consequences of trying to stop in too short a distance, cornering at too high a speed, or aquaplaning (where the tyres are prevented from contacting the road surface by a layer of water). The driver should always take road conditions into account. A slippery road surface always requires more braking distance for a given speed, even with ABS. Stopping distances can increase with ABS compared to locked wheels on slushy snow, gravel, sand or certain heavily corrugated or ridged warning sections of road surfaces.

If any braking system malfunctions, have the braking and ABS systems checked immediately by your Aston Martin Dealer. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) helps prevent the road wheels from locking and causing the vehicle to skid during emergency braking. This also assists the driver in maintaining steering and directional stability. If the braking force exceeds the tyre grip in an emergency braking situation, the ABS operates to prevent the wheels from locking. A pulsating effect is felt through the brake pedal when this happens. This is a normal effect of the ABS operating.

ABS Settings
The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) will change its operation depending on ESP and Drive mode.

Stage One
When ESP is set to ON, the ABS is tuned to give a level of vehicle performance, control and stability under braking that will cover everyday driving situations and weather (dry, wet, ice and snow).

Stage Two
When ESP is set to Sport+ or OFF, the ABS is tuned to allow more experienced drivers to drive closer to the limits of the vehicle’s ability and enjoy its natural balance in a track environment. When the ABS is set to stage two, the ABS is applied in the following ways:

  • The Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) increases the braking force to the rear of the vehicle. This is done by allowing a greater level of slip at the rear axle and a quicker increase in pressure in the rear brakes. Cornering agility will be enhanced when braking, but the driver will experience more vibration through the brake pedal.
  • The ABS will allow more slip when the tyres are at a higher working temperature, such as when the vehicle is driven on a track. The driver will have more control over brake performance before the ABS is activated.
  • Braking performance is given greater priority over stability in areas with different friction surfaces. Increased steering input is required to maintain the direction of travel, but optimum vehicle deceleration is achieved.
  • The ABS provides a more aggressive pressure increase for situations where a wheel can become temporarily unloaded, such as in track sections featuring fast, tight corners, strong camber or high-speed crests.

Stage Three
When ESP is set to Terrain mode the ABS is tuned to allow greater braking performance when driving off-road on loose or rough surfaces (grass, gravel, mud and deep snow). When ABS is set to stage three, the ABS is applied in the following ways:

  • The ABS will allow more slip on low-friction surfaces to optimise the available braking performance.
  • Braking performance is given greater priority over stability in areas with low-friction surfaces. Increased steering input is required to maintain the direction of travel, but improved vehicle deceleration is achieved.

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