Jayco Alante 2023 Sofa and Dinette User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 Sofa and Dinette User Manual

Sofa and Dinette

Always use seatbelts if sitting in the sofa or dinette while the motor home is in transit Your motor home may be equipped with one of the following sofa styles.

Hide-a-Bed Sofa or Sofa Sleeper

To make the hide-a-bed sofa into a bed, remove the seat cushions and pull the strap located at the front of the sofa seat bottom out towards you firmly and gently. To convert the hide-a-bed back into the upright sofa position, reverse the process (make sure to pull the seat belts out into their usable positions). Be sure to hold the sofa strap firmly to ensure the hide-a-bed sofa does not suddenly drop shut. Refer to the furniture manufacturer’s care instructions for this product.

Jack Knife or Easy Bed Sofa

The easy bed sofa should comfortably seat two to three adults. It converts to a bed by lifting at the front of the sofa seat section and pulling it towards you. The sofa’s back will follow and pivot down into a horizontal position. To reconvert back to an upright sofa, reverse the process (make sure to pull the seat belts out into their usable positions). Refer to the furniture manufacturer’s care instructions for this product.

Trifold Sofa

The tri-fold sofa offers very similar features to a traditional hide-a-bed. The following illustrations detail converting the sofa into a bed.

  1. Remove the tri-fold sofa pillows and set them aside.
  2. Using the strap handle, pull the sleeping surface up, then out.
  3. While the sleeping surface is up, fold-out legs. Extend the sleeping surface until grounded.
  4. Once the sleeping surface is grounded, fold the headboard down flat.

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Dinette Table

Depending on your model, the dinette table can be extended by standing at the end of the table, firmly holding both sides of the table, and pulling the table towards you. To return the table to the stowed position, reverse this process pushing it in until the table locks in place.

Booth Dinette (if so equipped)

The booth dinette can be converted to a bed by lowering the tabletop to make the bed base.

To convert a dinette to a bed:

  • Remove the cushions from the dinette.
  • Grasp the tabletop at the rounded end, and lift the rounded end up at an angle (A).
  • The table top will separate from the bracket attached to the wall.
  • Pull the table top away from the wall, toward you slightly.
  • Lower the table top down between the seats (B).
  • Place the extra cushion on the tabletop between the 2 seats.
  • Replace the seat cushions.

To convert back to a table:

  • Remove cushions.
  • Lift the table top back up to the bracket.
  • Hold the table top at an angle (A).
  • Push the table top back toward the wall.
  • The bracket should latch, and put the tabletop in a level position.

Free Standing Dinette Chairs (if so equipped)

Do not allow occupants to occupy the free-standing dinette chairs while the motor home is in transit. Two free-standing chairs and two folding chairs are included in the free-standing table/chair package. When traveling in the motor home, the free-standing chairs should be fastened securely at the dinette table, and the folding chairs are secured in a closet or storage area.

Pantry or Hutch (if so equipped)

Your recreation vehicle may have a pantry or hutch that you can use for storage. Make sure all items stored in the pantry or hutch are secured to prevent shifting during travel. This cabinetry has been designed to accommodate normal camping items which may be bulky but not necessarily heavy. Remember your recreation vehicle’s load capacity is designed by weight, not volume, so you cannot necessarily use all available space.
If your pantry or hutch has sliding pantry shelves, they have been equipped with a locking mechanism to keep them in place during transit. To secure the shelf in place, push it all of the way in until the latch tab clicks into place. Always pull out slightly on the shelf to make sure that it is stationary and secure in the transit position. To release the shelf, push in on the tab and pull the shelf slowly towards you.

Your RV’s load capacity is designated by weight, not by volume, so you cannot necessarily use all available space when loading the vehicle. Do not exceed your GVWR and ensure you are loading the vehicle as evenly as you can for the best possible handling. Ensure heavy items are secured so they do not shift during travel.

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