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Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Flooring User Manual

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Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Flooring User Manual



Vacuum your carpet regularly. It is important to remove loose soil and debris while it is on the surface. Heavily traveled areas (i.e., walkways, and areas in front of the furniture) may be protected with small throw rugs to prolong the life of the carpet. Prompt attention to spots and spills is essential. Remove as much of the spill as possible. Absorb wet spills as quickly as possible by blotting repeatedly with white paper or cloth towels. Refer to the manufacturer’s guide for detailed cleaning information, or contact a cleaning professional.

Vinyl Flooring (if so equipped)

Periodically vacuum or sweep to remove dirt and gritty particles. Although most common spills will not permanently stain the vinyl floors, they are usually easier to remove if wiped up before they are set. Blot with a paper towel and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not use dish detergents or vinegar and water because they will dull your floor.
To care for the vinyl floor covering, use a damp mop with water and a mild cleaner on the entire floor. DO NOT SOAK THE FLOORING. Use care to avoid wetting the carpet edges. To avoid problems of “yellowing” linoleum, the flooring manufacturer recommends avoiding cleaners that contain oil-based solvents (i.e. lemon oil, Murphy’s Oil Soap, etc.).

Ceramic Tile (if so equipped)

Vacuum the ceramic floor tiles regularly to remove dirt and other gritty particles, then damp mop or sponge with an all-purpose, non-oil-based cleaner. Heavily trafficked tile may require more intensive cleaning. Refer to the manufacturer’s guide or contact a cleaning professional for detailed cleaning information.
Grout, the material used between the tiles is porous, and sealing it will simplify maintenance in the future. The ceramic tile manufacturer recommends applying a sealer at least twice a year for maximum stain protection. Sealers may be purchased at most local home centers or floor-covering stores.


  • Use cleansers containing acid or bleach for routine maintenance.
  • Use wax cleaners, oil-based detergents or sealants to maintain your tile (sealants may be used on grout joints and natural stone).
  • Use ammonia (it will discolor grout).
  • Use harsh cleaning aids like steel wool pads or scouring pads containing metal.
  • Use a cleaning agent that contains color on unglazed ceramic tile or natural stone.
  • Test scouring powders on a small area first (not recommended for natural stone).
  • Use a sealer on grout joints.
  • Have any damaged or broken tiles replaced only by a qualified contractor.
Murphy Bed (if so equipped)

Your recreational vehicle may be equipped with a folding Murphy bed. When in the closed position, the bed is stored in the wall allowing for more living space within the vehicle. When you want to use the bed, the sofa folds flat and the bed can be pulled down over the sofa into the sleeping position.Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Flooring User Manual 01

The slide-out must be fully extended before putting the Murphy bed in the sleeping position. The Murphy bed must be in the stored position before the slide out can be moved to the in (travel) position. Failure to do so may result in injury or property damage. This label has been installed in your recreational vehicle at the foot end of the Murphy bed. It should not be removed.Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Flooring User Manual 02

Unfolding the Sofa
With the slideout fully extended, unfold the sofa into a flat position.Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Flooring User Manual 03

Lowering the Murphy bed
  • Unlatch the “D” bolt latches on each side of the bed at the footboard (in the stored position). This will release the Murphy bed allowing it to unfold.
  • Firmly grasp the handle on the footboard of the Murphy bed, and pull it towards you.Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Flooring User Manual 04
  • The bed will begin to unfold. Pull it all the way down so the footboard rests on the floor.
  • When the bed is in the sleeping position, locate the web straps with snap hooks on the footboard of the bed (there is one on each side of the bed). Attach (both) snap hooks to the metal loops located on the sofa arms. These straps and loops keep the bed from folding up while in use.

Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Flooring User Manual 05

The straps are adjustable. They have been installed at a length that holds the bed securely in place and allows ease of attaching the snap to the metal loops.

Snap hooks (if present) must be attached to the steel rings on the sofa arms before using the bed. Failure to attach these snap hooks to the steel loops on the sofa can result in serious injury or property damage.


The label shown here is located next to the slide-out controls inside the entrance door. It should not be removed.

On some models, the Murphy bed may lock in place when lowered to keep it from flipping up unexpectedly. In order to release the bed, a lever must be pulled first. There are two types of levers. One is a “T” handle installed in the side dresser and the other is a lever built into the side of the couch. When the lever is pulled, the bed can be returned to the folded or stored position. Make sure to latch the sliding “D” bolts on each side when the bed is returned to the upright stored position.Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Flooring User Manual 06

Remove the straps holding the mattress to the bed frame by un-snapping the two plastic buckles on top of the mattress. These straps can be stored on the side of the mattress, or tucked between the headboard and the mattress. Release the mattress hook from the foot of the bed.

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