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Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Fuel and Propane System User Manual

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Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Fuel and Propane System User Manual

Fuel and Propane System


  • DOT propane cylinders must be transported and stored in an upright position so the pressure relief device will function properly. Laying a DOT propane cylinder on its side may potentially create a very dangerous situation.
  • The pigtail hose must be installed to avoid tension or pulling stress at either end of the hose. Keep the pigtail hose away from sharp edges of the cylinder collar, rigid corners, walls, doors or other compartment structures including the cover.
  • Before entering a propane or fuel service station make sure all pilot lights are extinguished. Shut off the gas to all appliances by closing the propane gas main shut-off valve. Always shut OFF any engine before refueling. Do not smoke and do not operate other ignition sources while refueling.
  • If you suspect your propane container has been overfilled, contact your dealer or a qualified propane technician for assistance immediately. Do not attempt to service a propane container overfill yourself.

Propane “container” is a general all-inclusive term used to describe a vessel that is used for storage and delivery of propane gas.

The most common of these are:
DOT (Department of Transportation) cylinders are transportable and are commonly used on recreation vehicles. The capacity of DOT propane cylinders is expressed in pounds. DOT propane cylinders are required to be removed from the RV for filling and must be filled by weight by a qualified propane facility. DOT Propane cylinders are equipped with an OPD (over fill protection device) designed to reduce the potential of overfilling. DOT propane cylinders are also equipped with an ACME service valve that is for connection of the TYPE 1 ACME pigtail hose assembly to the RV two-stage regulator.
The TYPE 1 ACME pigtail hose assembly is a wrench less, right hand threaded connector that features a thermally sensitive sleeve and excess flow device. Max output is 200,000 BTU/hr. It is used to connect propane cylinders to regulators, hoses and other fittings. It is not for use on gas grills and other low pressure devices. DOT cylinders equipped with an OPD and ACME type 1 service valve are identified by the triangular service valve knob.
DOT cylinders are typically marked with “top” or an arrow to indicate the correct orientation of the cylinder(s). Do not mount, store or transport any cylinder other than the in proper position indicated. Be sure to securely re-install DOT cylinder(s) after they have been removed for filling or replacement. Always close the service valve and install a dust cap or plug when transporting or storing disconnected containers whether full or empty.

ASME tanks are permanently mounted to the RV and are commonly used on RV motorhomes. The capacity of ASME tanks is expressed in gallons. ASME tanks are filled while the tank is attached to the motorhome by a qualified propane facility. ASME tanks are equipped with an automatic stop fill valve designed to reduce the potential of overfilling. ASME propane tanks are also equipped with a P.O.L. service valve that is for connection of the supply hose with a left hand threaded brass P.O.L. fitting from the tank service valve to the two-stage regulator. Not for use on gas grills and other low pressure devices.

Tanks are to be installed, fueled and maintained in accordance to State and Local codes, rules, regulations or laws.

Propane is a true gas compressed into a liquid form. As the fuel is released from the container, it changes to vapor which is then used for the operation of the appliances. Propane will not run through the appliances in a liquid state. Propane expands 1½ percent for every ten degrees of increase in temperature. It is imperative to leave sufficient space inside the container to allow for the natural expansion of gas during warmer weather.

The main shut-off valve must be kept closed at all times unless you are using the propane system or filling the propane cylinder. When the cylinder is disconnected from the hose, install the valve cover that is attached to the container. Close the propane cylinder main shut-off valve by hand tightening only. Use of tools create to over-tighten the valve (damaging the interior seals on the cylinder valve seat). If this type of damage occurs, the cylinder will not close properly.

This propane label should be kept permanently affixed to your RV. “Use propane only” Label.Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Fuel and Propane System User Manual 01

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