Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Microwave User Manual

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Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Microwave User Manual


  • To prevent damage, remove the turntable from the microwave when traveling.
  • Make sure you are connected to a 120-volt power source.

Never use the microwave cavity for storage. The microwave cavity should always be empty when not in use. Never use the microwave cavity for storage. The microwave cavity should always be empty when not in use. For details on operation, cleaning, and safety information, refer to the manufacturer’s user guide.

General Cleaning Microwave and Convection Microwave

IMPORTANT: Before cleaning, make sure all controls are off and the microwave oven is cool. Always follow label instructions on cleaning products.
To avoid damage to the microwave oven caused by arcing due to soil buildup keep the cavity, microwave inlet cover, cooking rack supports, and area where the door touches the frame clean. Clean with mild soap, water, and a soft cloth or sponge, or as indicated below.

  • Grease filters: mild soap and water or dishwasher.
  • Door and exterior: mild soap and water, or glass cleaner applied to paper towel.
  • Control panel: sponge or soft cloth and water.
  • Stainless steel (on some models): mild soap and water, then rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth, or use stainless steel cleaner.
  • Turntable: mild soap and water or dishwasher.
  • Rack(s): mild soap, water, and washcloth. Dishwasher cleaning is not recommended.

Convection Microwave (if so equipped)

The convection microwave bridges the gap between microwaving your food and conventional cooking. Make sure there is sufficient 120-volt power before operating the convection microwave (see Calculating Electrical Load). for details on operation and safety information, refer to the manufacturer’s user guide.

Cooking Safety

In Case Of a Grease Fire
Do not attempt to use water to put out the fire. Water can spread some types of fire, and electrocution is possible with an electrical fire. Grease is flammable. Never allow grease to collect around top burners or on the cooktop surface. Wipe up spills immediately. Refer to Section 2 – Safety Precautions, for fire safety and fire extinguisher information.

Cooking With Propane (if so equipped)

See the Propane System section for important safety instructions. Refer to the manufacturer’s owner’s manual for detailed operating and safety instructions for all propane appliances.

Cooktops, Range, and Oven (if so equipped)

For detailed operating and safety information, refer to the manufacturer’s user guide.

  • During and after use, do not touch or let clothing or other flammable material come in contact with the top burners or heating elements, burner grates or areas near the top burners or oven until they have had sufficient time to cool. These areas can get hot enough to cause burns.
  • Never leave cooking food unattended. Turn pan handles inward, but not over the tops of the other range burners. Ensure that the pans used are large enough to contain the food and avoid boil-overs. Heavy splattering or spills left on the cooktop can ignite and cause burns.
  • If using glass, glass/ceramic, ceramic, earthenware or other glazed utensils or cookware verify it is safe for use on the top burners.
  • Do not cover the oven vent openings while the oven is in operation. Restricting the flow of combustion air will create an asphyxiation hazard.

Never use oven cleaners, chlorine bleach, ammonia, or glass cleaners with ammonia. Always allow the cooktop to cool before cleaning.

Cleaning instructions

Refer to the manufacturer’s user guide included for detailed cleaning instructions.

General Cleaning

  • To avoid damage and possible burns, be sure the appliance is off and all parts are cool before handling or cleaning.
  • Use care to avoid steam burns if a wet sponge or cloth is used to wipe spills on a hot surface.
  • Some cleaners can produce noxious fumes if applied to a hot surface.
  • To prevent staining or discoloration, clean the appliance after each use.
  • If a part is removed, be sure it is correctly replaced.
  • If a spillover occurs while cooking, immediately clean the spill from the cooking area while it is hot to prevent a tough cleaning chore later. Using extreme care, wipe spill with a clean, dry towel.
Electric Drop-In Cooktops (if so equipped)

NOTE: Make sure you are connected to a 120-volt power source.

Do not use aluminum foil under any circumstances on the electric range cooktop, as this material will damage the cooktop surface if it melts.

Gas Drop-In Cooktops (if so equipped)

Depending on your model, it may be equipped with either a 2-burner or 3-burner cooktop. The 2 burners match-light cooktop has two 6500 BTU/H burners with a control panel. The 3-burner piezo-igniter cooktop has (1) front 9000 BTU/H burner and two rear 5200 BTU/H burners. The 3-burner cooktop is also equipped with a control panel. Refer to the manufacturer’s user guide for detailed operating and cleaning information.

Kitchen Range and Oven (if so equipped)

To help reduce potential condensation or unwanted cooking odors, turn on the overhead kitchen roof vent or the range hood vent (if so equipped).

To prevent damage, always use the manufacturer’s recommended size flat bottom pan(s). Generally, the pan should be large enough to cover the burner, but not be more than one inch larger than the burner grate. Do not use a broiler pan, griddle or any other large utensil that covers more than one burner at a time. This will create excessive heat that may cause melting, scooting, or discoloration. The use of undersized pans could expose a portion of the heating element to direct contact and may result in the ignition of clothing. Proper relationship of pans to burner will improve efficiency.

Oven (if so equipped)

The propane gas oven must have 12-volt power to operate. Do not use the oven as a storage area. If you have any questions, contact your dealer or our customer service department.

Gas BBQ Grill (if so equipped)

  • Be sure to read, understand and follow all information supplied with your recreation vehicle concerning the use of propane before operating the BBQ grill. The propane hose must be correctly connected before lighting the grill. Failure to follow instructions supplied by the grill manufacturer, or use of any components other than those originally supplied with the grill, could result in death or serious injury.
  • If you smell gas: Shut off gas to the appliance; extinguish any open flame; open lid; if odor continues, immediately call you gas supplier or your fire department.
  • The maximum weight limit for the bracket supporting your BBQ grill is 50 lbs. This limit includes the weight placed on the BBQ grill. Exceeding this weight limit could result in injury or property damage.
  • The BBQ grill is for use outside of the recreational vehicle. Never use this grill inside a compartment or inside of the recreational vehicle. Before operating the BBQ grill, make sure that it is securely mounted on the support rail attached to the side of the recreational vehicle (if so equipped) or the bumper mounting bracket (if so equipped).
  • The BBQ grill must be COMPLETELY COOLED before storing it. The grill should be cool to the touch before storing. Storing the BBQ grill before it is completely cool may result in serious injury or property damage.

Always open the hood before turning on gas and lighting burner, failure to open the hood before lighting could cause an explosion causing property damage, injury, or even death.

NOTE: This outdoor cooking warning label should not be removed from the RV.

Depending on your model, your grill will be mounted with either a bumper mount system or a rail mount on the side of your recreational vehicle.

Bumper Mount (if so equipped)

Your RV may be equipped with a rear bumper grill mount. There are several styles of bumper mounts, each one may be designed to fit a specific type of grill or RV. Refer to documentation supplied in your warranty packet or call Customer Service for mounting information.

Rail Mount (if so equipped)

  • Hang the grill bracket on the aluminum mounting strip located on the side of the recreation vehicle.
  • Open the (2) folding arms on the bracket making sure they lock in position.
  • Slide the grill onto the (2) arms against the stops. Make sure the grill is fully on the arms. Arms will slide into the “T” bracket on each side of the grill.
  • Insert the retaining pins into the arms.
  • To remove the grill, remove the retaining pins and simply slide them off the bracket arms. Wait until grill has cooled down before removing it.

Refer to the grill manufacturer’s user guide for detailed operating and safety information.

Gas BBQ Grill Prep (if so equipped)

Your recreation vehicle may be equipped with a propane “quick-coupler” connection and support bracket for easy installation of the BBQ grill.

Attaching the “Quick Coupler” Connection

The “quick coupler” is directly connected to the RV propane system. The “quick-coupler” connection is equipped with a positive shut-off valve. Place the “quick coupler handle in the OFF position and push back the sleeve. The valve handle must be OFF to make the connection.

  1. Insert the plug and release the sleeve.
  2. Push the plug until the sleeve snaps forward, locking the plug into the socket.
  3. Turn the handle ON to allow propane to flow to the drop-in stove.

Range Hood (if so equipped)

If your recreational vehicle is equipped with a range hood, it will be connected to an exterior vent. The vent has an inner flap with two snaps. This flap can be snapped shut when the vehicle is in motion, or during storage to keep insects, debris, snow, rain, etc. from entering the recreational vehicle. Anytime the stove inside the recreational vehicle is being used, this flap MUST be unsnapped and the range hood turned ON to vent fumes outside the vehicle.

Whenever the stove in the RV is being used, the range hood MUST be turned on, and the inner flap MUST be unsnapped and free to move. Failure to do so can create an asphyxiation hazard by restricting airflow to this vent.

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