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Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Spare Tire Carrier User Manual

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Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Spare Tire Carrier User Manual

Spare Tire Carrier

If your recreational vehicle is equipped with a spare tire, it will either be mounted under the unit (hoist) or on the rear bumper.

Hoist Mount

DO NOT exceed the maximum load capacities of 100 lbs. for the hoist. DO NOT use air driven guns or impact wrenches to lift the spare tire to the travel position.

Depending on your model, the spare tire may have (side or bottom) brackets or it will be mounted against the underside of the recreation vehicle (flush mount) to give it stability in travel.Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Spare Tire Carrier User Manual 01

If your spare tire is a flush mount application, it must make contact with the underside of the recreational vehicle to insure maximum road clear-ance and stability in travel.

Raising and lowering the hoist

The crank handle to raise and lower the tire will be located (fastened to the sidewall) in a basement compartment of the recreational vehicle. Insert the crank handle into the crank access port located either in the center of the rear bumper, or on the sidewall of the RV. Turn the crank handle to raise/lower the tire. Two “crisp breaks” must be heard and felt to insure the proper seating of the tire for travel.

If the manual crank access port is located in a slideout, the slideout room must be in the travel position to allow the crank to reach the mechanism used to raise or lower the tire.

Securing the spare tire

To secure the spare tire in the travel position, put the steel hoist lift support located on the end of the cable through the rim of the tire. The hoist lift support clips need to seat inside the center hole of the tire rim. The valve stem of the tire MUST be pointed up (toward the bottom of the RV).Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Spare Tire Carrier User Manual 02

Bumper Mount

The spare tire bracket can be released and extended down to access a storage compartment at the rear of the trailer without removing the tire.

To extend the tire down

  1. Remove the cotter key from the pin holding the tire carrier in place.
  2. Remove the pin and extend the carrier away from the trailer.

Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 Spare Tire Carrier User Manual 03

Always return the tire carrier to the upright position and lock it in place while traveling.

To remove the tire from the tire carrier

  1. Remove the lug nuts holding the tire in place.
  2. Remove the support bracket from the bottom lug.
  3. Pull the tire from the tire carrier.

To install the tire on the tire carrier

  1. Place the tire on the carrier with the top lug bolt inserted into one of the holes in the tire rim and the bottom lug bolt in the center of the rim.
  2. Install the top lug nut.
  3. Place the support bracket over the bottom lug bolt across the center of the rim (photo).
  4. Install the bottom lug nut over the support bracket.
  5. Tighten the lug nuts securely before returning to travel.

Vinyl Tire Cover (if so equipped)

Your tires are manufactured with components that cause “bleeding” onto the tire cover. To prevent this, it is recommended to use a separator (garbage bag, paper, cloth, etc.) between the tire and the cover.

Setting Up Your Recreation Vehicle

  • Position the RV as desired.
  • Level the RV (side-to-side). Leveling your recreation vehicle is important as the water drainage systems are designed with proper slope and must be level for proper operation, and the appliances perform best when level.
  • Block the wheels securely to prevent the RV from moving.

Travel Trailer Set Up

  1. Unhook the wire harness/connector plug, safety chains and breakaway switch lanyard.
  2. Install the dolly wheel or platform.
  3. Release the weight distributing bars (customer supplied).
  4. Open the tongue jack coupler latch.
  5. Turn the tongue jack crank to raise the coupler above the hitch ball.
  6. Level the RV (front-to-back) with the tongue jack crank.
  7. Lower stabilizer jacks (If applicable).
  8. Pull the tow vehicle away.

Fifth Wheel Set Up

  1. Drop the landing gear (important!) See the operator’s manual for proper operation.
  2. Disconnect the wire harness/connector plug and breakaway switch lanyard.
  3. Drop the truck tailgate (if applicable).
  4. Gently put your truck into reverse (do not give it any fuel/acceleration). This effectively moves the kingpin off the locking bar which will allow you to disengage it.
  5. Step on the brake and apply the parking brake.
  6. Disengage the locking bar and unhitch.
  7. Pull the tow vehicle away.
  8. Adjust the fifth-wheel height for proper front-to-back leveling of the RV.

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