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Kia Soul 2022 Exterior overview Owner’s Manual


Kia Soul 2022 Exterior overview Owner’s Manual

Exterior overviewKia Soul 2022 Exterior overview Owner's Manual 01

The actual shape may differ from the illustration.

  1. Hood
  2. Headlamp (Features of your vehicle)
    Headlamp (Maintenance)
  3. Front fog lamp (Features of your vehicle)
    Front fog lamp (Maintenance)
  4. Wheel and tire (Maintenance)
    Wheel and tire (Specification)
  5. Outside rearview mirror
  6. Sunroof
  7. Front windshield wiper blades (Features of your vehicle)
    Front windshield wiper blades (Maintenance)
  8. Windows
  9. Front ultrasonic sensor

RearviewKia Soul 2022 Exterior overview Owner's Manual 02

The actual shape may differ from the illustration.

  1. Door locks
  2. Fuel filler door
  3. Rear combination lamp (Maintenance)
  4. High mounted stop lamp (Maintenance)
  5. Rear window wiper blade
  6. Liftgate
  7. Antenna
  8. Rear view camera
  9. Rear ultrasonic sensor

Interior OverviewKia Soul 2022 Exterior overview Owner's Manual 03

The actual shape may differ from the illustration.

  1. Inside door handle
  2. Power window switch
  3. Central Door lock/unlock switch
  4. Power window lock switch
  5. Outside rearview mirror control
  6. Outside rearview mirror folding
  7. Fuel filler door open lever
  8. Instrument panel illumination control switch
  9. Lane Safety button
  10. Blind-Spot Safety button
  11. Head-Up Display shutter On/Off button
  12. ISG Off button
  13. Parking Safety button
  14. ESC Off button
  15. Steering wheel
  16. Tilt and telescopic steering control lever
  17. Inner fuse panel
  18. Hood release lever
  19. Transmission shift lever
  20. Seat

Instrument panel overview

The actual shape may differ from the illustration.

Audio remote control buttons
Steering wheel audio controls (Refer to the “CAR MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM USER’S MANUAL”.)

  1. Driver’s front airbag
  2. Horn
  3. Cruise Control button
  4. Instrument cluster
  5. Lighting control lever
  6. Wiper and washer control lever
  7. Ignition switch or ENGINE START/STOP button
  8. Audio (Refer to the “CAR MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM USER’S MANUAL”.)
  9. Hazard warning flasher
  10. Climate control system
  11. Front seat warmer / Seat air ventilation
  12. Power outlet
  13. Heated steering wheel On/Off button
  14. Drive mode button
  15. Center console storage box
  16. Parking brake
  17. Glove box
  18. Passenger’s front airbag
  19. USB charger

Engine compartment

(Gasoline) 1.6 T-GDi

The actual engine cover in the vehicle may differ from the illustration.

  1. Engine coolant reservoir
  2. Engine oil filler cap
  3. Brake / clutch fluid reservoir
  4. Air cleaner
  5. Fuse box
  6. Negative battery terminal
  7. Positive battery terminal
  8. Engine oil dipstick
  9. Radiator cap
  10. Windshield washer fluid reservoir

Safety features of your vehicle

Important safety precautions
You will find many safety precautions and recommendations throughout this section, and throughout this manual.
The safety precautions in this section are among the most important.

Always wear your seat belt

A seat belt is your best protection in all types of accidents. Air bags are designed to supplement seat belts, not replace them. So even though your vehicle is equipped with air bags, ALWAYS make sure you and your passengers always wear their seat belts, and wear them properly

Restrain all children
All children under age 13 should ride in your vehicle properly restrained in a rear seat, not the front seat. Infants and small children should be restrained in an appropriate child restraint. Larger children should use a booster seat with the lap/shoulder belt until they can use the seat belt properly without a booster seat.

Air bag hazards
While air bags can save lives, they can also cause serious or fatal injuries to occupants who sit too close to them, or who are not properly restrained. Infants, young children, and shorter adults are at the great-est risk of being injured by an inflat-ing air bag. Follow all instructions and warnings in this manual.

Driver distraction
Driver distraction presents a serious and potentially deadly danger, espe-cially for inexperienced drivers. Safety should be the first concern when behind the wheel and drivers need to be aware of the wide array of potential distractions, such as drowsiness, reaching for objects, eating, personal grooming, other passengers, and using cellular phones.
Drivers can become distracted when they take their eyes and attention off the road or their hands off the wheel to focus on activities other than driving.

To reduce your risk of distraction or getting into an accident:
ALWAYS set up your mobile

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