Cadillac CT5 2023 Vehicle and Remote System User Guide


Cadillac CT5 2023 Vehicle Messages and Universal Remote System User Guide

Vehicle Messages

Messages displayed on the DIC indicate the status of the vehicle or some action that may be needed to correct a condition.
Multiple messages may appear one after another. The messages that do not require immediate action can be acknowledged and cleared by pressing V. The messages that require immediate action cannot be cleared until that action is performed. All messages should be taken seriously; clearing the message does not correct the problem. If a SERVICE message appears, see your dealer. Follow the instructions given in the messages.

The system displays messages regarding the following topics:

  • Service Messages
  • Fluid Levels
  • Vehicle Security
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Ride Control Systems
  • Driver Assistance Systems
  • Cruise Control
  • Lighting and Bulb Replacement
  • Wiper/Washer Systems
  • Doors and Windows
  • Seat Belts
  • Airbag Systems
  • Engine and Transmission
  • Tire Pressure
  • Battery

Engine Power Messages

This message displays when the vehicle’s propulsion power is reduced. A reduction in propulsion power can affect the vehicle’s ability to accelerate. If this message is on, but there is no observed reduction in performance, proceed to your destination. Under certain conditions, the performance may be reduced the next time the vehicle is driven. The vehicle may be driven while this message is on, but maximum acceleration and speed may be reduced. Anytime this message stays on, or displays repeatedly, the vehicle should be taken to your dealer for service as soon as possible.
Under certain operating conditions, propulsion will be disabled. Try restarting after the ignition has been off for two minutes.

Vehicle Speed Messages


This message shows that the vehicle speed has been limited to the speed displayed. The limited speed is protection for various propulsion and vehicle systems, such as lubrication, thermal, brakes, suspension, Teen Driver if equipped, or tires.

Universal Remote System

See Radio Frequency Statement 390.

Universal Remote System ProgrammingInformation Displays6

If equipped, these buttons are in the overhead console.
This system can replace up to three remote control transmitters used to activate devices such as garage door openers, security systems, and home automation devices. These instructions refer to a garage door opener, but can be used for other devices. Do not use the Universal Remote system with any garage door opener that does not have the stop and reverse feature. This includes any garage door opener model manufactured before April 1, 1982.

Read these instructions completely before programming the Universal Remote system. It may help to have another person assist with the programming process.
Keep the original hand-held transmitter for use in other vehicles as well as for future programming. Erase the programming when vehicle ownership is terminated. See “Erasing Universal Remote System Buttons” later in this section.
To program a garage door opener, park outside directly in line with and facing the garage door opener receiver. Clear all people and objects near the garage door.
Make sure the hand-held transmitter has a new battery for quicker and more accurate transmission of the radio-frequency signal.

Programming the Universal Remote System

For questions or programming help, see or call 1-800-355-3515. For calls placed outside the U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico, international rates will apply and may differ based on landline or mobile phone.
Programming involves time-sensitive actions, and may time out causing the procedure to be repeated.

To program up to three devices:

  1. Hold the end of the hand-held transmitter about 3 to 8 cm (1 to 3 in) away from the Universal Remote system buttons with the indicator light in view. The hand-held transmitter was supplied by the manufacturer of the garage door opener receiver.
  2. Press and release one of the three Universal Remote system buttons to be programmed. Press and hold the hand-held transmitter button. Do not release the hand-held transmitter button until the indicator light changes from a slow to a rapid flash or continuous light. Then release the hand-held transmitter button.
    Some garage door openers may require the substitution of Step 2 with the procedure under “Radio Signals for Some Gate Operators” later in this section.
  3. Press and hold the newly programmed Universal Remote system button for five seconds while watching the indicator light and garage door activation.
  • If the indicator light stays on continuously or the garage door moves when the button is pressed, then programming is There is no need to complete Steps 4–6.
  • If the indicator light does not come on or the garage door does not move, a second button press may be required. For a second time, press and hold the newly programmed button for five seconds. If the indicator light is continuously lit, or the garage door moves, programming is complete.
  • If the indicator light flashes rapidly and the garage door does not move, continue with programming

Steps 4–6Information Displays7

Learn or Smart Button

  1. After completing Steps 1–3, locate the Learn or Smart button inside the garage on the garage door opener receiver. The name and color of the button may vary by manufacturer.
  2. Press and release the Learn or Smart button. Step 6 must be completed within 30 seconds of pressing this button.
  3. Return to the vehicle and firmly press and hold the trained Universal Remote system button for two seconds and Repeat the “press/hold/release” sequence up to three times to complete the training process.

The Universal Remote system should now activate the garage door. Repeat the process for programming the two remaining buttons.

Radio Signals for Some Gate Operators

For questions or programming help, see or call 1-800-355-3515. For calls placed outside the U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico, international rates will apply and may differ based on landline or mobile phone. Some radio-frequency laws and gate operators require transmitter signals to time out or quit after several seconds of transmission. This may not be long enough for the Universal Remote system to pick up the signal during programming.

If the programming did not work, replace Step 2 under “Programming the Universal Remote System” with the following:
Press and hold the Universal Remote system button while pressing and releasing the hand-held transmitter button every two seconds until the signal has been successfully accepted by the Universal Remote system. The Universal Remote system indicator light will flash slowly at first and then change to a rapid flash or continuous solid light. Proceed with Step 3 under “Programming the Universal Remote System” to complete.

Universal Remote System Operation

Using the Universe al Remote System
Press and hold the appropriate Universal Remote system button for at least one-half second. The indicator light will come on while the signal is being transmitted.

Erasing Universal Remote System Buttons

Erase all programmed buttons when vehicle ownership is terminated.

To erase:

  1. Press and hold the two outside buttons until the indicator light begins to flash. This should take about 10 seconds.
  2. Release both Buttons.

Reprogramming a Single Universal Remote System Button

To reprogram any of the system buttons:

  1. Press and hold any one of the Do not release the button.
  2. The indicator light will begin to flash after 20 Without releasing the button, proceed with Step 1 under “Programming the Universal Remote System.”

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