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Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 PERIOD OF COVERAGE User Manual

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Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels 2023 THE PERIOD OF COVERAGE User Manual


The duration of this Limited Warranty is 2 years. The warranty period begins on the date that the RV is delivered to the first retail purchaser by an independent, authorized dealer of Jayco, or, if the dealer places the vehicle in service before retail sale, on the date the RV is first placed in such service. The term of this Limited Warranty is 3 years for substantial defects to any “Structure Components”. Structure Components means materials and/or workmanship directly attributable to Jayco relating to the lamination of the fiberglass sidewall assembly, the lamination of the rear wall assembly, the lamination of the fiberglass front wall (wrap) assembly, sidewall/end wall/front and rear wall frame assembly (wood and aluminum), roof frame assembly (wood and aluminum), and floor frame assembly (wood and aluminum). Structure Components specifically excludes front and rear fiberglass caps and any other cosmetic fiberglass attachments, sidewall metal (unless the root cause is the wall structure); exterior roof material (EPDM rubber, TPO, etc.); floor covering (carpet, linoleum, hardwood tile, etc.); all side-wall, end wall, front and rear wall, roof and floor attachments, and delamination caused by water intrusion from lack of required exterior seal maintenance or other maintenance. Structure Components further excludes all items identified under “What is Not Covered” below.

Jayco reserves the right to have new or remanufactured parts of similar quality used to complete any work, and to make parts and design changes from time to time without notice to anyone. Jayco reserves the right to make changes in the design or material of its products without incurring any obligation to incorporate such changes in any product previously manufactured. Jayco makes no warranty as to the future performance of this RV, and this limited warranty is not intended to extend to the future performance of this RV, or any of its materials, components or parts. In addition, the RV owner’s obligation to notify Jayco, or one of its independent, authorized dealers, of a claimed defect does not modify any obligation placed on the RV owner to contact Jayco directly when attempting to pursue remedies under state or federal law.


It is normal to expect some warranty service during the term of this Limited Warranty.

To obtain warranty service the owner must do all of the following:

  1. Notify an independent, authorized dealer of Jayco, or Jayco, of the substantial defect in material or workmanship attributable to Jayco, within the warranty coverage period designated above;
  2. Provide the notification mentioned in (1), above, within ten (10) days of when the owner discovered or should have discovered, the substantial defect in material or workmanship attributable to Jayco;
  3. Promptly schedule an appointment with and take the RV to an independent, authorized dealer of Jayco, or Jayco, for repairs; and
  4. Pay any freight or transportation costs, import duties, fees, and all incidental expenses associated with obtaining warranty service.

If you need assistance, you may contact Jayco, at 903 S. Main Street, P.O. Box 460, Middle-bury, Indiana 46540, Attn: Customer Service, (800) 283-8267.
NOTE: Jayco does not control the scheduling of service work at independent, authorized dealerships. You may encounter some delay in scheduling or completion of work. Also, you must notify the selling dealer at time of delivery to have work performed on any defect that occurred at the factory during manufacture at no cost to you as provided by this limited war-ranty. (See below under WHAT IS NOT COVERED).
If two (2) or more service attempts have been made to correct any covered defect that you believe impairs the value, use or safety of the RV, or if it has taken longer than thirty (30) days for those types of repairs to be completed, you must, to the extent permitted by law, notify Jayco directly, in writing, at the above address, of the unsuccessful repair(s) of the alleged defect(s) so that Jayco can become directly involved in making sure that you are provided service pursuant to the terms of this limited warranty.

Jayco’s obligation is to address, within industry standards, any covered substantial defect discovered and reported within the warranty coverage period provided: (1) you notify Jayco or an authorized dealer within 10 days of your discovery of the substantial defect; AND (2) you deliver the RV to Jayco or an authorized dealership at your cost and expense. If this primary remedy fails to successfully cure any substantial defect after a reasonable number of repair attempts, your sole and exclusive remedy shall be to have Jayco pay an independent service shop of your choice to perform repairs to the substantial defect. If the substantial defect is incapable of being repaired, your exclusive remedy will be to receive diminished value damages (i.e. the difference in your purchase price and the actual value of the RV on the date of purchase due to the substantial defect that is incapable of repair). You must exhaust the primary repair remedy and this back-up remedy and both these remedies must fail of their essential purpose before initiating any action against Jayco.

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